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Shadows of the World...

Hiya :D

So, after all the dust has settled on the whole 'is NG3 a good/bad game?' debate...

My progress in the game... I'm still on Day 7... so far, this level is as graphically stunning as it is long and tough :)

Between NG3 campaign sessions I have been trying out the 'Shadows of the World' Online MP (on XBL) ...

and so far have only tried out the Clan Battle mode - but thankfully it ain't too shabby at all :D .

The current clan battle arenas comprise of memorable sections lifted from levels within the main campaign. The current lack of unlockable weapons is a little sad - the Claws available paid DLC for MSP :( . But the MP hectic gameplay is pretty good fun. On viewing early preview video of this mode I was not too bothered about giving it a try, but after playing it first hand I can honestly declare the MP mode is a worthy addition to the series - and helps stop the series feeling stale. I'm only MP Level 10 at moment in Clan Battle - but so far I have been unlocking costume colours and masks etc. and even better ...Ninpo! - and not just any old ninpo though, omg! - its only Dark Void Ninpo! :D .

In clan battle, as well as being part of one of two sides* you are given a personal 'mission' objective - ie. Stealth kill player 'x' , Revenge kill player 'y' or Finish Player with weopon 'z' etc.

Also you unlock Kanji Symbols - added to the back your outfit during combat - cool. Also at certain points the clans will disperse and you are left in a free for all situation - very hectic ! .

So then, NG3 Online MP - all in all, imo its pretty good. Its playable, addictive, original and so worth a try.

Also while talking NG3, the latest 'free' update gives you an extra weapon for use in story / campaign - Ninja Claws - along with one extra MP Clan battle arena.

The Claws? well they play pretty much the same as NG2 :) - again selectable via. the D-Pad.

So, anyone else played 'Shadows of the World'? if not why? and if so what are your thoughts?.

Game-On :D

Welcome to Bonus Stage...

Hiya :D

Sorry about the title - this blog has absolutely nothing to do with

Original Shinobi - :lol: GS wouldn't let me use the title I wanted -

'K.O. , P.O and B.O.G.O.F !! '

So, I got Street Fighter x Tekken yesterday (X360) after patiently waiting for a price drop (I spotted it at ASDA for half RRP - so it cost me £20gbp).

Also, I have been recently been looking out for another game - Armored Core : For Answer on PS3 or 360. Well, after popping into ASDA, I walked to the local CEX (Computer ExChange) to take a quick look over their stock - and luckily I noticed [Armored Core: For Answer] in the Pre-Owned PS3 game section for £6gbp - so got it. Also whilst browsing their extensive pre-owned stock I decided to pick up several retro/last-gen games too. Followed up with a B.O.G.O.F offer on two Pre-owned PS2 games at GAME.

The titles were as follows...

PS2 -

Castlevania : Lament of Innocence (I owned this ages back but traded it in),


Free Running PS2 (never previously played),


Galerians : Ash (never previously played)


Xbox -

Dead to Rights (I owned this way back but traded it in),


Fable : Lost Chapters (I owned Fable way back but traded it in - I have never played 'Lost Chapters' though)


Galleon (have never previously played)

Sudeki (have never previously played)

These were all reasonably priced - Dead to Rights was £1.50gbp, with Sudeki & Galleon at £2gbp each.. Fable :LC was more expensive at £10gbp, and Castlevania @ £8gbp. I asked to inspect disc's first and all were in VGC - so ok.

GAME - Buy One Get One Free PS2 games were £2.50 both VGC.

Unfortunately for us videogame enthusiasts - 'retro' titles are becoming increasingly rare finds - looks like Internet shopping (Via. Amazon and Ebay and the like) will be our future saviour.

Btw, any gaming recommendations regards new/retro -ie. what are your current favorite / retro / last gen titles?

Game-On :D

New Kidd on the block...

Hiya :D

Yes, I got Kid Icarus on 3DS this evening, I will give it a try this weekend.

Also go a few used games on a 4 for £20gbp deal - all from my local Blockbuster

I know most of the used games got mixed reviews, but at those low prices if I played each for 2-3 hours they have paid for themselves ;).

Here they are....

Golden Axe : Beast Rider - X360

Quantum Theory - X360

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - PS3


The Conduit - Wii

I will give/post my verdict here as an updatesoon asI've had time to play them :)

Happy Gaming :)

Game-On :D

Zeroes and Ones and the Eternal tale retold...

Hiya :D

Got two brand new games this evening - both recent releasesand both at almost half their release prices.

Binary Domain - X360 - £22.99GBP

Liked the look of this before release, but held back purchase because of previous overspending. I'm glad I am finally able to pick it up - and at a good price. Btw saw another sega title 'Yakuza - Dead Souls'I was interested in, but the price was still a little high to pick up at present time.

