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i have the game and want a 2nd account, how do i buy a 2nd account, do i have to buy the game again?
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PCs will always have a genre that console games wont ever have:MMORPGs. The reason consoles cant really have MMOs is because consoles dont have keyboards. World of Warcraft is in a leage of its own when it comes to online population. I've got Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3, but i still play WoW quite a bit.
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recently i got myself the geforce 8600 GTS on my pc (core2duo 6300 2 gigs ram) and whenever i play any games with "good graphics" such as the witcher or unreal tournament 3 the games mess up. countless tiny horizontal lines start to flsah on the screen and then weird shapes sometimes appear, then the game might freeze. this doesnt occur if im playing a game such as world of warcraft. does anyone know whats wrong? thx
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recently i got myself the geforce 8600 GTS on my computer (core2duo 6300, 2gigs ram), and whenever i play any pc games a countless number of tiny lines keep flashing across the screen (in a horizontal manner), the game doesnt freeze but its really annoying and the graphics really stink as a result. if i exit the game the lines still flash on my screen until i restart it, but if i try to play any game the lines come back (this only happens in games). for example this happens in the witcher, unreal tournament 3, and universe at war. whats the problem and what should i do? thx
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like 6 months ago i was playing on my 360 and then i accidently kicked the system down. every since then the system constantly freezes with any 360 game. for example if i play oblivion it takes 10 minutes to load when coming into cities and then freezes throughout. if i turn the system off of HD it freezes a little less. is that new 3 year warranty for anyone, or do u have to buy it? does anyone know whats wrong with my 360?