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Worst Day in Smash Bros. History and Im Leaving

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So at this point the full roster is already know. Most characters excluding Wolf have photographic evidence of them existing. Oh and by the way Wolf is confirmed. Think about every leaker who knew about all the new characters and stages aree that Wolf is the last one. But anyways I know what your thinking, "Why are you saying this is so bad?" Its because pretty much the roster is as good as it should be. What we have now is basically the nightmare roster. Most of the new characters we have known about for at least a couple of months to up to a year. The only new characters that are not on the starting roster are Snake, Sonic, ROB, Wolf and Lucario. Thats really not that much. Not to mention there could have been so many better chracters such as Ridley or even another third party character. BUt you guys are probably saying "Who cares? Toon Link! WOOT!" Toon Link...Toon Link....Toon Link is crap. Hes is youn link with a new model. Young Link was already a clone and guess what Toon Link is a clone too. I don't care that some past characters have been updated. We have seen these characters before thats no excuse for almost no new characters. If you were going to have so little new characters Sakurai could have at least hide most of them to us and not get our hopes up. When we saw so many new characters being shown we of course expected even more new characters to unlock, but we were wrong. Im not sure if anyone else agrees but really this was my way to vent my frustrations.

Oh and by the way. I really will not be on this forum anymore since I pretty much moved to for now on. Im only here right now because the site is down. I will make a blog post if I ever come back.

Should I Open Mario & Sonic: At The Olympic Games

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During November or so me and my mother saw an add for Toysr'us. I noticed it had a deal that was "Buy Two Wiis games Get One Free." I already told my Mom what I wanted for Christmas and I knew she had not bought any of them. I told lets go buy them and she agreed. I waited in line like for twenty inutes with mothers who wanted to buy their kids a Wii and some games (I was surprised they actually found them). I asked for Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 and Battalion Wars 2. I know had the choice to get my free game. I saw Zack and Wiki but I didnt want to get it since I would get a better deal getting a $50 game and I'm not into that genre anyways. I decided on Mario and Sonic and already didnt feel good. I looked back two minutes later and wished I got Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. I have yet to open it. I played it at my cousins house and had some fun with this straight up waggle fest. I really have not been happy with Bwii or MOH and would look like to play some Wii to hold me off till Brawl. Should I (a) open it up and play it or (b) try returning it or selling it on eBay for money to save up for Mario Kart? Help me out here.

Just a Few More Days Till I Get My 360!

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I am a hardcore Nintendo fanboy. I am not afraid to admit that. I been getting some Nintendo love since I was born. I was very lucky that my father had bought my sister a NES back when it was out. I played Super Mario Bros. (even though I wasnt good at the time). But anyways through out my life I have only owned two non-Nintendo consoles. One was a PS1 (the small grey one) and a xbox. I only got the PS1 for Tony Hawk and I only got the Xbox for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Both consoles I got late in their lifetime. But for the first time I'm getting a no-Nintendo console early on. I can not wait eithier. I'm getting it for Christmas and I am luck to be getting this. My mother has never been one for secrecy. When ever she got my Christmas presents I was eithier there or told her what to get. She never hides it well. A couple of years ago she just quite hidding presents. She has all the presentsin the loft right in front of my room. It is very hard for me to walk outside my door and see a huge 360 bundle staring at me. I got my console from Costco by the way. Its the Pro model and has a extra controller and the play-and-charge kit. I also am getting Mass Effect. I am so happy for this stuff I'm for getting I am getting three Wii games from toysrus (bwii, moh2, and m&s: atog). I can not wait. The only problems I am having here are waiting till Christmas and getting the 360 online. I dont have a modem on my room and the modem I have now is to far away to connect it via a networking cable. I'm eithier going to have to buy a modem for my room or buy the $100 netwoking adapter. That is a pretty steep price just for wireless. I really love my Wii for having Wi-fi. Then I still have to buy a Xbox Live monthly subscriptions. Oh well Itll be fun with Mass Effect.

My Thoughts On Luigi in Brawl

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As we all [should] know that it has been I believe two months since there has been a character update on the Smash Bros. Dojo. Alot of people are becoming doubtful of Luigi and Captain Falcon coming to Brawl. But seriously think about it. Why would Sakurai announce them if they have been unlockable characters in every game so far. So in my eyes there a lock. My thoughts on Luigi specifically though is his move set. I really would not care if he was a clone of Mario (even though its not possible. ill get to that later). Mario and Luigi have been nearly the same for every game now. it would make sense if they were clones. but techinaclly they can not be clones. luigi could not use fludd. he would able to use the poultergeist 3000. luigi would probably use his crappy b-side attack from melee. Another thought also arises. Would Luigi have his now Super big head from galaxy or his not so big head from Melee?

