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Is there life here ???

Hello everybody :) I cannot believe that my last blog was 2 years ago :(

I`m really missing my wonderful times here.

Just wanted to check who is still living in this planet :)

Drop me a HI if you hear me :)

EDITOR for 24 ?!?! ME ?! Really ?!? :)))

Ohh God :)))

I`ve been freaking busy with so many things :( But you have to admit that this site is becoming dead in summer time :) Everybody is going to holidays, tv showsending :)

I just wanted to take a look today and I just learned that I`m the Editor of 24 :)))))

I just shocked :))))) That was my only goal :) And that means I have to come here every day :)))

Besides that HOW ARE YOU FELLAS ? :) How is everybody doing ?

2 bigh things happened in my life in last month :

1 - I became freelance apparel designer for BOONDOCK SAINTS :) Yes the movie Boondock Saints :))) They bought already 2 designs of mine. One hoodie design and one ladies panties design :))) I will show them to you in my next blog

2- Finally, finally I found a job :))))) It just happened today :) I finally ended 7 month unemployement :)


Michael Jackson designer hoodie on sale

Hi everybody.

Finally I started some things :)

My hoodie design that I designed as a tribute to The King of Pop has freaked out people on Facebook.

They loved it. And I`m producing it in a couple of days :):):):):):):)

Maybe my inspiration for life MJ is gonna be turning point of my life :):):) You never know :)




Have a sexy day full filled with music and love fellas


Looks like I forgot something :)


What you`ve been up to :)

Ohh wait, gimme a sec to change back my icon to Sephiroth. What the heck is thisFacebook connection thing ? It changed my icon to my facebook profile picture :)

I know I left you alone for a while. I just realizded today that I haven`t been here for a long time :) Anybody know what the heck is this facebook thing ?

My job search still goig on. It`s been 5 months :((( I thought you all were praying to God to give me a job, I think some of you cheating :)))) That`s ok :) I love you all no matter what...I got the second interview from a New York hospital 2 weeks ago. Still waiting for their last decision. If they choose me, I will be making my dreams come true. I`ll start working in my dream city, New York :))))We`ll see soon :)

I`m still designing things :) These days I`m focused on Hoodies :) 2 days ago, after MJ died (I`m not gonne get into the loss of Michael Jackson :( My english is not enough to express my pain for loosing him :( I`m just gonna say that he will be missed for the rest of the human history :( :(((((((((((((( I designed this hoodie 2 days ago. In facebook, people freaked out about this hoodie. In 2 days, 40 people wanted to learn where they can buy it. You see my dilemma ? I`m a designer with a gift but without money :(((((( D@MN IT :)

Here are my another designs these days

How is everybody doing ? Everything ok ? Did something happen when I`m away ?

24 - NCIS finales and exciting upcoming sci-fi show

Hi fellas :)

Do you feel the same as I feel :) ? Emptiness? :):):)

All my fav tv shows aired their season finale episodes, and what now ? :(:(:(

Last week Prison Break and Supernatural, this week 24 and NCIS. I think I`m gonna start watching the previous seasons I missed.

24`s this season is fantastic for me :) ( 24 would be fantastic for me in every way even if they would just sit and stare at me :):):):) )

They did something different this time, day didn`t end completely. Jack is waiting to die, President Taylor handed her daughter over to justice department. Almeida and Wilson are in custody. Likely next season is gonna start right after this day. Not after 18 months or after some years.

Again this season was fantastic because I have a new love :) Agent Renee. Actually she`s not an agent anymore, since she put her badge and gun down on the table before she entered to Wilson`s room. OMG OMG OMG when she had that Jack Bauer look on her face I wanted to jump and kiss her over and over again :):):) When she looked at Wilson that way, he understood something`s not right :):):):):) Go Renee gooo :)

NCIS found it`s place among my top favorite shows a couple of months ago :)

You know what I love in tv shows ? Chemistry between characters. That`s why I love CSI (Las Vegas), 24, NCIS, King of Queens, House. They have a fantastic chemistry between characters.

