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107 Unread Messages ; Gone MIA

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Hey Everyone, this is Dilan94 (Also known as Dilan11)

I'm here quickly to post that anyone that has been on my profile recently has known that i've been MIA (Missing in Action) since late Janurary. I'm sadly here not to say that I am coming back, but that I will be continually gone from the gamespot community hopefully intill July.

This MIA is very unusual then my usual yearly absenses, where I leave from about September to December, and come back for the rest of the year. This MIA has actually been here since about last year September!

I wanted to apologies for giving any hope that I would be coming back anytime soon. I know i've logged on a few times and have said that I will be coming back; but the opposite happened.

I hope that you guys can understand why I'm MIA, life's getting tough here and school is odviously getting harder as the years and days pass on. I've also been doing other things, if you get what i'm saying ;). To be honest with you, I have no idea what games are the best right now, and I haven't played a console game in about a month

Because of this MIA I will also have to hand in my leader position in The Runescape & FunOrb Union. If you are part of this union, I would suggest that you tell other's in the union that I will be giving away this position. I do have a few names in mind, but if you do want this position, please COMMENT ON THIS BLOG. I refuse to read my unread messages, because I honestly do not have time.

If I do come back in July, it would be appreciative if I do get my leader position back, but if you feel that you deserve to keep that position, thats fine.

I'll talk to you guys later, hopefully sooner then later.



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Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads up that I have exams starting next Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday (starting on Jan 22, thursday).

Probably from this weekend, i won't be on often, or not at all for that matter. I wanted to give you all a heads-up, cause i always get flooded when i leave for like a week. Need to pass my french exam mostly though, not doing so well there.

Hope your all doing well


New Banner, Icon and Blog Header

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Just wanted to give a heads up to you all, that i got a new banner, icon and blog header. And it does look very good 8). Of course, it wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Uas, the leader of the Artist Canvas union on gamespot, so thanks alot Uas :D!

I also want to wish you all a Happy New Years! Welcome to 2009 everyone, make this year count, and lets hope it doesn't end up as bad as 2008... :|. Anyways see you guys,


Level 29

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I've finally gotten level 29. Its been a while since my last level up, so this is a huge goal that has finally been reached :D. I just wanted to let you all know that i'm going to keep trying to level up, and the best ways to level up is by posting in peoples blogs *hint hint*, rating and reviewing games (I plan on doing that soon), and posting on the forums. Other ways you can increase your level is by posting videos, posting images, and tagging various games, unions, and threads.

In other news, I got a nice new $150 leather chair (from good old canadian boxing day), so working on a computer is comfy and relaxing then ever before.

You all take care,


I'm back, and with Total Access too :D

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I've reciveved a ton of pms and e-mails tell me to come back to gamespot, and unless you've been under a rock for the past 3 months, you might have noticed I haven't been active. For all of you people, and in a years time, i want you to know this: THIS HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. I always get inactive in the fall, so calm down :P

In better news, i got Total Access on gamespot. I decided to treat myself a christmas present (among other things), and yeah here we are today. (I also feel its nice to give some money to a great website like gamespot that has done soo much for me :D ). A few problems. I'm wondering how the heck can i change my gamespot theme?!?! (Thats one of the reason that i became a total access).

I actually recommend becoming a total access, even though its been... 12 minutes and 42 seconds, i've enjoyed no ads, and faster gamespot downloads :D (not to mention to 720p videos i'll be enjoying after this blog post)

So yeah, i'm now active and ready to hopefully get my level to 30 :D. But yeah, someone tell me how i can change themes!!!

