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Editorial -- OnLive -- The New Changing Face of Game Development -- For Worse

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The New Changing Face of Game Development and Market Trends

by Djburnzy1

"After seven years of stealth development, OnLive has finally been revealed -it is said that it will change the landscape of the games industry, I expect the worst"

Very few commercial ideas have a chance to revolutionize an industry but if entrepreneur Steve Perlman's OnLive lives up to its expectations and promises, the company will disrupt the entire video game industry - to the delight of both game publishers and gamers. Founded by noted technology guru Steve Perlman (WebTV, QuickTime) and incubated within the Rearden media and technology incubator, OnLive spent seven years in stealth development before officially unveiling in March of this year. This could be the future face of the gaming industry.

OnLive is launching the world's highest performance Games On Demand service, instantly delivering the latest high-end titles over home broadband Internet to the TV and entry-level PCs and Macs. The concept is fairly simplistic; the company, OnLive, hosts an endless amount of games off their overly powerful and expensive game servers. These game servers stream over internet connection creating what is known as a "Gaming Cloud".

This means that technically you are never playing the game on console locally, but on their servers instead - all that you are receiving is the video stream of the game itself. OnLive has found a way to super-compress video data and instantaneously transfer this data to your monitor. This results in the video streaming process being so fast that to the human eye it appears as if the game was being played on a console.

In the context of Leisure and Recreation this product appears overwhelming to those of the gaming community as it creates what is believed impossible. Instant high end title games, 'Lag free' environment and even portable gaming. On a more interesting note, OnLive eliminates the current issue of game piracy in today's society. Seeing as the games are run off OnLive's servers and aren't actually being played locally means that consoles can't be modded and re-crafted to run pirated copies of games that have been leaked onto the internet. This gives a sigh of relief to most high end PC gaming companies as their games are simply being downloaded rather than bought. A recent example of this was Stardock's PC game "Demigod" in which over 68% of online players had pirated copies.

As appealing as this new concept may sound, it does have its list of cons that do lead to its unfortunate, inevitable demise. OnLive will not only create an ethical controversy but it will cause chaos in the gaming community not to mention the personal impacts.

This product would create an ethical issue between companies that manufacture upgrades (like graphics cards and processing chips) for PCs and the company of OnLive. OnLive would make it so that these companies are not needed simply because any game can be played on any PC/Mac as long as it has an internet connection regardless of its interior. High selling graphics card suppliers, nVidia, have over one million graphics card shipments to the industry (gaming community) every month. If this product were to be successful in the gaming community, this one million card shipment would slowly disappear.

OnLive would create what is known today as a 'split focus market' in the gaming community. As of today, we have a spit between Sony and Microsoft in which Sony has exclusive games such as MGS4 and Killzone 2 whilst Microsoft has exclusive games such as Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, etc. Even though this may be evident there is still a majority of games being spread over the two consoles. OnLive would then split the market again resulting in Microsoft and Sony having all games on their consoles exclusive to that console. This meaning that all high end titles that would come out on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, wouldn't come to OnLive. On a more personal level, this means that gamers, who love a particular game, cannot purchase it if they don't have that game's exclusive console. I don't know about you, but I don't have the money to buy another console to play a particular game.

Foundations of Technology for a given product must be understood in order for said product to be successful within society. The interrelationship of technology, industry and society is what will cause this product to fail. I don't think the company of OnLive understands what this product will do if it is released into gaming society. Not only will it put all PC upgrade supplies in debt, but it will cause a very pissed off audience market.

OnLive at first may seem like a wonderful concept, but its effect on the world, ethical, social and personal, will lead to its inevitable failure. ◙ DJ


Gaming Update: Halo Wars Limited Addition and Mythic Map Pack!

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So it's thursday the 26th today, the day that Australians get to be dropped into the world of halo wars, aswell as bungie's three new mythic maps. I luckily, had preordered halo wars LE two days before hand, so hopped in EB games this afternoon to pick up my purchase. Here are some orgasmic pictures:

The limited edition came with a sustantial amount of stuff, although I won't bore you with it's contents. The mythic map packs, that came with the game in a redeem code, are simply amazing. Bungie has done a very good job at keeping their community happy thus far, and this is simply the icing on the cake. The maps, each with their own unique layout and achievements are simply perfect for the halo fan, such as myself. The skulls, are hidden all over the map, and without cheating (like I know most of you do), I searched. I managed to find, Assembly's, Orbital's and Sandbox's within the space of about three hours. So, yeh, they were fairly hard to find. Unfortunately, I havent had the oppurtunity to play Halo wars yet, seeing as I am 'suppose' to be doing assignments right now. Weekend most probably. Anyway, I'll leave you with this picture which I found quite humurous.

