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Retrogaming Vs Current Gen... The saga continues...


Just a quick update in regards to some of my recent games purchases -

Super Star Soldier - PCEngine - NTSJ

Bare Knuckle 2 (SOR2) - MegaDrive - NTSJ

Panzer Dragoon Zwei (II) - Saturn - NTSJ

All boxed used but in great condition.

Also I got a 'NEW' still sealed Sonic Adventure 2 : 10th year Anniversary Pack (Box with Book and collector Coin).

I've wanted this for a while, and the price I paid of just £35gbp including EMS P&P from seller in Australia was a real steal.

I've also got rid of a few more Saturn PAL titles for some decent prices on Ebay - have ordered Japanese replacements for most of these (except for Xmen:COTA - still needing to source one at bargain price) :D

Oh, and finally current gen stuff...

I also got COD:Black OpsII for X360 - was on an offer in a locat supermarket - spend over set amount on grocery and get £10gbp off RRP. Will be trying this out online tonight :D

Have fun &...

Game-On :D