Runescape - Quest Cape

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Forewarning: If you do not play runescape, or never heard of runescape, you will not understand this blog. If you have played runescape in the past or present, please refrain from "insulting" or "dising" this game. I am the leader of the Runescape & FunOrb Union, the largest, most up-to-date union for runescape on gamespot, and I WILL take that as an offense if you insult the game. Now on to the blog:

Recently, for anyone who isn't part of the union, I have gotten the Quest Cape in runescape. This is an achievment showing you have done all the quests in the game. The bad though? JaGeX, the makers of Runescape & Funorb keep making new quest! I'm afraid i will have to keep on questing for the rest of my life if i want to keep that cape. Heres a picture of me getting my quest cape from the wise old man:

Buying Quest Cape

It toke many weeks to do all the quests, and many days to increase skills to even start quests! The most hardest i would think is getting my herblore to lvl 56, and getting slayer to 59, both skills which are hard to train. It was well worth it though, and we had a great skillcape party afterwards, with burnin who also got his fletching cape the same day. Good job man :D

If any of you are going for the quest cape, i'll tell you this: it's not worth it! (well kinda). i would stick with a skill cape, because i gotta keep on questing! :(. My most favourite quest, if your wondering is My Arms Big Adventure, and my least favourite is Mourning Ends Part II.

That concluded my blog, i'm planning to make a video blog (i need that emblem!), now heres a random picture of me with a quest cape doing goblin salute with Austinrj_tdk and ToughGuy404 (runescape usernames):

Goblin Salute ftw!

(As you can see, my screen resolution is 800x600, so gamespot wide isn't working so well for me :P, though i only have the screen resolution that low for runescape...)

You all forgot about my Birthday =(

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Nah, I'm joking, it's not too late. Today's my birthday =D, pwnage. I'm a year older, and can drive (well, kinda).

Anyways, I belive this is my third birthday blog post (the previous two were done on the last two years), and wow, time goes fast. I can't belive I'm lvl 27 :D, I never thought it was possible, but I swear I'll beat you, you lvl 30+, muahaha.

Anyways, if you came to this blog after the 28 (day after my birthday), then i'm afraid the title is right. Lol.

How are your summer holidays anyways? Mine have been awesome so far, doing alot of things entertaining on the computer (and er, outdoors).

Suppose thats all I can say


What do you do when your bored?

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Hey everyone,

Recently for the past week I've been extremmly bored. In fact, I'm not playing runescape as much as I used to. The thing is simple, I'm bored. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Nothing now a days is fun. Seeing some friends is boring, going to the movies sucks (theres no good movies :|, I'm waiting for The Dark Knight), etc.

So, I was wondering what do you guys do when your bored?

Hopefully it'll give me some ideas :)



Music Video and Green Screen???

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I've started on another project, this one not being school-related. So I've decided to make a music video. First of all, I want to ask you something, what song should we use for our music video? If we don't get a good song, we decided to make our own beats and lyrics, so we'll see how that goes :?

Now, to be honest, I'm a beginner at using green-screen. I know how to actually work it, like putting a background, but I wanna know a few things. First of all, when I'm filming using green screen, is it safe to move the camera during filming, or will it make it look weird. Second, what kind of background should I use. Third, and last, where could I find good backgrounds?

All right, thanks to you all. I'll be sure to post it on youtube and gamespot when we're done.

Take care y'all


(BTW, does PSP warranty cover cracks on the screen, if it's lets say got kicked?)

The Break In Premiers! Award Wining? I Think So!

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The movie that I've kept from all of you has premiered. Forget everything I said it my last blog, it's all good.

It was a great success, and 97% of the people who have seen it agree that it's the best movie someone our age can make, and 80% want a sequel. (Don't ask where I got these statistics)

Infact, our principal said that this movie could pay off in the future (with me being a director ;) ), Don't be surprised if you see a movie made by me in the near future at your local theater :P

Anyways, I know that all of you would actually want to see it, if you do I'll be forced to blur or box (put a box over them) every single actor, and thats alot of work, so I'd only do that to the trailer.

Lastly, around 15 people have come up to me requesting a DVD, which they are willing to pay 5 dollars! What do you think? Should I sell DVD's of our movie?

'tis be a Glorious Day

-Dilan94 (movie was removed a long time ago. Turns out we can't have our movie on the internet (the uncensored on that is ;) )