I Fell For The Virtual Console

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I always thought I would never have need for the virtual console. The games are old and tend not to be as fun when you first bought them. But it all started back in what I believe was August or September. The Lost Levels or teh real Super Mario Bros 2 hit the vitual console. I knew they were taken off the European VC because of some celebration. I happened to be grounded at the moment. I begged my mom to just let me download it. Well she wouldnt but I did get of two weeks earlier. I bought 1000 wii points and got the game (even though I later realized the game would not be taken off). Well I had 400 points left and I didnt want to waste them. I dddid the math and founf out I should get another 2000 points So I could get one super nintendo game, one N64 game, and one NES game. And only losing 1 dollar. I dowloaded Super Maetroid and Star Fox 64. I am hooked now. I love these game and are obsessed with them even though I have Super Mario Galaxy in my possesion.I still have one NES gme to download and I dont want to use it yet hoping there maybe a better game coming. Im already looking into getting Pokemon Snap later even though I still owen the original. Anyone else a Virtualholic?

Galaxy is a Comin' But Not Fast Enough

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Super Mario Galaxy is being released on November 12 in the US. And luckily for me I have a four day weekend. However most people includign myself wont be able to get the game until tuesday because of shipping. Iam soooo bumbed about this. i know is still have a whole day to play it but I ratehr be able to start playing on Monday. On Monday I'm going out with my friends for like the whole day and as much as fun as that will be I would skip that to play Galaxy on Monday. I just wish I could have got it today to so I could have FOUR days to play it but oh well I guess. But what I've noticed is that alot of people dont want this game. Alot of my friends have Wiis but for some reason dont want to get it because its Mario. I tell them the scores its getting and no one will listen. It has so many higher scores then that over-hyped piece of crap called Halo 3. Dont get me wrong I understand taht Halo 3 is good but it really isnt good enough to get the sales it got. Most people only got the game because they didnt want to miss out on all the popularity that comes with buying Halo 3. I dont care how kiddy Mario is at times its great. I even had some @$$ holetell me that Glaxy isnt that good when i was trying to convince my friend to have it. You know why he said that?...because he probably thinks Halo is the only game a person ever needs. Enugh with my ranting I just want Galaxy to get her sooner.

My Impression of the Nintendo Fall Convention of 2007

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So Nintendo just had there convention as we all know. First off i want to say its good to see Nintendo steal a once Sony exclusive. BUt I want to talk about the new channels right now. Nintendo said a new 'Check Nintendo" channel would be released this souunds great. Get some DS demos when your bored or watch some cool videos. At this point what I have seen of it has only been in Japenese so I still don't no much about it but i'm sure there will be even more great stuff on that channel. Nintendo also said they would re-do the Everybody Votes channel so you can get reviews and search stuff. I don't care really that channel sucks. Check Mii Out was also shown again but do I really want to see some crappy Miis? No I don't but if they added some community aspect to that channel I would be all over that. I need a place to talk abou t Brawl freely since I obviously can't do that on GameSpot. I would talk about the convention some more but I wann play some Super Nintendo.

Wii to DS Connectivity

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We all know the Wii can connect to the DS. We saw it in Pokemon Battle Revolution. It wa very weak to say the least. I expected to control the whole game on the DS rather than having a giant-ugly menu while you play but thats another topic. I want to see some good connectivity. I just got the newest Virtual Console game Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels when it hit me. Why cant we play virtual console games on the go. Nintendo should just sell a $30 game cartridge that can save one or two virtual console games on the cartridge. This would be perfect. I would buyt so many more virtual console games if i could play them where ever I want. The DS can download files. You would now that if you go to your local gamespot or something and dowloaded a demo. Why cant we save it to the DS? Why I ask..why?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Online

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Yes Brawl online has finally been confirmed(I know it was confirmed lat week)! But I still hear people complaining. First people say Brawl will suck with out online and now that there is online you guys are still winning. Come on get over it. I undertsand it defenitely is not the best online mode out there thats fine. The only difference is you don't see a name. BIG DEAL! Like you actaully even thought about a player's name after playing Mario Kart DS. We already knew there would be no ranking boards also. I kind of like the fact that there is no rankings, I no longer feel the need to quite because I no it wont count; its just for fun. And was anyone really expecting actual communication for the game? Come on be serious. And its not like fighting a computer. You are dumb if you think fighting a player is the same as a computer. If it was like a computer online would not be as popular as it is today. But either way Brawl will be the game of the Wii generation and online only helps.

Wii Problems

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I undertsand there are other consoles that have worst problems but I hate problems on the Wii. So far I hear alot of people talking about there problems. I recently got a problem to. Whenever I try to play Madden 08 or Mario Strikers it takes me back to the Wii menu. I hate that but I did find a solution. Its take the game out, put another game in, take that game out, put original game in, click start, let it take you back to menu, click retart, then finally play the game. I hate that. Ive been playing madden so much lately to. Well I just wanted to vent some anger rather then throwing my Wii around my room. If you have a problem too comment this post. I want to know im not the only one.
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