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#1 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -
Any progress update from Gamespot on this bug? It has been there for a couple of months at least. It can't seen any thumbs up or thumbs down reviews that other people have given me.
#2 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -

I have had this same issue for about a month now and I posted in a previous thread about it.

Hello? Gamespot?

#3 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -
This has also happened with my reviews. I can no longer see whether people have voted my reviews "helpful" or "not helpful". However, I can see it for some other people.
#4 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -

Though its always great to hear Civ related news, Id rather have them make a regular Civ IV expansion or develop Civ V (a SMAC remake would be nice too...)Whermacht02

If they are making Colonization I'll bet that SMAC isn't far behind.

#5 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -

Knowing Valve, Portal 2 probably won't be out until late 2009 at least.

#6 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -

There are three really horrible reviews that I can think of off the top of my head:

1. Deus Ex: Invisible War - 8.0 Consider that the original Deus Ex got an 8.2. Greg Kasavin gave the two games essentially the same score, which is utterly ridiculous. Invisible War was so vastly inferior to the first game that it's not even funny. I can live with the first game getting only an 8.2, but if the original was only an 8.2, then the sequel should have been a 5.0.

2. Neverwinter Nights -- 9.2 I can't believe that nobody has mentioned this pile of crap yet. The single player campaign espeically was horrible. This part of the review text is downright hilarious...

The first of these is the brunt of the game, and it's by all means a lengthy, highly entertaining D&D campaign. It's comparable with and in many ways superior to BioWare's previous RPGs--or any other top-notch RPG to date for that matter. If Neverwinter Nights offered nothing other than this campaign, it would still be one of the best RPGs to come out in years.

3. Perfect Dark Zero -- 9.0

:lol: Need I say more? Eidos must be really pissed that their crap game gets a 6.0 but all of Microsoft crap games get 9+ scores. They need to give out $800 goodie bags like Microsoft did when Halo 3 came out.

#7 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -

You sound like the people who say Morrowind is sooooo much better than Oblivion, when the only thing that is better about Morrowind is the world, everything was done better in Oblivion. So what makes SS2 so much better than Bioshock?catlin_czirr

System Shock 2 was better at a few things. It was a terrifying game -- much scarier than Bioshock, and it had a pretty good role-playing system that added a lot to the game. Bioshock really lacked that. Plus, it felt like a lot of stuff was copied and pasted from SS2 to Bioshock, so the original game gets the credit.

#8 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -
Ehhh. I'm kinda taking a "wait and see" approach to this episode. Episodes 1 and 2 were both fun at times but too short and very poorly paced. Especially Episode 1. That first hour or so of Ep 1 where you are solving gravity gun puzzles is not much fun. Episode 1 got ridiculously fun once you got out of the citadel and above ground but by then you're half done and there's only an hour and a half or so left. :| The first hour of Episode 2 is pretty dull too and they overdid the story scenes (which are essentially cut scenes that you can't skip). I agree with the earlier poster who is not a huge fan of the puzzles anymore. The physics puzzles were a great novelty in Half-Life 2 when Havok physics was still new, but they kind of get in the way now. The formula is getting a bit stale and the surprises are getting more predictable, like when headcrab zombies play possum and get off the ground to attack you.
#9 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -

Gamespot, what in the hell has happened to you? You used to be the best gaming site on the internet. That was before you merged with gamefaqs. That was before you redesigned your site with an idiotic layout. That was when you would do funny video reviews for bad games. That was when being a paying subscriber actually meant something.

Since then, your PC coverage has gone downhill. You have lost at least fivemajor personalitiesthat I can think of (Kasavin, Calayco, Carrie G, Jeff G, and Rich G), and that's only in the last year and a half or so. You switched to a new dumbed down review system that sucks compared to the old one. This site is crap now. I'm glad that I stopped paying for a subscription.

#10 Posted by doctor_kaz (3340 posts) -

Got this game this morning and it plays great. But I can't assign controls to my side mouse buttons, I want to assign crouch to one of the side buttons but it doesn't seem to recognise it. I'm using a Razer Copperhead.

Anyone else have the same problem?


Yeah I think I had a problem getting the game to recognize the mouse middle button or something like that.

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