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Applying for university

So im applying for university right now. . .

Why is this such a terrifying process? its like, if i dont get in, my life is meaningless. both of my parents are university grads, but why does that mean i have to be? cant i just show up on the first day and be like, "hey, can i get some classes?"

either way, heres where im applying

York (toronto)

Ryerson (toronto)

Birmingham (England)

Pratt (New York)

Academy of Berlin (the very one that turned Adolph Hitler down)

incase you havent guessed, i want to get as far away from home as possible. and i do love toronto.

schools almost over, wooo.

so i have 2 exams, world religion, and sociology, left, then i am done school for the summer, wow, this summer is going to be great.

hopefully ill get a job soon, ive applied at like 30 different places, but no ones called yet= sad.

im hoping to spend this summer working, hanging out with freinds, and building my portfolio, thats right, im appling for college in ENGLAND! as far away from here as possible, without having to brush up on my french. and suddenly im in the mood for a really good RTS, but nothing too serious, no online, maybe advance wars DS or Batalion wars for GC. just maybe either one will satisfy my craving.

omgz, gotta go study, the sooner i write these exams, the sooner i can spend the summer with work, friends, photography, painting, music, drawing, writing, partying, late nights, sleeping in, maybe a good old fistfight or 2, and possibly playing a few gigs in between.

MAN i cant wait for the summer

well i do belive im going to go study now, good luck to all those writing exams, and i wish you an excellent summer

your freind


first blog, wootle

so this is my first blog. . well, on gamespot anyway

i guess i should tell you a bit about myself

i am shayne

i like to party, chill, hit the indie scene, jam with the band(s), draw, write and of course, play video games

i has an xbox, gamecube, ps2 and a DS, and i cant wait for the revolution

im waiting for thursday to be over, cant wait to party, long weekend= gonna be intense

comment. . please. . being lonely= kills me

add me on msn if you want, im demon_waffle77@hotmail.com, PM me first tho, k?

<3 you