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3D movies....

i gotta admit, i think 3D is starting to kill movie. It was cool like 25 years ago, but now it's getting milked too much. I don't have a problem with movies that are made specifically for 3D, like muppetvision 3D, and captain EO. But as far as cinema releases go, It's crossing the line. I've heard people say things like "that movie is good in 3D but besides that it wasn't that great." So now what? a special effects gimmick can actually redeem bad movies? Since when? guess it does make sense when you take into consideration all the mass marketed crap that Hollywood spawns each year. It's sold out and become a cheap marketing ploy. If a film doesn't have what it takes to do well at the box office, then throw in 3D and it will sell seems to be the attitude. I don't watch 3D movies at all. They never seem to work as well as the movies you see in theme parks designed just for 3D. And besides, there's evidence now that it's bad for your eyes.