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Dark Fall 3 and Nancy Drew 21

I've just completed two adventure games; one of them is Dark Fall 3: Lost Souls and the other one is the latest game in the Nancy Drew series, Warnings at Weaverly Academy. Thus, I'd like to share a few thoughts and briefly comment on each of them.

First of all, Dark Fall 3: Lost Souls is obviously harder than the Nancy Drew game. It sometimes confuses you and you can't easily decide which way to go or what to do next. It has a gloomy and creepy atmosphere, with ghosts gliding through the air, mysterious text messages and disturbing light effects, as one may expect from a horror/adventure game. It reminds you Silent Hill from time to time, which is certainly a good thing considering the high quality of the Silent Hill series. Yet, the ending of the story is nothing like you may reverie and well, a little bit disappointing.

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Weaverly Academy is certainly one of the best games in the series. It doesn't contain hard puzzles to solve, unlike the mega hard The Haunting of Castle Malloy or even The Phantom of Venice, in which you have to dexterously cop with a couple of mind blowing puzzles.

This time, Nancy Drew, in disguise, tries to find the culprit behind mysterious notes and malicious threats, in a top notch school full of privileged students. As it's written in her case file, a self-proclaimed "Black Cat" makes hideous plans and blackmails the Valedictorian candidates to get rid of them one by one.

In this great adventure, the lifelike and realistic characters, such as; Mel and Izzy, may remind you some of your schoolmates or even yourself, in high school years. These girls gossip a lot, pass quick judgements against each other, and also, steal boyfriends. Moreover, the tight competition to become a Valedictorian empowers the tension between them.

So, if you're a Nancy Drew fan, or an adventure lover in need of a surge of fun, give it a go.