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How many of you have signed up for rewards sites that turned out to be scams? Well I just found a rewards site that is pretty good. You get points (or "Swag Bucks") for doing things you do every day, like searching the web.

I spent about 10 minutes researching it and I could not find any bad reviews. People are really getting rewards from this site. I read one review that said it takes about a month to earn enough Swag Bucks to get one of the minor prizes. That's not bad for doing things you do anyway.



First, the last entry was fake. I don't know what made me do the joke. Anyways, guess what I got my new girlfriend today. Gotta remember that I'm not single anymore.

LVL 21!!! and new banner, sig and avatar.

So, today I found to be in lvl 21. I'm so happy I passed lvl 20.
Also, in celebration I bought pizza and chips:

I made a new banner (look at the top of my profile:P)
A new sig:

and a new avatar. So how do you like 'em all.

Today I Decided To.....

begin saving money for the next gen console and a cheap HDTV. I also decided to not buy a console for this generetion. I know you might say "what are you crazy????" I really thought about it and really would like to miss this generation of consoles and save for the next. Untill then I'll be enjoying my DS and my long lasting PS2. Currently only have $4 saved:P
I know this is taking drastic mesures and would like you to support me on this, thanks!

Merry Christmas!!!! Everybody!!!!!

I know is not christmas yet but still Merry Christmas, everybody!!!!! I'm so exited, I want to get money for this Christmas.
So, where are you gonna spend your Christmas??? and what did you ask for Christmas???
Goodnight everybody and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Now I have to find some Ho, Ho, Hos!!!!

R.I.P. Warrior_Kid

Well if you knew him he was a real friend, even though I never really met him in person, he was a really good person and if you dind't know him don't worry. I just heard from his friend who took over his account that he had just died. Is really sad, I can't believe it he was a real friend. I will miss him.




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