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September 2nd 2011 - Holiday notice

It's been ages since I blogged. I manged to get to Level 88 a couple weeks ago. Not submitting much anymore. Currently sitting in the Emirates Business Louonge in Dubai Airport waiting for my next flight. So I have half an hour to pass now - so I thought I could blog again. I'll be away in South East Asia till September 15th. So I won't have time to process many submissions. The recent site redesigns went without breaking the entire site. Unfortunatelly you can't turn of WYSIWYG editor in submissions. It's annoying for people like me who are faster typing tags and navigating with the keyboard through the fields which is now no longer possible... A lot has happend in the last year since I blogged and yet I think it's so little, not worth mentioning. Don't know... I think that's all for now. Take care!!

June 28th 10 - Level 87

Hello everyone!! Yes I'm not dead and I haven't left - despite me not showing up a lot anymore. Yes it's been ages since I blogged the last time. Almost one year. A lot has happened. Many incredible moments, but also many downs in my life have occurred. I'm still submitting to the site. I recapped the latest season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl in January, but otherwise I just try to keep my guides up to date - more or less. Still that was enough to get me to the next level - As seen on TV. A reference to one of my guides non the less. Currently all my free time is consumed by the Fifa World Cup, so I'm already behind on so many great shows. Some words to the site: After a long time the entire staff appeared to have left, we suddenly see a single tech guy fixing minor things. It feels like he's the only one left. Just then we see single posts by another one. What the heck do the community managers all day long? OK, somebody sometimes adds a couple of pics, somebody writes some headlines for Facebook and Twitter and most likely generates the homepage front. But what the heck? And now there are indications about a new redesign. OK, but who the heck will do that? I don't see anyone around who could pull that off at the moment! The site just exists at this time. If somebody would pull the plug, I guess only a handful of people would even notice anymore. That's just sad.
That's all for today. Enjoy!

August 29th 09 - Another month past

So almost another month since I blogged last. A lot has happened in my life and yet so little. Got sick twice, went to a few parties, saw a few movies and all stuff like that. In general, I think that it was a good month. Thing is this, I had this month off at work and everything to study for my last exam which will be next Friday (yes it's crazy to have an exam right before the new semester works. I hate the people who come up which such crappy schedules). It's not like in the US or so where you have all exams in two weeks - here they get spread over the whole summer... I have quite a few problems with the topic and I worry about the exam on Friday... :( Due to my work position I was able to get the final release of Windows 7 and install it on my notebook. It certainly is interesting and it looks like so much that Vista couldn't do is now solved in this version. And it indeed uses way less resources. I like that. So far I only have it on my notebook not yet on my desktop because I plan to replace that one with a high end system once again. However I'm not yet sure if I shall spend so much money on a new PC or not. What I also plan to buy is a new mobile phone and the first of which I think can compete with the iPhone. Check it out here. Don't get me wrong, I grew up with an Apple, I am an Apple user (although use PCs as well), I just don't like the iPhone much. For me that's just an iPod with phone function. That phone promises some nice stuff. In other tech stuff, I turned my back on Fedora OS, since they don't appear to be able to get an installer working for me on any of my computers. OpenSUSE crashes once I upgrade to KDE 4.3 - so I ended up with KUbuntu. It took me a heck of a long time to get the PXE server configured to get it working. No wonder when there are typos in the example code on their Wiki page. :( But finally I got it working.
It certainly was a strange summer for me here. I worked full time for two months, had several though exams, some I passed, one I didn't. As I wrote above, I did a lot this months - and one thing sticks out - no holidays. Now in mid-September semester starts again. As I still have the urge to get away, even if only for a couple of days, I have organized a few trips now (as finally I could find people who have time to come along). Only (long) weekend trips, but still. For starters I plan to go to the IAA, Europe's biggest car show. That will be mid-September. By the end of the month, I'll be traveling to Amsterdam to have some fun there. And then by the end of October my annual London trip is up again. And more surely will come around to keep me busy till Christmas.
Here on the site the only staff member that really appeared to care is gone and a new one came and was lost in the dark hole aka the nowhere. We at least got the back to episode link back after cast submissions, but now we no longer can import cast. It's obvious that somebody is constantly working on the site, as minor things change quite often. Still the lack of communication of staff with the users and the failure of keeping promises (new cast form announced by danmod, as example) is just taken to the extreme. In June I was in the team that built a new website for the place I work for. Before we went live, we tested for one week and could proudly say that we didn't encounter any major bugs, because we caught them. What is happening here is just ridiculous. Here people forget to add simple tags or decide to switch meta tags for no reason which mess with the site. I don't get it. What surprises me most is how long this site has survived so far.
I think that's all for today. Thanks for reading and take care!

