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Now Playing....

Hiya :D


Have recently been playing some of the older games in my X360 collection.

One game I have really enjoyed revisiting is Race Driver : GRID

This game is a real blast - really great graphics, and the car handling is excellent - its a little arcade like in feel but as such plays excellently.

Also the graphics on the Tokyo Night racing on this game makes GT5 look positively last gen.

Also played -

Aliens Vs Predator

This is a pretty good game. I like the atmosphere of the Alien/Predator films and Sega/Rebellion did a pretty good job conveying this. again I also got this game new at a really low price - its worth a play if your into the whole Aliens thing...


Another game I've returned too [previously only briefly played this after my initial purchase] -

Bionic Commando - full release title not XBLA

The game features pretty slick graphics and the Bionic swinging-arm action is pretty cool - I got this for real low price brand new back in 2009 - and I think its a good game if picked up at the right price.

Another racing game - Dirt 2

This is a really cool rally/off-road motorsports game.

More than the old Colin M'cre titles Dirt is a real blast of fresh air in the rally genre.

Have been looking out for Dirt3 @ a dirt cheap price for ages :lol:


And finally - BlazBlue : Calamity Trigger

Fan of the Guilty Gear titles since the DC days - this Arc Systems beat-em up is a solid fighter with superlative 2D graphics.

Also features a varied character roster - but not forgetting the usual anime stereotypes :roll:

I have really enjoyed revisiting these older gems in my collection -

and I will be dusting off many others over the coming weeks :D

So, what you been playing?....

Game-On :D

Slash... Drive... and Shoot to Survive ! ! !

Hiya :D

Got a few more games this week...

Pre-owned (good condition) LOTR: Return of the King - Xbox1 @£0.49 - lol

also got...

L.A. Rush - Xbox 1 - again pre-owned in good condition £0.49

Also picked up...

Full Auto 2 : Battlelines - PS3 - Preowned

and finally.....

House of the Dead 4 - PS3 - PSN @ £6.49

Game-on :D

Your foes will tremble in terror!

Hiya :D

I ordered this the other day - new off Amazon -

and its just arrived in post today!

A Special Collectors Edition Wii Tat's Vs Cap FightStick :D

The Packaging Quote -

"Armed with the Wii 'Tatsunoko VS Capcom'Arcade FightStick from Mad Catz, your foes will tremble in terror as you mercilessly drain their health bar with a flurry of effortlessly executed moves and fierce combos. Style and comfort reign supreme with an authentic arcade look and feel featuring Japanese-style joystick and buttons, multi-speed Turbo functionality and officially licensed artwork portraying your favorite characters. The FightStick brings the arcade experience right to your lap, making it the perfect weapon to push your fighting skills and level of gaming enjoyment to new heights."

Been looking for a decent 8 Button Arcade stick for Wii since I got Samurai Shodown Anthology.

This was only £19.95gbp - and believe me the quality is superb - solid, slick and easily on par if not better than the Standard Hori Sticks available. The artwork on the Stick is vinyl - and is also great quality. Even the box features great Tat'sVsCap' artwork.

The stick works with all titles that have Classic Controller option and features selector switch for using 'D' Pad or either LH/RH Analog stick - but unfortunately not with GameCube titles.So far its been great for playing SNK Classics Vol.1, Samurai Shodown Anthology and VC TurboGrafx Games etc. Ironically I haven't actually tried it on my Tatsonoko V's Capcom yet :lol:

Other stuff...

I got DR2: Off The Record and Portal 2 on X360.I also decided to get the BF3 : Back to Karkland Add-On and Virtual-On: Oratario Tangram from XBLM.

And finally - well, I've created a YouTube Channel [ digitaldemon777 ]After recent upsets on GS - well I have decided to try to focus my efforts a little more outside the GS site.Have not uploaded much yet, just DOA2 : LE Dreamcast video showing Ayane smashing Leon through Dragon Hills Castle window!.

Hopefully I will be add a few more videos etc to this over coming days/weeks/months.

Game-On :D

No place to rest...

Hiya :D

Yes I got Never Dead on X360 - was pre-owned and the wrong side of £20gbp -

but due to its relative 'new/rareness' - and that I really want this game - I have no complaint.

NeverDead Image

Anyhow, regardless of its lukewarm reception I have been watching this game for a while - see, I like quirky :D

Its been designed and produced by Konami and developed by Rebellion (developer with a so-so track record).

Check out the GS review (Rating 6.0) for more details.

Also got another game for X360 - FFXIII-2 (new @ £14.99gbp).

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Image

Need to complete No More Heroes on Wii before trialing these games -

as am still enjoying [NMH] immensely.

Currently in NMH I am @ Assassin Rank #3 - so hoping to finish it real soon.

Because I've enjoyed the Wii Game so much I also recently bought NMH Paradise on PS3 -

I got it so when I am done with NMH2 Wii I can then play the PS3 version of the Original

with bonus content bosses from NMH2 included.

Other gaming higlights?

Well mainly GeOW3 MP - got the Raam's Shadow, Fenix Rising and Forces of Nature DLC.

Anyone got BF3? - I was contemplating the back to Karkland DLC? is it any good?

see I got 1200 ms points to blow - so should I get Karkland?

or have you any other XBLMarketplace suggestions for me?

Btw. will hopefully pick-up HoTD4 from PSN sometime this week -

Gotta love the HoTD series :D

Game-On :P

New $ucky Site Format :P

Hiya :D

So whats with the new format site - imo sure is sucky :P

The thumbs are gone and it seems so s l o w . . . . .

