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1st - The day Sega gave up on Dreamcast

2nd - The day my first X360 RRod

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I'm glad it wasn't just my ears decieving me - lol. True that sound effects not much worse than original though, thanks again :)

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I got the X360 version of both and the announcer voice and many of the 'contact' sound effects seem heavily compressed compared to original VF5 retail version. Anyone else confirm this?

Seems PS3 got the better deal on this game - mainly because VF5 on PS3's no online Vs mode.

I still Like FS - but also still reckon that the sound effects are a little off.

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Pariah on Xbox maybe...

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I got UC3 a while back - but have not played it yet though due to game backlog.

Have recently read on some sites that people have experienced problems running this game - some say it caused system crashes and over heating PS3's.

They say it mainly affects older fat models.... I have a 15month old Slim 320gb.

So, any information on above is appreciated :D

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shadowchronicle wrote:

I don't know if this comment system will be permanent or not, there should be a poll in this thread that allows users to vote their opinion. This comment system kind of deteriorates the importance of a blog comment and the comments seem less noticeable imo when compared to the previous comment system. I liked the bigger avatars since it helped me recognize a user faster. Another thing is no html/bbcodes. I'm glad they did not update the unions with this comment system. At first I thought the comment system was cool but after awhile it seemed a little bit annoying and there is less freedoms. I think users don't like how gamespot is turning into a facebook site for gamers and improvements lately are just for fuse and rarely outside of that.Totally agree :D

Also, why when I check my blog posts they show a '0 Comments' notice when I actually have more than 5 comments added?

Not impressed so far... :P

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Outrun - Coin-op

Shenmue - Dreamcast

Ninja Gaiden (standard ver.) - Xbox

btw, my Top 5 would also include

Samurai Showdown - Neo Geo

Fallout 3 - X360

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Hi Mr Sat :D

Always understood that PS2 DMC3:SE - difficulty was based on the original 'normal' Japanese release - which is easier than the normal difficulty of the standard western release. So, yes, as far as i am aware, the western DMC3:SE difficulty is'easier' - same as 'original' Japanese release.

BTW -DMC:SE is a pretty good game - I still own it as part of my PS2 game collection :D

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I rather wait and get a next gen console instead of a graphics card that won't be taken advantage of until the next gen consoles role in.percech

1080p is soooo old now.

Tell that to console gamers. :P They still run games in lame 720P and in some cases BELOW HD resolutions like in Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Crysis 2. LOL.

I can't remember the last time I ran games at those resolution, like the late 90's or early 2000's. Freaking 10-12 years ago. LOL.

Console gamers are like 10+ years behind us PC gamers. ;)

Oh, thats right, that you can play all these same games mentioned, but in an higher resolution (and probably only gonna view them on a 22" Widescreen Monitor or similar PC Tech) makes all the difference to their gameplay... not... :roll: Without the healthy console game industry PC owners would have even less than the current meagre crumbs to feast on (well, unless you like WOW that is) :lol:
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@MrSaturn33 Hi, Im sure Bio-hazard 2 never got a european release for Dreamcast. I have previously owned the Japanese DC version - think it included a demo of Code Veronica. But in all honesty, regards DC RE2, I'm sure if I remember correctly was it was just a lazy PC port :(. I'd go with the PS1 version - because don't forget that it's backwards compatible with the PS3 too :D