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A new youtube channel on Japan (mine!)

So I started a new youtube channel on Japanese culture, and it has some of my own personal guitar playing in every video. I am an aspiring musician, after all! I miss you guys, if you ever come on, and i'm trying to advertise any way I can. So please check it out! And send me a message on here, or on my youtube!

Who wants some free microsoft points!?!

Hey guys :). Whats up? So I recently discovered that microsoft has their own rewards site with oppurtunites to earn microsoft points that go directly to your account. Can I refer you? If so then whats your gamertag? We'd both receive a bonus 100 microsoft points free (AVATAR CLOTHES YESSSS XD). Haha. Also, this is a bit of a random question, but does anyone here play guitar, or want to learn to play the guitar?

My guitar :D

I'm looking to start a new blog and am looking for some officers+news

The big news around Chicagoland(yes, thats what we Chicagonians call it), or in the United States in general is the HUGE blizzard thats moving across the east. We got 18 inches of snow, and some areas around new york have as much as 22...NUTS:shock:. Anyway, I know it's been awhile(yes, I know I come on here every 3-6 months and say that) and alots happened. I've gotten really into playing my guitar, and am almost certain that i'm going to pursue it as a career. It's actually gotten to the point where I play my guitar more than videogames(I KNOW!). Also,


Just thought i'd throw that out there, lol. Wow, now i'm sounding like a prepubescent girl on facebook...except for the fact that I actually like good music and not Justing Bieber. I've also gotten into the whole Scott Pilgrim craze over the last 6 months. I saw the movie, read the comics, and want to play the XBLA game.

It combines videogames and rock and roll! Whats not to like!?! Anyway, now to the point of the article...

To impatient people, this is where the Union talk starts!

So I want to start a union about Videogames, possibly rock and roll, and possibly Scott Pilgrim. Before I even decide to do this, I want to make sure I have some people backing me up. If you would like to be an officer, please post here(don't send a pm) and tell me 3 reasons that you want to be an officer, and take an oath that you will post atleast a few times a week(prefferably every second of every day of every year of ever.) Thanks guys:D

My crap:(

Well, I was just reminiscing of all the old gamespot times and decided to read some of my old blogs. The topics are random, I word sentences strangely, and misspell words(is that spelled right?:lol:))... a LOT! What if the current blog that im writing at this very instant is amateur! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Also, would anyone be up for starting a new union? You would be the officers, and therefore, awsome.

Im leaving gamespot

Okay I know most of you guys don't even care cuzz I hardly ever come on here anymore, but im officially leaving. Im gonna go sign up at Giant Bomb, since I miss jeff Gerstman and all the old reviewers that were on the site before the Kane and lynch incident. My username will be doctorecs143, so say hi if you wanna chat. Cya

Everthings dead

Why is noone ever on here anymore? Did a nuclear missle fall of gamespot. Please comment on this if you arent dead lol