Soul Calibur V - X360 - £25.00GBP

Much the same as Binary Domain, budget constraints held back release day purchase - glad to finally add it to my now complete Soul Calibur library.

Will post a blog soonregards my initial thoughts on these titles.

Also got a couple of brand new cheap PSP ProDuo 4gb Memory sticks £4.99GBP - I paid almost three times this amount for a 2gb card a couple of years back... now plenty of room for downloads and installations :D.

Happy Gaming... and... Game-On :D

Game... Over?


So more news stories filter through regards theGame Group's troubles....

They have now entered administration -with 277 shops to close -

but 333 will remain open - well for now anyways.

Anythoughts on GAME / GameStation - the UK's (former) largest videogame retail chain?

So... this is GAME OVER......

.....well maybe for these guys, the bell finally tolls for GameStation...

Latest rumors are that the GameStation stores will fall flat onto their sword -

with many people reckoning that this will actually end in closure ofall GameStation chain.

Previous blogs show my distain for most things Game Group - but I do hope that at least a few shops remain on the High Street (I mean, who/what else can I moan about :P ).

Future of shopping online only or alternative Supermarket purchases will prove a little dull going long term :( .

Will anyone else miss these High street names?

Game-On :D

NG3 - Unmasked


So... Ninja Gaiden 3 - unmasked.

Well we have all read the reviews, GS 5.5, IGN 3.0 - well reviews are just an opinion.

Some of us have bought the game - its these people who I am interested in hearing from.

NOTE: I have only played this game on the Normal dificulty - the way all games should first be played -

btw it seems you need to forget the easy 'HERO' difficulty unless you are a noob to NG series.

So part of the game in and so far I have destroyed the T-Rex boss and the excaped the LOA Bio-Lab.

Am currently settling old scores with the Spider Ninja clan on my way to meet up with someone back at the Village.....

So... you may wish to hear my opinion on NG3 so far... well imo its OK :) .

While NG3 is not the best in the series (imo Xbox NG 'not Black' gets that honor),and whilst I also feel its not up to NG2's high production standards, NG3 is still a solid arcade action game.

The franchise has changed little between NG1 & NG2 - NG2 was more action orientated with simpler exploration but retained much of the original format - power ups, weopons, hit counter, collectables etc.

Yes, Itagaki is gone - Xbox NG reboot was one of his masterpiece games - along with DOA2 these will be the games he is remembered for.

But NG2 was not perfect - contained several glaring faults - do not mention the ridiculous final boss difficulty - I have still yet to defeat it : (some dull level design and infurriating choices also marred the overall experience).

Back to NG3 - so far I feel it needed more weapons on release - Muramasa is/was NG spirit and should have had more reference than dukebox music and a poster saying 'Muramasas shop closed' :roll: ).

I miss the old guy :)

The Ninpo was a little over rated any way - and the new rage-gauge and regeneration energy bar is not so bad once you get used to it.

The Auto Aim explosive army longbow is a little over powered though.

I personally feel that Team Ninja have made the mistake early in development by chosing PS3 for lead format -

and the use of the Sigma Graphic Engine - and the limitations imposed in doing so.

IMO the list of reasons why it was a mistake and has caused so may problems with NG3 is substantial.

The following comments on why this was a big mistake are all my own personal opinion.

So... lets begin.

A self imposed curse Team Ninja had to bear?

To accommodate the PS3 Sigma Engine they added short load times to aid 'BLU-RAY' drive

(hence the slow walking between areas & many cut scenes),

To aid the PS3's smaller video memory cache (showing some very low detail textures),

To aidthe problems PS3 has with action games @1080p & to avoid slowdown / screen tearing most PS3 run at 720p,

To aid PS3 lower poly counts (having less enemies on screen or no limb removal - same has NG2 Sigma - see previous),

because game using the ported Sigma Engine - the Xbox now shows the same PS3 type 720p jaggies / poor anti-aliasing @1080p :(.

Also - I completely installed disc on X360 HDD and noticed it only used 3.8GB of space - NG2 was 6.7GB! -

is this proof of compacted/reduced code to enable shorter load times?

Fortunately all future DLC will be installed on the HDD's so this may help to remedy the games major faults.

So imo they have simplified the format to enable a visually identical port on both PS3 & X360 systems, with the X360 version suffering to meet PS3 requirement - this and not enough development time have scarred this sequel.

Am sure WiiU version will not be dumbed down to suit - they will probably create it as a Remix Sigma with add-on content.

