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360 dilemma

all right so I spoke to xbox yesterday and they told me they're going to send me a box to send this 360 and hope fully I'll get one that actually works this time so if you have a 360 I recommend you get the warranty so you dont o through this 2

This s**ks

I'm one of those few dedicated fans that waited on a 18 hour line for my xbox 360 to then bring it home and have an error message appear as soon as I turn it on. I call xbox support and they send me a box to send it to thier repair service and what not. then today I recieve a replacement xbox 360 and this one also has a problem it freezes when I try to play a game. I tried playing all my 360 games and xbox games and within five minutes of playing the games would just freeze and I would have to turn it off. so now tell me people does this s**k or what.