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some good news for once

so i got my friend to come over and hook up xbox live at my house since electronics frusterate me.

first of all, when he was here, he senses some strange aura inside my house. come to find out he's a psychic or something and has a connection to the paranormal. i told him about the things i posted in an earlier blog and he explained to me that it was something on the other side trying to contact me. so it turns out i'm not insane after all! i just live in a haunted house! so relieved.

as for live, yeah i got it at long last. wouldn't you lurkers and long time D-black haters like to know what my gamertag is? if you want it, then it's available through PM but only if you're a friend.

i think i'm losing it.

i think i might be slipping deeper and deeper into complete insanity. a few days ago i was on the computer and then when i looked to the wall and i saw what i swore was the reflection of fire. i looked at it for a few seconds and it looked totally real. i looked out the window and there was no fire. it deffinately wasn't the screen because it was on a dark website.

another weird thing that happened was when i was in bed. i heard someone screaming and woke up. i thought it was the tv but the tv in my mom's room was gone.

i guess i'll keep going

so i thought about whether or not i should keep going tin this career. i know i can't draw without getting frusterated and ripping the paper apart. and i know i have a severe brain development and processing dissorder that limits my talants. but you know what i have to keep in this field despite the fact that it's destroyed me on the inside.

it's not fair because my parents have already paid an arm and a leg for me to go to this school and so if i drop. all that money will go to waste.

tales from the life of D-black

When i was really young and in school, there would be days where Bradley's mom came in for arts and crafts. she'd go buy a bunch of stuff for us to make cool things out of. And it was really fun. whenever we saw Bradley's mom coming toward the classroom we'd all get really excited.

One day however, she showed up with something that dismayed all of us. she had taken a buch of square pieces of styraphome, wrapped them up in some silver wrapping paper and put a bow on them. when we came in from recess we noticed that they were all taped to our desks. We didn't know what was going on but then Bradley's mom said something to this effect.

"I've noticed that a lot of you don't get along very well. so i've decided that it would be good to teach you guys something better than having fun. Whenever you're encouraged to say something mean to another classmate, look at that little present instead and try to say something better. All of us have a special giftthat we can share."

we all were just like "lolwut" and really annoyed that we couldn't have fun. especially to me because saying something nice to Bobby was like forcing myself to do eat something i really hated. i mean the kid put sand in the drinking fountain and clogged it up! i ended up stabbing the "gift" with pencils and pens and using it as a holder instead of being a good, nice well mannered young man. so i guess it all worked out in the end.

mice and penguins

now i know that everyone complains about penguin movies. i geuss it's because there all of the sudden were a bunch. but you ever stop to think about how many mouse movies there are? too many! anyone who complains about penguins needs to stop and think. are you tired of penguin movies in general, or are you more tired of movies about mice that talk, and have houses inside your walls and cities in the sewers?

let's see here, we got the Tale of Despereaux coming out, ratatouille, Fivel, and a whole bunch of other movies that i can't think of right now. not to mention the fact that the redwall series features a mouse as the protagonist is most of the books. i don't see the appeal in mice. they're small rodents that chew up your walls and keep you awake by scurrying around in your attic.

new semester

so i finally finished that hard and grueling semester. here are the grades

film and literature F
photoshop C
color theory C-

Color theory. I am very surprised that i passed this one. I had to make pictures using color pencils and blend the colors by coloring with one, then coloring over it with another. Because I am completely devoid of artistic talent and because i have a brain processing disorder, i had to go get one of the light tablets and put the pictures of me on top of then then trace the lines. My pictures still lacked any realistic depth, and every time i walked behind another student to see what they were doing, I became insanely jelous. Luckily Axel insisted on correcting some things in my pictures. And I let him. Good thing too because there's no way i would have passed. I had already ruined the drawings. so Axel made them just good enough to get me a passing grade, but not good enough to get the pictures put on the wall for display. Because only artists can have their art shown in the hall for display. And i'm not an artist.

I'm really angry that i failed film and lit. I attended every session and sat through every single movie that we had to watch. Even though most of the time i didn't watch the movie and just played my PSP. I didn't really participate all that much because all of the assingments were with groups and everyone was a movie buff. But who cares i still did all the requirements right? I have a feeling that i failed because of some negative comments i made in the written assingments regarding the movies reservior dogs and kiss kiss bang bang that we had to watch.

[spoiler] For reservior dogs, I basically said that the only good metaphor from this film was the fact that evil always destroys itself. other than that i found its obsessant use of the F word to be higly imature. i mean i say the F word a lot IRL but to that level just strikes me as immature. I also dissagreed about the use Roy Orbinson's "stuck in the middle with you" to really not be that brilliant as everyone made it out to be. but no. my teacher insisted that Tarantino is a genius for choosing that song [/spoiler]

And now for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

When asked about how the scenes carry through. i said "It feels like someone wrote out all the scenes and then when they were taking them to the studio dropped it. spilling all the pages out. Due to a time shortage, the writer put all the pages in a random order then handed it to the director." If he did fail me for this then it's not fair. it was nothing more than an opinion. On both films.

ima want new clothes

so yeah. i'm really tired of wearing the old smelly sneakers every day, and the smae pants every day. so i've decided to go out and about for some new clothes. i'm going to get as many black pairs of pants as i can. and i want coats that have a rediculous amount of zippers on them. like there doesn't have to be a pocket underneath it. i just want lots of zippers because they're cool. hey Micheal Jackson pulled off the look so i can too.