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on NPR four years ago

In a moment of vanity and boredom, I searched for my name on GOOGLE.
I found this on the NPR archives. 

I totally forgot about all this interview. Wow, it's been 4 years since this happened.

I rememeber being really freaked out by the whole thing, you can totally hear it in the soundbite. I was craping my pants.

As scary as it was back then, I have to admit, it's funny now. Listen to interview. listen to interview

Today's the day

I quit smoking today... Well not really, I started the niccotine patch today.

I feel really weird about the whole experience. I feel niccotine rushing through my system but I have no cravings. I feel funny not having a reason to step outside.

I hope this works. I hope I don't get addicted to these patches.

My two new officemates

This is a picture of Zombie Rorie and Printerbot. I am not allowed to talk about where Zombie Rorie came from. All I can say is that he's been in two movies. Sometimes people call him Zombie Rick James. Rich calls him Zombie Omz.

Printerbot is the new printer that shares my desk. She replaces an old Lexmark that would eat documents and make people very angry. People all over the floor would walk up to my desk and scream at the Lexmark for eating their documents. Eventually the Lexmark was taken away and was replaced with the Dell Printerbot. She is much sexier and nicer than the Lexmark. We love her.

Is the blog back yet?

After weeks of slaving away at them. We finally launched the new GameSpot site. Though it did not go as smoothly as planed. We are finally back on track.

I was responsible for coming up with the look and feel of the new daily show assets. I designed and and animated all the intros for the new shows (except for Thursday).

This was a really fun project. It was a great opportunity to push GameSpot to new directions in design. Since each day had different day specific features, I decided to give each day it's own theme.

Check them out on the front page of the site every day. If you want to see the intros in higher resolution, please check them out here.

and were back

After a long 10 hour flight, we finally got back to the US. We brought our equiptment back yesterday morning and went home to get rest.

Today is my first official day back in the office.

Day 004

Today was the last day of TGS. I took more footage of trailers and gameplay for Tim and Dave to publish. I was able to get some random Japan only trailers and the (almost) complete Bandai trailer catalog. I set up the HD camera in front of a large screen and was able to get an hour and 20 minutes of awesome trailers until the Bandai people threatened to take my tape. I walked off with all my gear before they could do anything.

One of them was for this really cool game called Kero Kero 7.

There were more Cosplay kids out today. I took more pictures. I'll post them later tonight.

I saw a bunch of ninjas on the way to the event and a robot on the way back to the hotel. Read more about that here.

Day 003

I was on the TGS floor earlier today grabbing more gameplay footage. I finally got the MGS4 trailer! It's awesome. I think we are still figuring out if we can put it up on the site. I am hoping we can.

Today was the day all the Cosplay kids were out. There was litereally hundreds of them kids in costume. I was able to take a few pictures.

Update: I put up the rest of the pics here.

Day 002

It's our second day i Japan and the first day of TGS. Jim and I were tasked to go around the show floor and record as much HD footage of gameplay off the screens. We were able to get a lot of footage. The coveted MGS4 trailer though was impossible to get. Sony was very strict about anyone recording anything from their booth.

While shooting the gameplay off the screens, I took some time to take pictures of some booth babes. I did not see robots or ninjas but there were some very cute women.

The rest of the images are here.

Tomorrow will be crazy, all the cosplay kids will be out. Maybe the robots and ninjas will be too.

Day 001

I went to the Microsoft press conference today. Ryan, Dave, Ricardo, Justin and I took the train. This is me at the train station. It was crazy busy. People were coming from every direction.

I can't really talk much about the press conference. But I'm encoding it as I type this so it should be up on the server by tomorrow.

On the way back from the conference, I spotted a ninja.

In Japan

After a long 10.5 hour flight. We arrived in Narita yesterday at around 3pm Japan time September 14. We then took a long 90 minute bus ride to Shinjuku where our hotel is at.

After dropping off all the equiptment and setting up the computers in the hotel room. Dave, Jim, Tim and I headed down to Shinjuku to eat beef bowl and drink pocari sweat.

We all then went to an electronics store where I picked up a UMD of Advent Children for my nephew. The dvd was sold out so I'll have to come back for it later.

Today is the start of the real work. Ryan is headed here to give me the first batch of stuff to edit. Jim will go on assignmnent in a bit. But first, breakfast!

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