All in all I have played a sizeable amount of NG3 and can say its a decent action game but in comparison to the others its not quite up there - if things continue at the same quality as thry have so far on my 1st playthrough its probably going to get a 7.5/10 rating from me.

I don't wish to offend any PS3 owner, as I own both PS3 and X360.

This is is purely my opinion - just another 'disection' of the game that is Ninja Gaiden 3.

Game-On :D

Control & Stuff

Control - with videogames you can never get enough.

I've previously owned a Dreamcast Official Arcade Stick, Mouse, keyboard and Steering wheel, Light Gun, Fishing Rod.

All except the Light gun were sadly traded in a long long while ago.

- Dreamcast Arcade Stick (Pretty Good)

Anyhow, why all this nostalgia?

Well I have recently purchased an arcade stick / controller for my X360.

Got the Official Hori EX2 model - discounted @ GAME (*See my thoughts on GAME)

- The Official EX2 Arcade Stick

It was priced £19.99 and was stickered preowned.

It was in fact new in the original sealed box, seems it was just discounted to clear old stock.

I would have preferredan eight button stick - but @ that price I think it was an absolute bargain.

I do already own a Hori Fightstick for PS3 and am well pleased with Hori's build quality.

Would consider getting a decent Steering Wheel for PS3/Xbox - any sugestions?

* Also on a seperate note....

My thoughts on GAME...

The UK's largest videogame retail chains GAME/GameStation are in deep financial trouble.

So... is this GAME ... OVER?

The end of the line for GameStaion?

The Game Group (owners of both these major video game retail chains) have recently lost their credit status, thus causing panic among major games publisher/distributors. They also got into a spat with EA after trying to obtain better pricing for their purchasing of EA software - resulting in EA not supplying any title to the chains for the foreseable future.

Its obvious that most if not all publishers/distributors have stopped the supply of any new releases to Game Group - the shelves are almost empty and also rumors of the pre-owned stock going into storage do not bode well.

They so-far missed out on ME3 and SF x Tekken, along with all of latest EA, Ubisoft and Nintendo products.

Stories abound that they are trying to sell the buisiness asap - also that they face closure before end of this month.

My personal thoughts on this...

Game Group have been quite silly in the past - too many stores on the same highstreet have surely impacted on their profitability - my local shopping centre/mall they have 2 x GAME stores & 1 X GameStation. About a year ago they (GAME) also held a concession space inside a department store within this same mall. After Purchasing Electronics Boutique they continue to keep the stores open and rbrand them as GAME - 3 stores within 500 metres of each other is not a wise move :roll: .

Also being served bysome truly awful obnoxious staff members in both chains tainted many a shopping experience - overselling player guides and pestering for preorders like some sort of robotic chimps is bad.Both GameStation and Game also tended to try to palm off shoddy 2nd hand pre-owned titles - many discs were offered without booklets or more often than not were badly scratched - I would ask to see discs first prior to purchase and if badly scratched I would ask for another if available or refuse purchase. Also those rumors surrounding GameGroup buying up retro games and crushing/destroying them had left a pretty sour taste.

But, even after all of the complaining and faults, I still continued to regulary visit and use both of these retail chains.

Yes they are by no means perfect, but the highstreet will be a very empty place ifneither chain survives this crisis.

Imo if the only retail option is visiting Amazon or a SuperMarket, then it would make for a pretty dull shopping experience

What are your thoughts ?

Game-On :D

ME 3 - Get !

Hiya :D

Got ME3 - will have to finish ME2 before I play it (again got the X360 version).

Also other recent (pre-owned) gets include -

PS3 - Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom, Resistance 3

Wii - Lego StarWars : The Complete Saga

X360 - Mortal Kombat, Sonic Generations

Btw, Mortal Kombat, Lego SW & Sonic Gen from Wallmart marked as preowned but still in shrink-wrap & sealed and were less than half RRP :D

Not had much time to try them out yet - need to a have a game-athon session soon.

Game-On :D

Mixed bag of games and stuff ...

Hiya :D

Been Playing through some of the collection - need more free time :LOL:

Also, I got a few more games for the collection - both preowned and new,

all-in-all a pretty varied selection of titles :P

Preowned games include -

PS3 - Disgaea 3, Kane & Lynch 2, El Shaddai : AOTM, Resistance : FOM

Wii - Okami (already own PS2 version)


PS3 - Batman : Arkham City, Uncharted 3

Wii - The Last Story

X360 - Modern Warfare 3

Hope all is well -

Game on :D

Black Ops : Mission Completed

Yep - mission complete - COD: Black-Ops campaign/story mode complete.

Was a rollercoaster ride all the way through the game.

Reveal @ the end after credits rolled was cool ;)

Btw, have had a blast on Nazi Zombies :P

Game-On :D