Happing Gaming,

Video Update: NEW VIDEO! C4mpnp0's Halo 3 Montagee

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Been recording a fair bit with my new capture card this week, thought i'd throw together a short montage of my favourite plays from my experience on XBL on halo 3. Keep in mind, this montage is not to demonstrate my skill, or lack of skill rather, but I merely just wanted to capture the feeling when playing halo 3, there are wins, fails and tea bags, and that is what I have in this video. A bunch of random stuff that's bound to keep you amused til the very end.

Note: The music used in this is fairly full on, ensure your volume isn't full, although there is some dialogue at the start that may be amusing to listen to.

Here it is:


Go through to my videos if you wish to comment it, if you couldn't be bothered, just drop a comment on this blog. Cheers.

Happy Gaming,

Today's Rant: Gaming music.

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Today's rant is not really a rant, more of a talk about this guy who makes probably the best techno songs ive heard in a while. His company is called skymarshall arts, website here, and the music is pretty music a integration of songs from games, along with some sick techno beats with the occasion lyrics. I love it and would suggest people to have a listen at some of his stuff.

I would suggest listening to this song first:

Forever Gamer [feat. Xenomorph]

link for download [here], straight from the website.

I'm sure you will enjoy it, it's feel good music. for some of those old school gamers.

Happy gaming,

Gaming Update: Quake LIVE beta

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I got a key, hoorah.

I'm now about to start playing the beta, hopefully it should be good in comparison to its predessesors. I've played Quake, Quake 2 and Quake 3. But thats about it. Are there more apart from this one? I can't remember. Oh Quake Wars. That's about it isn't it?

Anyway, I best be off. I got some fragging to do.

Happy Gaming

Today's Rant : Music lyrics are more like sibliminal messages to kids

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Today I was with a friend of mine who depises my taste in music. I got into an arguemet trying to convince him the reasoning behind the construction of some of my favourite bands and that they have a good influence on society, whilst his music does the opposite.

He listens to all the mainstream stuff, ie, anything that comes onto the radio thats popular he likes. Essentially hes a real music conformist. So I showed him just how crazy the music industry has become. Kids listen to this music and see the vocalist as an idol or someone to admire and look up to. Frankly I beleive that these people who are seen as 'idols' should be slapped for what they are teaching the adults of tomorrow.

Let's take for example the song Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

She makes constant reference to getting drunk ('And were getting all hosed tonight') , getting it on with boys ('Shut my playboy mouth'), and teaching women like they are seen rather then heard ('When I come through on the dance floor checkin out that catalogue')

Essentially this song is slowly brainwashing the listeners into thinking that this is 'cool'. That getting drunk is right, and following rules isn't.

If you still don't beleive me let's pick another song, like.. Get Low by Flo Rida feat etc..

Let me just say that I won't go too much into the lyrics of this song, but seriously,

She hit the flo [She hit the flo]
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low

??? she hit the flo?

No doubt she got low on the flo if you get what im saying.

So after prooving my mates music was absolutely terrible he attempted to diss my music.

As my music taste is hardcore/metal, he stated, word for word, that:

Your music is S&%t all it is, is random screaming where you cannot make sense of the lyrics and even if you could it would just be about killing yourself and death and that crap. As if that is good for society!


Ok this is pretty much when I went rage. Sure the lyrics may not be decipherable but I hate the fact that everyone who doesn't like screamo/hardcore music assumes that all it is is about death and killing people. There are a large majority of hardcore bands, which just so happen to be MY favourites, that are straightedge.

Straightedge: To be against and to not participate in drinking, drugs or smoking.

They sing about being against drugs, being yourself and having a good time. Sure at times you may find it dipping into that catagory but you cant just assume all of it is bad.

This is why I hate mainstream music. They become millionares off their lyrics that are destroying society and hardcore bands that are just as talented and straightedge, are earning not much at all.


He shut up after I had my speal. Thought id post up innmy blog to see if anyone agrees, sorry if its a bit all over the pace, i wrote this in about 10 minutes.

And that's my rant for the week.

Scoping out McDonalds; Part 3

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Ok so this is my third segment of my 'scoping out mcdonalds' blogs and id though this time id look into how much australia is actually spending on mcdonalds in hourly dosages. I discovered however, that Australian citizens (apparently second fattest country in the world) do not spend alot (figuritively speaking) of money on maccas between rush hour on a random day during the week. I would assume that families would come through purchasing mcdonalds on weekends rather then weekdays however, monday being the only day I work, I decided to go through with this experiment regardless.


As this is an experiment there is bound to be some minor presumptions that are needed to be made in order to have a set boundaries that cannot be crossed (so that results do not become scrambled and random). These are as follows:

  • Each line represents a differant cars meals such that a car ordering two meals were merged together to form one figure for that car. Such that X meal 1 was added to X meal 2 to form X meal.
  • All meals were added in this data, meaning dessert orders (which are cheap) were not excluded.
  • As this was a weeknigh you must presume that a majority of orders are for the person in the car itself, and not orders which are for a large family. Weekend meals are much preferred then weekday meals.
  • That even though these were each done on differant nights, they are all at the same time period for the same amount of time on the same day of the week as each other, therefore presumably the most reliable source of data.

