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And, here, our English Literature professor once said that no one could leave the classroom, let alone passing the course, before learning how to properly pronounce "shire".

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@Lhomity said:

I got this email too:

Are you ready to build, craft and explore with Minecraft on PlayStation®3?

From 14 May 2014, you can pick up Minecraft on Blu-ray Disc for the first time and set your imagination free on PS3™.

Dig down into the unknown depths or build incredible structures, from humble homes to grand cityscapes. Go it alone or bring your friends along for the ride. The only limit is your imagination.


I wonder if this will improve the chances of a physical release for Vita...

I still have never played a single second of Minecraft, but I suppose I might be tempted to try it sometime this year. Not sure I'd like it much though.

A good translation, then. I got the same e-mail in Turkish.

I have not played Minecraft on PS3, too. Yet, I've played it on my PC, and have a game-crazy nephew and a niece, who play Minecraft on PS3 almost all the time. The 6-year-old nephew even recorded a gameplay video for us, in which he shows the split-screen feature. Looks cool.

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If you have a Vita, you're very lucky. PlayStation just keeps those announcements comin'.

"Now you can play all of the Sly Cooper games on the go. The Sly Trilogy is a single purchase that features the original Sly Raccoon, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves for just €29.99! All three games have been remastered in widescreen HD and look amazing on the Vita’s big screen." (From the PS Blog EU)

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PlayStation Turkey has just sent me an e-mail about Minecraft the retail version, which is said to be released in May. I might go ahead and purchase it. Will you?

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@commandokock said:

plus it would be a waste to put such a small amount of data on such a huge capacity disc.

Unless, of course, it's Minecraft.

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@flyingpieguy said:

The 2DS is quite tempting in my eyes :o

$100 off the XL price over here (original 3DS model is discontinued here).

Go ahead and buy it, then. For everything you've written here, you truly want a Nintendo handheld. Play your endless Mario/Zelda/Pokémon games. Again and again. Until you get old and wither away. Whatever. But I still think that you'll be sorry once you sell your PS Vita.

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Another successful Kickstarter project, which will be on PS Vita is Rain World.

"In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system." (Quoted from its Kickstarter page.)

The art style looks great.

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@Lhomity said:

This looks great. Would love to get this for my Vita.

Yes, I would like to give it a go, too.

There are more interesting game projects on Kickstarter, such as; Pixel Noir and MechRunner, if you want to check out.

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You must be out of your mind.

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"The Hero Trap is a frenetic, roguelike dungeon-crawler. A glorious treasure has been promised, but all who’ve sought to attain it have found only death. But you have a plan! You can gather the souls of great warriors past, who’ve failed where you now seek success, to aid you on your epic quest. These heroes are strong, but not invincible--their spirit energy can only withstand so much punishment before returning back to the ethereal ooze." (Quoted from the game's Kickstarter page.)

Looks promising!

*The project reached its goal last night on Kickstarter.