I love the chemistry between Ziva and DiNozzo :) But they are paying a high price. Ziva is stuck between loyalty to Mossad and loyalty to NCIS. But she shouldn`t force Gibbs to choose between DiNozzo and herself :(

Gibbs chossed DiNozzo and Ziva ended up fighting her father and finally interrogated by terrorists :(

I`m sure Gibbs will save her in the next seasons. I love Ziva and I want her back in NCIS team :)

Have you seen the videos of upcoming sci-fi tv show V :) It`s a remake of a tv show that I loved back in my teenager times :)

We have familiar faces in new V :) Tom Baldwin from 4400 and Juliet from Lost.

It may not be all bad. I for one didn't think Battlestar Galactica would be any good as a reboot. I was wrong. The new Battlestar Galactica is better, by far, than the original. So there's hope that Scott Peters (who did a wonderful job with 4400) can take some awfully thin material and turn it into TV gold. Good or bad, I'll watch the pilot for sure.

That`s all for now fellas :)

Have a sexy day fulfilled with love and music :)

Why killing Michael Whhyyyyyy :(:(:( Lucifer is coming :)

Hi fellas :)

We reached finales of my favorite shows finally :)

Prison Break :

Thank you Michael, Lincoln, Sarah, Mahone, Sucre and Kellerman (for the final help :) )

It was a real pleasure watching Prison Break. I`m happy T-Bag got what he deserved :) And I have one thign to say the writers : Screeeewww you freaking bastards.I was waiting for a hapy ending :( why killing Michael :(:(:(:( He deserved a happy life after all he`s been through :( Company treated psyco mother why wouldn`t it work for Scofield. I`m soo disappointed :( I hope you had an alternate ending with dvd box set or something like that.

Supernatural :

I was worried that the writers planning to go on with enemy brothers :) But at the end they made itright :) Sam and Dean together again but they broke the last seal :) Now we will see Lucifer in the next season :) I can`t wait to see it :):):) I`m happt that Rubby b!tch was killed :)

See you later guys :)

Latest news you might have missed about your fav shows *SPOILERS*

Hi fellas.

I hope everyone having a wonderfull weekend. I was fooling among pages this time. And I saw so many new news. I just wanted to share woth you in case you migt have missed :)


Prison Break series finale dated

Wentworth and Dominic wrap things up and take down The Company (or not) in May.

The series finale will get a proper two-hour sendoff and air on May 15. Fox's description of the finale is fairly simple: "Familiar faces return to help Michael end his quest to bring down The Company once and for all."

But has some more details with non-specific spoilers (i.e. events are described, but names aren't given; read on at your own risk). The site says there will be two major deaths and four old characters returning for the wrap up.


24 moving cities for day 8

Jack Bauer will fight terrorism, shout "Damn!" in a whole new city next season; CTU set to rebuild and return. Which city?

I think I can shoot Jersey from here.

Jack Bauer did his duty by protecting Los Angeles for much of the early portion of 24's run, and this season took his patriotic ass-kicking show to the nation's capitol. But the upcoming season/day eight will find him in an all-new urban jungle.

Season eight will take on the city so nice they named it twice, according to That's right, Jack Bauer will be roaming the streets of New York City stopping domestic threats, three-card-monty scammers, and rogue hot dog vendors.

The next cycle of 24 will also feature the return of the CTU, which was disbanded in season seven. The counter-terrorism unit will be headed up by an all-new to-be-cast character, as well as a pair of young hotshot agents.


Fringe's code cracked?

Unusual symbols before commercial breaks mean something after all; one man figures it out, posts results online.

Fringe's Rosetta Stone?

Fringe's Rosetta Stone?

Those who watch Fringe know that there is something more to the show than its weird-case-of-the-week crackdown. Fringe is full of Easter Eggs--little goodies hidden within the show--and one of the more perplexing gems has finally been solved... we think.

When Fox's sci-fi drama heads to commercial break, a spooky blue symbol--which include an apple, a waft of smoke, a human hand--sits on screen for a few seconds. We've always known that they're supposed to mean something, but we may have been looking too hard.

It turns out the solution is simpler than we thought. Tech Web site Ars Technica editor Julian Sanchez took a stab at the puzzle (which was being worked on by friends) and discovered that each symbol corresponds to a single letter of the alphabet--like a Sunday newspaper cryptogram. When the symbols shown during each episode are put together, they spell out a word that corresponds to the episode's theme. Some examples include the words "Rogue," "Taken," and "Olivia."

But, given that breaking the code was fairly simple, Sanchez thinks there may be even more to the puzzle… something larger that we're all missing. In a second post, he thinks it's quite possible that the simple code was just to get things going for a larger puzzle that will continue through successive seasons.

