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My firstr 100% in Guitar Hero 2

Well i got GH2 for xmas, it what a blast it is, really gd game, and hoping to get a second controller so i can enjoy the 2-player component alot more than relying on the normal ps2 controller. As we all know its not that fun for this game ^_^. Ne how, my ps2 memory card decided to die, so ive lost all saves, not just for GH but for all 30 games that i own over the course of the ps2s life here in the uk.

But still it hasnt got me from playing it, i've pretty much am confident with medium, getting 5 starts in the majoity of them. But while playing it this morning, i thought i give a 100% a go, and decided to do  it on "Mother" ~ not the hardest of all tracks on the game, but was really fun to accomplish, only real hard part was the swtich from red to blue for a few turns which always seemed to get me mid way, none the less 100% is cool... YAY!

AI in game VI

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enjoy the decrypting

AI in game V

Yay, got it working (and thought i post it up) next thing to do is to make the ai extremly more special by running out of ammo and then pickin up the collect box to increase its ammo count. Making it a little more realistic.

AI in game IV

Hello all, not particulary interesting on the blog front at the moment, just thought i use it to state pretty much what im thinking at this present time.

I got the shooting capabilities for the AI working, took me some time to figure out that the constructor wasnt quite right so it was creating a normal bullet game object and not an alien bullet so im a bit thick on that department lol...

Now another problem is that when the ai shoots and kills the player, it crashes due to some exception. I think it is because the bullets that were targeted on to the player is now null so the game crashes as what was once a target is now not there.

On other news i got to represent some graphics for the HUD which is great and plan to change all numbers and what ever into some stylish fonts and stuff... stay tuned

AI in game III

The problem next was the fact that the bullets didnt appear on screen, and i knew that the ai was actually shooting since it was using my ammo count. So it came to the fact that it was some graphical and pointer error that was taking its toll on the system.

This is now complete what wat the problem is now is the fact that everty time the AI fires a bullet not only does this deduct the score but also blows itself up due to the bullet that it just fired... DUMB THING i know...

However the solution what im currently thinking about is the creation of a new bullet class called AlienBullet, that then changes the AI and player collision detection system so that the Alien is destroyed by a bullet which is fired by player and the player is destoryed by an AlienBullet which is fired by the AI.

However it appears that the AI seems to fire a normal bullet and not an AlienBullet althogh it is explicily stated...

AI in game II

Well so far th ai system is going well. I had to overcome several problems as you do, first was the AI not even appearing on screen which took a day to realise what the exact problem once and of course that was eailiy sorted. Then came the trouble of actually targeting the player, and this was exremly interesting and the solution laied in triganomatry.

Ai in game

Woot! i got half my ai system working in my final year project for uni... more details comin later

Handed in AI Coursework

Yeh got this bugger in. Wasnt a bad coursework just had to to various logic equations and prolog programming. Thinking in recursion is weird compared to the other programming languages im used to such as Java and C++.

Thats one down, another to srpuse up on a lil, another to complete and my thesis... oh the joy