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More Retro....


So to continue with my current obsession with retro-gaming I recently picked up....

A Japanese/Asian PAL I Sega MegaDrive - used but mint condition'

I picked it up off ebay - was stored in a soft carry case so it still looks like new :D - its been about 18 years since I last owned a MegaDrive

I converted it to 60hz

Also got my hands on some classisc games for this system...

Gunstar Heroes (NTSJ),Strider (NTSJ), Two Crude Dudes (NTSC), Sonic 2 (NTSJ),

Golden Axe (NTSJ), Forgotten Worlds (NTSJ), E-Swat, Elemental Master and The Super Shinobi (NTSJ).

Have still got a few games on order... ie..

Ghouls n Ghosts (Daimakaimura NTSJ), Thunderforce II (NTSJ), Sonic 1 (NTSJ), Midnight Resistance (NTSJ)

and Super Hang-On (NTSJ)

Also picked up a few PCE games, most notably GunHed


More Retro Flavored Stuffing

Hi and welcome.

So, I finally got my PCEngine SuperGrafx displaying through a 'SCART' connection, RGB video out - much better than the standard composite video out signal.

I built an amplifier unit to improve the colour output and modified an old PCEngine PAL RF 'plug-on' converter to house it in.

If anyone's interested they can check it out on my YouTube channel - digitaldemon777

I may also post a few vids of games in my collection on YouTube again if anyone's interested.

Anyhow, I also got a few more PCE HuCards including Namco's Ordyne and Capcom's monster 20Mbit StreetFighter2: CE,

Other stuff...

Well, I got some more Japanese Saturn games - the gamehighlights were Layer Section, Real Bout Fatal Fury*, Fighters History: Dynamite*, Last Bronx and Darius Gaiden.

*Action Replay 4M Pro seems to work fine with these RAM cart games.

Awaiting a few more titles - so I'll probably post a future update when I can regards those.

I have also decided to sell off most of my PAL Saturn and Dreamcast software and replace with the decent Japanese titles I once owned.

Enjoy the Games and as always...

Game-On :D

New old stuff...


So a few things arrived in the post this past week -

all courtesy of good-old ebay shop/auctions.

PCEngine Games - all boxed :

Wonderboy in Monsterland,Dragon Spirit,Ultimate tiger, Tale of the Monsterpath.

Sega Saturn - New/Mint

Galaxy ForceII, VF:Remix. (both new) and...



Been wanting Power Drift for AGES - for a long time I've regretted selling it along with my NTSJ Saturn...

Oh well - don't plan on making the same mistake again.

These games all seem to work fine on my switched UK Saturn with 4M AR Cart.

Hope to be getting a few more Saturn games in the post before monday...

and I got fingers crossed...... maybe.... just maybe

my SuperGrafx Daimakaimura will finally arrive.

Game-On :)

Party like its 1989?

Hiya :DA brief update -

Yes - I finally got a PCE SuperGrafx.

Ordered it from Japan - used condition but boxed complete

and in an almost mintcondition.

It wasn't cheap - air freight costs and UK import tax/Vat had

almost doubled the original advertised system price.

Also purchased The Ninja Warriors Hu Card with console.

All working perfect at moment :D (may eventually convertVideo-Out from Composite signal to RGB).

Currently looking out for some good games -I have located a copy of SG Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

This is now on order along with Wonderboy In Monsterland and Ultimate Tiger (Tiger Heli II).

Also now own an Action Replay+ Cart for my Sega Saturn.

I have ordered Power Drift for Saturn - given up on gettinga XBL/PSN re-release

of this classic racer.

I have been wanting these games for AGES.

Take it easy on the Joypads and continues....

Game-On :D

PS. I See that GS Blog editor is still as sucky as ever :P

GlitchSpot - G A M E O V E R

Hiya :D


here's how it rolls...

After recently losing my internet connection (due to providers technical difficulties) and thus returning to gamespot after almost a week ofline its still obvious that thesite is now broken for users - broken to the point of making it unuseable.

I don't want to bail on this site and 'jump ship' etc... so I am 'temporarily' moving to other sites for now.

Sister site Giant Bomb ( username digi_demon ) new member.