Both of his posts (linked below) are very interesting reads, and should be checked out by all Fringe fans and those who love puzzles. to the Fringe Glyph Cipher Quick Fringe Cipher Follow-Up


Fox won't air final Dollhouse episode

Joss Whedon's ambitious show will be cut short by one; 12th episode reportedly original vision for season finale.

We're imprinting you with the personality of someone who will storm into the Fox offices and punch people.

Uh-oh… more bad news for fans of Dollhouse. Fox e-mailed out the highlights from its upcoming May schedule, and one thing appears to be missing: the final episode of Joss Whedon's new action show.

On May 8, Fox will air the episode titled "Omega," which the network describes as a season finale. But there's just one problem: "Omega" is only the show's 12th episode and the crew shot 13. The episode that won't air is titled "Epitaph One."

The news appears to have been confirmed with Felicia Day, who starred in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and had a role in "Epitaph One." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Day used her Twitter account to say, "Man, day getting worse and worse. Found out my Dollhouse ep, #13 isn't gonna air. Only on DVD. Such a great part too. Thx Fox. :( ..."

However, according to some from Whedon's camp, "Omega" is actually Whedon's original idea of a season finale, so season one won't feel cut short. But the obvious question is "if that was the season finale, why did they shoot an extra episode?"

It looks as though Fox cut Dollhouse's run short in order to make room for the two-hour Prison Break series finale.

This should in no way be interpreted as the show being cancelled, but it isn't a good sign either.

UPDATE: According to television critic Alan Sepinwall, Fox apparently considers the original pilot (Joss Whedon re-shot the first episode) as part of the 13-episode order, and "Epitaph One" was produced independently by the studio. Therefore, Fox doesn't feel as though they need to air the extra episode (and if that's the case, it's a legitimate decision). It is believed the unaired episode will be part of the season one DVD box set.


Report: Terminator is done

Online site says Fox won't be renewing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Fox staying quiet.

Terminator is pretty much done, say sources.

Networks love to play coy about the future of their shows. Even if they know the answer to the question of whether or not "Show X" will be back or not, they just smile and say, "We haven't made a decision yet." Heck, even when the new fall schedules are posted without "Show X," networks tend to be cagey. Just rip off the Band-Aid already!

Networks may have a hard time dumping shows, but show insiders have no problem dishing on the relationship between studio execs and the programs they air. And the latest chatter inside Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles isn't good.

According to's Michael Ausiello (who in the past has been very reliable) Fox has already made the decision to cancel Terminator. Ausiello cites the ever-present inside source, who says, "It's done. Everybody has pretty much known for a couple of weeks." Another source says, "Consider it cancelled."

And what does Fox say? "No decision has been made yet."

Terminator fans can keep their fingers crossed for a last-minute pardon, but it doesn't look good. Let the comment explosion begin!


NBC asks for shorter Heroes

Expect shorter seasons of NBC's struggling sci-fi show from here on out; how will this affect its two-volume seasons?

Only 20 episodes? That's highly illogical.

Word has already gotten out that NBC will be bringing back Heroes for a fourth season, but things may look a little different when all is said and done. NBC is looking to cut back on the episode count of Heroes when it returns next year, says Adage, citing the economy and a growing trend of shorter seasons.

Heroes had been the beneficiary of a super-sized season this cycle, with 25 episodes ordered by the network. But that should trim down to 18 to 20 next season, as NBC's one-time love affair with Sylar and buddies has faded since a worrisome ratings drop-off and the economy forces networks to cut corners any chance they get.

While this would simply mean less hours for a normal show, Heroes likes to do things a little different. The show squeezed two independent mini-seasons (called Volumes) into this season, one taking 12 episodes, the other taking the remainder. It's unclear whether Heroes will try a two-fer with fewer episodes next season.

The notion of a shorter season shouldn't be too surprising. Cable loves to go with shorter seasons for its original programs, and major networks have been experimenting with shorter seasons for their broadcasts. Personally, I think many dramas--particularly serialized shows--suffer creatively with longer seasons and I welcome these new truncated seasons with open arms occupied by tubs of popcorn and remote controls.


House: Cuddy kisses and tells

Actress Lisa Edelstein discusses what's in store for Cuddy's upcoming romp on Fox's medical drama.

