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Quick Game Update

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Quick update -

Old/Retro Stuff....

My Japanese Import Megadrive gamesDaimakaimura (GhoulsnGhosts) and Thunderforce 2 finally arrived end of last week.

They finally turned up, along with a load of Japanese Saturn games I recently bought as PAL replacements (Ive sold most of my tatty PAL saturn titles - good riddance to those awful PAL boxes).Replacement saturn games included Sega Rally, VirtuaFighter2, DaytonaUSA, Winter Heat, Fighters Megamix and Saturn Bomberman (all used boxed in VGC, except Sat Bomberman which was new old stock still and still cellophane sealed :D ).

New/Current Gen Stuff...

I also just today picked up Prof Layton for 3DS (bought for my missus birthday) and got myself Resident Evil 6 on X360

(new sealed TESCO £25gbp).

Oh, and i'm still hanging on in for a reason to get a WiiU on release...

Anyways, I hope all is well - and of course...

Game-On :D