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I dropped the Flag!

I dropped the Flag!

WTH im i talking about? well, short version, on GameSpot's Community Game Night 7, while playing Halo 3 Beta, i droped the flag while in the warthog, which cost us that round :P .

That night was the most fun i had in a long time of gaming.

See Chris Watters Blog for all the details, feeling too lazy too type :P

Playing 360

Gears of War, Crackdown and Test Drive, Thats all :)
Last Blog was too old :) , just refreshing.

Now Playing: Zelda Twilight Princes!

Im currently playing my most anticipated game of all time,  Zelda Twilight Princes on the Wii, which i got on Times square in New York where i live. That was an incredible day. The amount of people was just amazing. The day after, i watched the gamespot Wii launch coverage, and believe me, if you just watched that coverage and nothing else, you didn't get the entire picture, That place just looked like new years eve, including the count down at the end.

I believe the entire experience was so fun because of all the friendly people, everyone just talked to each other, made friends, and eve shared their chairs, ipods, etc.!
Im off to play!, Cya!

Quick Blog on BF2 Tourny.

So tomorrow my team and me are gonna play in the semifinal match of the Battlefield 2 Infantrery Tournament. We play against  TEAM HOT, wich is a clan by the way. -.- Hope we win and go to the finals. Show up guys!

Just want to welcome back....

Myself! no kidding, its been a long time, well, since E3 that i haven't come to the GS forums, i believe i absorbed too much news at the GameSpot E3 MONSTER coverage, had to rest my gray matter ,anyways WELCOME BACK!Thank you -.-

By the way, i have noticed some new little features like "quick reply",and a better spellcheck which i just used etc. and BUTTON MASHING IS COMING!