Warning: Slight spoilers ahead for those that don't follow upcoming storylines in House. The writers for Fox's House have no problems dropping bombshells on the hit show--we're still reeling over Kal Penn's exit--but what's in store over the next few episodes may be the mother of them all.

Actress Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House chatted with the media about the big event that Fox hasn't been shy about promoting: a hookup between Cuddy and cranky Dr. House (Hugh Laurie).

"It was great," Edelstein said of filming the scene. "I have a great relationship with Hugh Laurie, and he's super sexy, so who could complain?" She added, "You're not going to see me get naked or anything, but it was a pretty hot scene."

But it's not the fact that Cuddy and House get it on that's the big drama, it's the repercussions--hence Fox being okay with letting one cat out of the bag, but not the whole litter. Trying to get details out of Edelstein, however, is about as difficult as trying to change House's mind.

"I can't tell you that!" "I can't divulge." "I don't want to ruin it." Those statements, and variations of them, were repeated several times by the actress when pushed for information about what happens between Cuddy and House. All she will say is, "I loved the way they got House and Cuddy together… they were suffering so much and that's what brought them together." But will it last?

"I don't necessarily think it will ever be satisfying in terms of them settling down and saying, 'This is what we're doing,'" Edelstein says of their chances. "I think [Cuddy] has problems with men, she likes the messed up ones. I can relate." Edelstein says we'll get a better idea of how things shake out in the May 11 finale.

Talk moves to the season's other bombshell--Kal Penn's exit by way of his character's suicide a few weeks ago. "We were all taken by surprise, they really kept it under wraps," she explains. "For Kal, I think it's a really bold move. He has a passion for politics and certainly the Obama administration. I think it's very brave [what he's doing]."

I`m gonna blow up because of anger inside me

Argghhh!!! Argghhh!!! Argghhh!!!

I need to get this off my chest...or I`m gonna blow up.

This living with inlaws is getting all ridiculous,

how do you cope with the people who don`t understand anything in this world,

who is just living in tv with the things tv told them,

people who takes everything you said wrong,

people who is getting offended with everything you say.

I`m just like a boy living with them, I can`t say even something about my son.

I`m telling them always don`t courage my son about guns. I was a soldier I know what guns are. 3 years old son became obsessed with cops and guns. Running in the house killing everybody. I`m trying to tell them WE ARE NOT LIVING IN TURKEY, you came to USA. Do you know every year 800 kids getting killed by guns accidentally. Do you know how many kids finding guns in the street, in the dumbsters. If you courage a 3 years old boy with guns what will happen when he is 7 and if he finds a gun when he is walking home from school. He will think it`s cool. and baamm he shots himself or his friend...

Arrgghhh!!!...I can`t even write what I`m feeling because of my anger...You don`t know Turkish family culture, I can`t say anything or they (esp. my father in law) will turn my wife`s life hell...They came to USA 20 years ago but still living in Turkey in their brains. They are not bad people just living with different rights.

D@MN IT... D@MN IT...D@MN IT...D@MN IT...I just need to find a job and get the hell out of this home :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Back home in Jersey safely :)

Hi fellas :)

I`m home safe and sound :) Don`t know why but driving back home has been always way longer than going away from home :):):) Maybe after having such a good time, I have always find hard to go back home :) Especially if you are living with your inlaws :):):) Anyway, DC trip was unplanned and cut short due to 100 degrees hot weather :) We didn`t have sunscreen for my son :) So couldn`t let him fried under the DC sun :) But DC is a must see place. I have some pictures for you. We just made a short trip around Potomac Park. One info : If you plan to go with your own car, you`ll have very big trouble finding parking space :):):):)

Views from the room 804 of Clarion collection Hotel Arlington Suites

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

A chopper :) We have confirmation alpha tem, shot her down :):):)

Washington monument

District of Columbia World War Memorial

World War II Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

FDR Memorial

My son the eagle junior :)

Some frames on the way back home :)

Don`t eyeball my chicken nuggets :P

I hope you`re having a sexy weekend full filled with music and love :)

I will be in DC this weekend

Hi everyone,

It`s gonna be a really quick blog, I will be driving to DC tomorrow morning. I`ll see you sunday.

If you don`t hear from me untill Monday, assume I had another car accident like before :(

And I had a very good another news this week. I don`t have right to tell you but you can join my happyness by clicking HERE