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Hey guys, I don't wanna mess everything like the other guy, but I think I have a reasonable PC, at least for this game, but it runs really, really bad!
My specifications are:

You Have: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8200 @ 2.66GHz
CPU Speed
You Have: 2.67 GHz Performance Rated at: 4.806 GHz
You Have: 2.0 GB
You Have: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (build 7600), 64-bit
Video Card
You Have: ATI display adapter (0x9442)RadeonHD 4850
Video RAM 1.7 GB
Hardware T&L Yes
Pixel Shader version 4.0
Vertex Shader version 4.0
DirectX version
You Have: 10.0
Sound Card

You Have: ATI High Definition Audio Device

It really runs bad, with very low FPS.

What do you guys think it is?

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Of course it does exists. Watch Spriggan! lol
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In Flames, when they used to be good, years ago!
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Just spend your time with friends and family and do the stuff you like doing, but doesn't remind you of her.

Yeah, that's what i'm trying to do, it's helping me a lot, but I keep remebering her, damn girl!
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I don't want to get any revenge, I just wanna forget her I think.
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Watch every episode of Dragon ball might help._rock_
lol this also, has been done!
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Don't date "for serious" until you are in your 20's. Just have fun. It only takes 2-3 years for the average couple to become ready for marriage, so don't waste your youth away on women. FunnyMouth
I am in my 20's hehehe. But I'm young and I think I shouldn't take relatioships so seriously.
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[QUOTE="djalmax"] I'm guess I can't hate her, she hasn't done anything for me to hate her. I think I don't deserve to suffer, but she doesn't deserve to have my hate either.ariz3260

It is quite amazing you are able to hold your head above water amid the breakup, which is very hard for just about anyone.

For the time being just enjoy being single again. And don't worry, with your maturity level I can guarentee you will find another girl(s) soon

Thanks my friend, indeed I always try to think in a mature way and I do hope to find a better person. Thanks again!
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Maybe get back together with her?Elraptor
I tried and we got together for a few days, but she had made up her mind. For now at least she doesn't want any boyfriend!
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[QUOTE="djalmax"][QUOTE="psychobrew"] If you don't hate her for it, you will never get over it. Hate is the opposite of love and you need a little hatered for her if you want to cancel the feelings of love out. It is the only way.psychobrew
I'm guess I can't hate her, she hasn't done anything for me to hate her. I think I don't deserve to suffer, but she doesn't deserve to have my hate either.

She broke up with you. That's reason enough. Even if it's just temporary. She made you feel this way and deserves your anger (as long as you don't do anything to physically harm her....). You have to stop putting her on a pedestal or you will never get over her. That, or you could buy a guitar and play love songs outside of her house until she agrees to go back out with you again.

I guess you're right, you're not the first one to say this to me. But unfortunately putting her on a pedestal or not, the whore was one to fuc*king marry with.