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i will try cleaning it but i think its just that cord got bent or is loose. it doesnt matter 2 much in two days i will be home and then its back to HD gameing on my 32inch vizo. once again thanks to every body who wasted there time trying 2 help me
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thanks for the posts every one i know u have 2 hold down the power button for about 12 secs but it turns out that wasnt the problem it was the AV conection i have to jam the av cord connecter in and hold it for a few seconds and if i move the system then it comes undone
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i had my ps3 pluged in to a hdtv and i knew i was going to my house off island witch has a non hdtv tv and so i pluged in the av cables and switched the setting back to a normal tv so i brought it to my house off island hooked it up and the screen is just black and i couldnt hear any thing so i bring it down staris and hooked it up to my parents hdtv change the settings again hook it back up with the av cables again and still screen stays black so i tryed the hold down the power button trick a million times still doesnt work. i even tryed on a differnt non hd tv still screen stays black i know its not the cables because they worked befor and i know its not the tv and i know i changed the settings right so it must be the ps3 can anybody help me plz? i am pretty damn computer and video game system smart