1up user profile ( son of tengu ) - I rarely use this site these days.

Regards Glitchspot - will read the news/reviews but have pretty much decided I wont be blogging etc. on here for much longer - I think this is pretty much what the controller of this site wants us registered members/users to do now anyway.

So its been fun - I'll still try to read all your blogs etc. and comment for now, and

I look forward to seeing you 'out-there' on the wacky webb-o-sphere :D


Time to seek out new places...

... to boldly go where several million people have gone before :lol:


Beam me down Scotty - :D

Game-On :D

Saints are coming...

Hiya :D

So..... ok I got Saints Row 3 - PS3.

I never played a Saints Row game prior to this - but regards Saints 3 its been fun so far.

Thq just released add-on 'Penthouse Pack' - hmmmm.


I liked the look of Saints Row 2 although never did get it.

Certainly contains some 'interesting' imagery :lol:

Overall - I like this game - its ott violence is pretty fun to play.

Bit more slapstick than its main inspiration GTA - and simplistic fun.

Recommended - at a lower price point.

Game-On :D

So the party is over....

Hiya :D

So E3 2012 is over...

and after all the if-buts and maybe's its time for us gamers to scour throu the media wreckage for any life signs to some of our most wanted titles...

We are all critics for sure ;P, but i'm pretty sure these guys know what we want

- after all its their job to keep us entertained - right?

Heres my critical eye -

Imo Microsoft and Sony had a pretty poor showing again this year -

Nintendo scraped through by the skin of its teeth again, barely.


Microsoft - HALO4,

Sony -The Last of Us

Nintendo - WiiU hardware & 3DS Paper Mario : Stickerbook

Sooo.... tell me about what you thought of this years E3?

[ Brain Gremlin is cool ;) - although Gremlins 2 was a poor film]

Analogy - the good will always shine brightly through the mire :D

Till next time....

Game-On :

Fear not the darkness.... but welcome its embrace.

Hiya :D

So, I picked up a few more games today.

PS3 games - all pre-owned in good condition. I got them on a 4 for £20gbp multi-buy deal.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, De Blob2, Wanted: Weapons of fate, and Mini Ninja's*.

I've already got Mini Ninja's on Wii, but I've really wanted to enjoy this game played on an alternative HD format, and the time was right - this low price point was too good to pass up.

I also saw COD2, Knights Contract, PoP: Forgotten Sands, PoP, Blacksite, Vancouver 2010, Singularity and Bodycount on the same 4 for £20 deal.

I know some of these had mixed reviews - are any of these still worth getting?

Also got for X360 -

NFS: The Run - £17.95gbp @ ASDA [sealed new].

I liked the look of this a while back - but read a few reviews that put it down a little - so I waited for a price drop - didn't want to get 2nd hand due to EA 'online-pass' nonsense.

Five games for price of one new relaese - hoping that pre-owned game sales are never stopped :D

Btw, I am still enjoying Dragons Dogma - the game just gets better and better every time I return to it :)

Game-On :D

Every hero has a weakness...

Hiya :D

Got a couple of games recently -

Goldeneye Collectors edition for Wii - brand new with 'Golden' Classic controller £19.99gbp @ Blockbuster

Also, Devil May Cry HD collection on.... X360.

Almost went for the PS3 version - but decided on 360 (I own all three on PS2 and still pissed that PS3 is not back compat)

Anyhow, also been playing Dragons Dogma - what a great game :D.

Short and sweet - time to go :P

Game-On :D

Worth a risk?

Hiya :D

I've finallly got a Bluetooth headset for my PS3 -

Spotted this while out shopping at local supermarket today

I saw this in the sale/reduced area ....

Its fully rechargable and was on sale at a totally unbelievable price.... £3.00 sealed brand new

(was @ heavily reduced sale price) purchased from my local supermarket -

I'm hoping that, athough its so cheap, its still of a reasonable quality.

I have checked online and same type are are going for +£10 on ebay.

So, Its mega cheap but I think it was still worth a risk @ that price


while there I caved in and picked up............

yes, its Dragons Dogma - for X360. Was on offer @ below rrp.

Not played it yet but I will be intalling it straight after I finish this blog.

Game-On :D