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Picked up the new Iron Maiden album today

I picked it up the deluxe ed. at Circuit City for $8.99 with a free mini poster. It's a solid album but sounds a lot like dance of death, which really isn't a bad thing but somewhat disappointing to me.  I don't want them pulling a Metallica on me but I'd really like to hear something a little different from Maiden.  I highly recommend it to any Maiden fans.

Bored out of my friggin' mind!!!

I can't take it anymore.  I've been sitting around my house playing video games and posting on GS for the past two days nonstop.  I played my DS, PS1, and Genesis for about 8 hours yesterday. Plus, I was so frickin' lazy that I didn't even take a shower yesterday.  I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow.

Sega Genesis

Over the weekend, I picked up a used Sega Genesis and a few games; Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 3, Vectorman, Street Fighter 2, and Outrun 2019. The best part about it was that the Genesis was only $10.00 with two controllers and the games were $2.50 each. I couldn't stop playing Gunstar Heroes last night with my little brother. That game is awesome.

I'm addicted to GS and listening music.

All I find myself doing nowadays(other than working and going to school) is posting on GS and listening to music.  It's become almost an addiction.  I'll post on GS for hours and listen to music for the entire time and the time seems to just fly by.  Does anyone else do this?

Level 17

I'm now level 17. I skipped level 16 and went directly to 17. I wanted to be a Magician Lord but oh well.


I started work last week at McDonald's. I thought I'd hate working but honestly, I like my job. Being home schooled, I don't see or talk to many people so it's nice to socialize again.  It also gets very boring at my house playing video games practically 24/7. My coworkers are pretty nice and very helpful in teaching me.  So far I've learned to make all the different sandwiches and work the grill, both of which are extremely easy.  So, how many of you guys work and enjoy your job.?

I got a DS this weekend.

On Saturday I picked up a DS from EB Games with a copy of Advance Wars DS for $129.99.  I haven't started playing AWDS yet(I'm in the middle of FF Tactics Advance) but I can't wait to start it.  I'm planning on buying Sk8land in a week or two.  What other games do you think I should buy?

New Job

I'm gonna start working at McDonalds soon(once I get my work permit).  I had an interview yesterday and I got the job.  With the extra money from this job I'll save up for a car and probably buy a Gamcube to go along with my PS2.  McDonalds probably isn't the best place to work but heck at least I'll be making money.