August 4th 09 - Been a while

Yeah it's been a while, but with the blogs down, I expected that when you create a new one, either your old ones would be lost or the new one when restored. I was right, the new ones got lost. Not much happened around here. I missed my last exam because I was sick, got results for my CAE English exam. I only got a B, because they gave me a really bad grade for the speaking part. The task there was "talk with your partner about some pictures provided to you" - well what when your partner refuses to do just so? Exactly: you're screwed. Just what happened to me... messes up the episode tab, the blogs and makes a desperate attempt to find new editors, when more and more are leaving instead of trying to keep people around... apparently hired somebody that now spams Facebook people with "news". Seriously invest that money into a tech guy!!
Not much else to report around here. I wrote a couple of recaps and try to stay on top of the currently running guides. Not always that easy... But now I have almost an entire month of to study for an exam and I really hope I'll find some time to submit a bit more around here...
Also considering buying a new PC, but I hate to spend so much money for what I really would like to have... as you guys maybe remember from my last PCs I bought, they are always the latest on the market what comes with a price.
Take care!!

June 27th 09 - First results

So from the four exams I had so far, I failed one, passed one and think I did well in the two others. I'm supposed to study for the next one already, but somehow I'm not motivated enough currently. :( So things are pretty mixed around here.
Staff finally is fixing stuff around here. I'm expecting great things from the new cast/crew submission form. It almost sounds too good to be true! I really hope we won't see any new major bugs due this - but then again this is
I'm planning an incredible expensive three day trip in the end of September - mainly to go and see a concert. Not sure yet if will happen, as I don't wanna go alone and have yet to find anyoneto share the trip with. Interesting is that flight prices are as low as never before. Especially if you wanna fly business cla$$ It's like 10 bucks more than a regular ticket currently!
I've not been watching a lot of TV, but I love the new BBC series Personal Affairs! It's excellent and has such a hot cast! 8) Sadly the series has only five episodes. :( Then I started with the second season of The Girl from Tomorrow, something I wanted to do for a very long time now. The first recap is in as well. :)
Take care!!

June 17th 09 - Halftime

I'm not much around anymore these days, simply because of my exams. Today was the longest one, took the entire day. Tomorrow will already be the next one. I'm really freaking out about the one from tomorrow, simply because the one tomorrow is the most important one and I feel unprepared. However I'm so tired right now, I can't study more, I can't go to bed yet, so I write a blog. :)
The site finally fixed the submission history. At this pace, we'll be bug free at the year 3000!!
Well lets talk about TV for a moment. I'm barely watching anything these days, but I'll try to catch up after tomorrow. I still owe you guys the last recap of The Hills. I'll get on to it this weekend. Hotel Babylon returns for a fourth season this Friday. The banner the show received is highly interesting, because I don't recognize a single character on it!!
iTunes suddenly wants to "update" my music to DRM free music. I might do that, as I don't know how long that DRM will be supported by Apple... What I think is shocking is that they want money for such an update. What I consider more interesting though is that I can't update all my music - about five albums are no longer available on iTunes. The music companies always complain not to sell enough anymore these days, but when still more than half of the music I listen to isn't available on iTunes (or similar service), I'm honestly not surprised!! They claim not to have licensed such music for my country, but heck, when you don't offer it, nobody will buy it!! With the internet we have become a global village - act accordingly!
Take care!!

June 1st 09 - Is it the end?

