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It's a tactical RPG by Kadokawa Games for PlayStation.

"The game will be localised by NIS America for the North American and European release in Q3 2014." (Wikipedia)

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Call me crazy but one of my favorite games was L.A. Noire which I would love to play on the ps4

It's one of my favourite games, too. We're all crazy here!

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Well, Ubisoft promised to support PS3 for some time. At least, we can expect to see their games on PS3.

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I wouldn't mind seeing remakes and HD versions of older games I never played, and ports of console games. I only have a Wii, so being able to play some of the big console titles is nice!

You really need a PS3, then.

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There's only one problem, I think. If indie game developers start doing the same thing over and over again, then, there'll be no point in indies at all. They'll be like AAA titles, only with a very low budget.

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Well, I don't care much about AAA titles on PS Vita. Innovative indie games and "niche titles" are vital.

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I know, I know, the target audience is the little ones, but how cute is that?


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