Oh - and I've finally got RE: Revelations 3DS :D

Game-On :D

The Beginning of End - Retro Gaming...

Hiya :D

Many hardware and publisher/developers have been outspoken with wishing an end to all used sales.

Imo the 'Online Pass' model is evil - but even this is better than a complete no used game future.

My collection of games comprises of approx 60% used games - some this gen, but many are retro older gen.

I've always believed trade-ins are good for game business and used games are good for gamers and the gaming 'cycle'.

Not everyone trades-in - these days if I enjoy a game I won't ever consider trading it in - even if I've completed it several times.

The problem with banning used is deeper than this though, as If used games were removed from sale then true 'legal' retro gaming would cease to exist.

My stance is simple -

Don't ban used & Keep retro-gaming alive!.

I posted this topic on the general games board and many gamers seem to agree.

Your thoughts are welcome.

[Retro] Game-On :D

Retro fever...

Hiya :D

I have recently been busy playing some of the older games in my collection, mainly Wii and GameCube titles at that.

On Wii -

No More Heroes

Really like this game - its got such a strange Vibe - quirky - one of GHM's finest.

I'm really hoping to complete this soon so I can finally dust off NMH2 :D

Also heard a rumor regards NMH3 appearing on the WiiU -

Thats the 'Strawberry on the Shortcake' - I'm already Sold!! :D

Other games to get a play....

On GameCube -

Sonic Adventure DX

Bit of a DC remix this - nice textures - but some dodgy frame-rate probs.

Still prefer my NTSJ DC version over this - but was already playing Wii so...

I've been playing it (along with others) on HDTV - through the Wii - its still cool :)

F-Zero GX

Pure Cla$$ - Sega AV at some of their finest - got graphics and speed

that put many current-gen racers to shame - masterclass from Sega -

100% awesomeness :D

The only current gen game I have really played over the past week is

Gears of War 3 - Online MP - King of the Hill Mode :D

This 'Capture the flag' style mode requires you to capture and protect zones for a set time period from enemy team - score difference 1st to 150pts win. Imo this and COD Domination are some of the best MP 'shooter' modes ever created.

Game-On :D

Once more into the fray dear friends!

Once more into the fray.

Into the last good fight I'll ever know.

Live and die on this day.

Live and die on this day....

Hiya :D

So, being a gamer this month just got a little bit better.

Why?, well have seen loads of gaming offers in my local Supermarkets - unfortunately many mostly featured games I've already purchased.

However I still got a couple of good deals - and some of the best offers I've seen in some time -

XBLive Gold 12mths Subscription £29.99 - saving £5.00gbp, ..... and even better

Battlefield 3 on X360, sealed new £15gbp - Bargain :lol: .

The Online Pass for BF3 is worth £8gbp - so am happy with the price of entry.

I may get the BF3 DLC eventually - and if it gets a good reduction I will for sure.

I enjoyed Battlefield 2, its a little less hectic and more realistic than COD (I still do enjoy the odd MP game of COD though). I also enjoyed Battlefield 1942 ( bar the voice chat - is so muffled its like pouring treacle over headset :( ).

Anyhow, back to Battlefield 3 -

I will hopefully give this a bit of playtime in the near future.

Anyone else played BF3? if so 'sound off like you gotta pair !' and msg me

Also feel free to join my XbLive Friends list and like they say 'chew gum & kick ass!"

'Move out!"

(Oh, and thank gawd GS Blog text scripting is working normal again)

Game-On :D

Feeding on the flesh of beasts...

Hiya :D


Got Pandoras Tower Yesterday - Standard Edition. Was going to purchase the Limited Edition - but unfortunately after being kept waiting over 10 minutes at checkout, the shop staff @ HMV could not find the box contents [doh!] - I decided to go elsewhere [Blockbuster] and get the standard version.

So, Pandoras Tower - last of the 'Rainfall' trio - an action RPG with Castlevainia leanings.... sounds good

Btw - the disc box is an unusual 'Black' colour :D

I will try to give it a good long play soon.

Game-On :D

The Grip of Murder - freedom!

Hiya :D

Mr Hayabusa has finally shaken free from the cursed Grip of Murder....
So, Ninja Gaiden 3 - I've now completed on 'Normal Mode'

Verdict 7.5/10 - OK.

After approx 14hrs worh of total gameplay (including Online MP) - I conclude it is pretty good value for money.

Support via. 'Shadows of the World' mode and any further free DLC will ensure the game still has legs.

But as a Ninja Gaiden title it is sorely lacking - not enough content, not enough detail and well... just not long enough either - 8 chapters/days are not enough. Needed a little more dev. time maybe?.

Also I found the games difficulty [Normal] was less soul crushing than NG2's - although NG2 is the superior title.

The lows were / are easy for all NG veterans to see - few enemy types, shonky level design, and the lack of menus and an interactive Muramasa Shop.

The highs were also immense - with some really cool boss fights, occasional spectacular environs and some glitzy effects.

'Slight Spoiler' - ** Spoiler text** to avoid annoying anyone - ok :D

**You actually speak to Muramasa outside his shop - nice to give him some screen time.

The 7th Day - level on 'Black Narwal' the enemy Submarine and taking on the whole enemy navy fleet was awesome.

Even the 'final boss' twist was well executed. **

Now - must try to complete ME2 -

I need to finish this before starting ME3 - which is continuing to gather dust since its release day.

Game-On :D

*updated my rating of this game - feel I was overcritical as compared to many titles this is still well above average ;)