So I enjoyed a day off (public holiday here where I live) before I start to work full time for the next two months starting tomorrow. Especially June will be a difficult month, with exams and work ahead. I have planned basically every minute of it already. That's also why I decided not to ask the girl out (what I wrote in my last blog) - simply, because I couldn't fit it into my schedule!! :o It's seriously a sad story! Maybe I have a chance when this month is over... maybe. Maybe I missed my chance, who knows... :(
I'm receiving a lot of subs these days. However I have a problem with most of them. For example I receive a cast submission. Nice, 12 people added or so, then I go and watch the episode myself as well and see that there are two people missing. I still accept the 12 cast people, but I'm annoyed that I have to go and edit the cast list myself. It's actually more work to figure out who's missing than to compile it entirely. Still I don't want to reject a good submission. It's just eye catching how often exactly that happens (with many different people submitting!)...
For Robin Hood some people are really upset apparently, because they don't agree with the rules. They want the official BBC episode summaries listed at any cause. The best attempt is (comment) "this is not from the BBC!". Aha. I google it anyways, guess what the first hit is? 100 points for you if you guessed the BBC website!
Last night the season 5 finale of The Hills aired (it will be repeated today, sorry that I originally put it up for today in the guide! I guess it's a nice episode, but nothing outstanding. I'm really surprised that the series will go on in fall without Lauren. I mean how desperate is MTV to continue a show when the main cast member is gone? I know MTV is struggling financially, but if this will be a success to earn some money? Sure so far the show has been the most successful in the station's history, still...
I reduced my TV watching to a minimum. About one episode a day in average these days. Still I barely find time to study properly... :( I hoped Secret Diary of a Call Girl would return this summer, but it looks like it will be the end of the year till it returns. The new Doctor Who companion was revealed. With a new doctor, I actually might tune into that show again. Torchwood is around to start again, so is Weeds. Weeds really has to improve over the last season or I seriously consider stop watching.
What else is there? With the semester being over and many friends leaving for the summer, I'm somewhat alone here... I plan to sign up for a gym to at least stay fit over the summer. I wonder how long I can keep it up to actually go. :P This blog is getting long... and I hope not boring ;)
Take care!!

May 25th 09 - There's something in the forrest out there

It's been a while again. However I do have a couple of minutes to write a blog. Important days are ahead of me. To start with tomorrow I got my first exam of an entire row. TV season has ended luckily, which freed up a lot of time for me to study. :) So some comments on that topic: I loved the ending of House and Bones. Not special enough where the comedies in my eyes: How I met your mother & The Big Bang Theory. They could have been regular episodes and you wouldn't notice a difference. Then what else? The Tudors is finally getting interesting again (aka more nudity ;) ) - plus The Hills will already end it's fifth season on next Monday! :o However that show will go on for a sixth season, although without Lauren. Next: I finally have become editor of Robin Hood today after a couple of days delay due the bugs. Not really what I wanted, but I try to keep up with it. The guys in the forest finally entertain again after a weak season opening. Otherwise staff appears to have disappeared completely! It never was so quite from there side in like ever! What else is going on? Starting from next week, I'll be working full time again to earn some money. And I'll be making a final attempt to score a date with a girl I really like... Yes two big things to handle tomorrow. And I honestly don't know which one causes more stress. 8)
Let me know what you guys have been up to! There aren't many blogs out there anymore... Take care!!

May 10th 09 - Update

Yeah I'm still alive if you wonder about that. ;) I just haven't blogged in a while. I just don't have the time anymore right now. In other words, I've been studying hard for my upcoming exams, but I've been also partying even harder in the last couple of weeks. I'm out basically every night of the week, so I'm not home anymore to blog and make submissions. I've been updating the current running guides and I'm also recapping The Hills (latest one should be up in a couple of minutes after this blog). Then there's some other stuff going on, but details at another time... :)
Some comments on some shows: Terminator: TSCC - I didn't like the ending of the series at all. Chuck - hopefully the series goes on, otherwise I only liked the very ending of the last episode. Bones - amazing again after a couple of weak episodes this season. House - maybe the best episodes ever this second half of the season. Southland - going downhill fast.
That's it for today. Hopefully we'll all catch up in our levels tomorrow. Take care!!

April 19th 09 - Party Week!

An incredible week has ended for me. I went to a party every single night of the week. And most of the time I had so much fun, I came home way after the sun went up! 8) That's also the main reason, I wasn't really active on these days. ;) However I managed to get a few recaps in. Especially those for the current The Hills season.
My discovery regarding tv this week is Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. A completely stupid crappy trash show. But I love it! I actually can't believe that I like such a crap, but I do. :) Well maybe it has something to do with the constant alcohol in my blood this week. :lol:
I'm undecided if I shall myself some new computer hardware or not. The list of stuff I'd like is huge and the price tags on most things isn't small either. I'm just not sure if it's really worth to upgrade now or if I shall wait another couple of months.
Take care!!