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No, they have not given up on the Vita.

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Vita consoles, games and memory cards are universal.

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Here's what I think, Sony was not prepared for E3. after reading the article, Yoshida should be worry about this issue, not only that, I didn't like Sony did all those unprovoked jabs on MS which got annoying, E3 is about getting info out to the fanbase, Sony was all talk on there PS T.V which I'm not into that kind of thing, I own PS4 to play games, watch Netflix when I want to take my 30 minute break, play MP, [depending on the game] and just well, play my games. Sony was not ready for E3 and MS did what they promise, to talk about games. Hopefully, Sony will be ready for Tokyo Game Show which they should learn there mistake from E3. All in all, Sony did alright, not good nor worst, just alright.

Microsoft's show was awful. They were just proud to have some games/content "early" which means nothing to me. Sony had exciting exclusives, and the overall content shown on the stage was impressive. I had a hard time comparing the two conferences actually. Yeah, TV show thingy should have been left out or mentioned for a sec, and they should have talked more about the Vita, but Sony's show was still strong - not flawless.

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If you can sell or trade your used games, go with the physical copies.

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Not as good as the last month's lineup. But it's still cool.

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In the west? In Japan? In Japan, no. But in the west, if they want it alive and well, they should support it more.

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Some PS3/PS4 owners buy the Vita to solely play PS Plus offerings. It helps the hardware sales. But Sony's "no more first party support" and "Vita became a remote play accessory" talk kills the Vita day by day. Vita gamers make Twitter campaigns almost every other day to make Sony listen to them.

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It's inspiring, enchanting, amazing. I can talk about it all day. I'm very excited for it. But of course bro-dude COD crowd won't understand me.

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Sony's E3 conference was strong. Much, much stronger than Microsoft's with all that "exclusive content first on Xbox One" bullshit. LOL. And, exclusive titles are one thing, but Sony also showed their support for the indie developers once again. I respect that. And, if you think The Order: 1886 looks like crap, you're out of your mind.