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WiiU - the Nintendo saga continues.... in HD


So, I recently got a WiiU - I really didn't like the release price-point and so was going to hold back for a drop....

but I had some cash available for christmas so... I caved in and got one, and....

I am enjoying it immensely :D.

WiiU games I got -

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

& Nintendoland (was a Premium pack-in game but loving it)

Original Wii games looking good on WiiU (lot sharper in 1080i than 1080p on my plasma :? ) and because I got a few Wii controllers (Classic / Arcade Stick / wii motes / motion plus) I can use these with the WiiU.

The Gamepad is great - it looks bulky but feels solid but not too heavy - and it feels comfortable to use.

The Gamepad sound (stereo) and Screen are really good - and overall I am very impressed and happy with the system so-far.

My advice to anyone who is contemplating getting a WiiU...

If in doubt... go to a friend or store and check it out!.

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