Time Period: 7-8pm, Monday Night, 12 January 09

Workstation: Drive Thru, Order Taker

Price Range - Number of people who came through ordered a meal between the following amouts:


Meal was $10-20: IIIII IIIII IIII (14)

Meal was $20-30: (0)

Meal was $30+ :I (1)

Total Cars: 39

The Conclusion:

It seems as though Australian citizens, although they are apparently are the second fattest country in the world, they are ordering meals which are mainly below $10 with some being above but below $20.

Hold up, let's recap and compare with previous installments of 'scoping out mcdonalds'.

In PART 1 of my blogs I proved that more healthy people come through mcdonalds then obese, surely this must mean that the obese peoplebe the 24 cars with small orders, should it not? Obese people ordering small meals? Seems logical. Comparing with the obese figures this seems about right, as if we add the getting there probability with obese, it seems about the same. Let's find the probabilities first before we compare any further.

Presuming that the 'getting there' people are heading towards obese.

P (0-10): 61% P (Getting there + Obese): 59%

P (10-20): 35% P (Healthy): 41%

P (20-30): 0%

P (30+): 3% Seeing as this is only 1 car, this figure shall be ignored

=O!! This seems somewhat resurring, does it not? It seems that we can assume that the more obese citizens are ordering less food from mcdonalds then the healthy citizens. But this is merely an assumption. Say these results are in fact in reverse, the Healthy citizens may be eating much less costly foods then the obese. And the obese may in fact be eating alot more food.

Let's compare with PART 2 to find out which it is..

H is healthy meal whilst UH is unhealthy meal:

P (H ordering H): 8.8%

P (H ordering UH): 47.1%

P (UH ordering H): 23.5%

P (UH ordering UH): 20.6%


Ok so we can assume that a majority of the 'healthy' people are eating unhealthy foods. Meaning that, seeing as Mcdonald's unhealthier meals cost more, that the Healthy People are the ones buying the $10+ meals. Although you could argue that some of the obese fellas are contributing to the $10+ as 20.6% ordering unhealthy. Although the 47.1% would be much more reliable then the 20.6%.

Furthermore, we can assume that the unhealthy, ie the obese, are buying the healthier foods, which are in fact cheaper at mcdonalds then the unhealthy. Therefore, concluding that the obese are in fact the 0-10$ price range of results.


61% of families that came through on the night of the 12th ordered a meal below $10.

Whilst 35% ordered between 10 - 20$ in price range. Furthermore, an additional 3% of families ordered a 30+ $ meal. Seeing as this was only one car it would seem insignificant to the other values, but must be noted.

As well as this, approximately 59% of people that came through drive through were somewhat either heading towards obesity or obese themselves. Whilst 41% were healthy.

Essentially, we can state that the obese population of australia, the ones that go to mcdonalds newmarket on a monday afternoon, most are not ordering fatty foods. Sure some may not be able to fight the urge of eating a Big Mac, and some may give in to it. Half of these obese citizens are fighting to regain there health, by eating healthy foods.

Unfortunately we have the healthy citizens who are eating unhealthy foods. There could be the occasionaly healthy healthy order, but most are presumable eating unhealthy foods, according to our results..

I may continue with the next installment talking about beverages, and there influence on today's obesity.

Until next time, Happy Gaming.

Eat well, my fellow gamers.

EDIT: 12:34 13th January
Apparently we are at the moment the fattest country in the world according to figures displayed on

heres the link if your interested:,23599,23890071-29277,00.html

Gaming Update: Guitar Hero World Tour and Call Of Duty World At War

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So I am back again, due to me being away at the beach for the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to blog. Nevertheless, heres an update on what I have done in that time.

I've been playing alot of Guitar Hero WT at the moment. I played through solo guitar career on hard, began playing a solo bass career on expert and started a band career with brother on expert. So I'll be racking up a few hundred GS after completion of expert band and bass. I also played a bit of online, mainly focusing on 2v2 Pro Face off and 1v1 Battle matches. Played 2 games on Pro Face off, songs consisted of : Scream Aim Fire by Bullet For My Valentine [won by 150k points] and Misery Business by Paramore [won by 70k points]. It was fortunate for me that my team mate [Mad33n] picked Misery Business, as it is one of my favs at the moment mainly cause I'm a paramore fan.

In addition I played 3 1v1 Battle matches. Can't remember the song titles although I won every game within the first 30 seconds of the song starting =]. I'm needing to find a skilled adversary to play against.

In Call Of Duty WAW I've started a campaign on Veteran, as stated in my last blog, and playing my way through a majority of the levels. I just completed the mission 'Vendetta' by *spoiler* killing General whatshisface which took forever.

Eh, slowly playing my way through the holidays, it makes me shudder saying this but I miss school. Maybe gaming will keep my mind busy until the chaos of senior schooling kicks in.

Happy gaming,