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Sniper, I can't help but laugh when I see your name and avatar for some reason,...hahahahaa

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So the sniper wants to snipe AIs?

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I'm too old for the shit now

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It probably broke on the way and target doesn't know yet

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Still have the same opinions? lmao

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Cow=xbox person?

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To people that are saying that X1's graphics suck, do not forget about Cloud making the graphics better. I'm an IT guy and trust me, do not underestimate Cloud.

In case anyone is wondering, even though I may not like the PS4, I still preordered it and will be having both consoles on launch days.. I do enjoy some sony exclusives.

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@jhcho2: The PS4 has marginally better graphics according to many reports. The exclusives so far are marginally better on the X1. I have a fully decked out gaming PC connected to a 60'' TV, so the graphics of both are not what I care about; they both suck relatively compared to PC. The main reason people are hyping of PS4 so much is that it's 100 bucks cheaper and the initial DRM announcement alienated so many people.

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@Szminsky: You would buy the ps4 for just one game?

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