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Hey guys

Wow, I haven't been here in ages. It's been a half year, and I might say, happy new year guys! And since we're all gamers here, have a great gaming year.

I haven't been able to game a lot, I'm jobless so yeah, can't buy 'em. But, I finally got a new game, finally. I really missed gaming, lol. The new game is Dishonored, I've been wanting it for a while (a while meaning since I first saw it, aka summer 2012), I started with a high chaos playthrough, as my friend shot 2 people in the beginning, and I though, why not continue? So far so good. One of the problems with high chaos is that I keep almost dying, and eventually ending up with barely any HP, and that means that I need to play it safe. Which I'm not good at, waaaay to aggresive, which again means that I need to load my previous save a lot. 

That was a long sentence.

Also, I've started playing League of Legends, and so far it's good. My main roles are: ADC (attack damage carry), top and supports. My name is BlauweMuffin, which was inspired by my love foor blueberry muffins. Blauwe muffin means 'blue muffin', get it? The blue colour of the muffin? Yeah, I'm awesome, I know ;p.

Some other news; I've picked up all the A Song of Ice and Fire books, all the Kingkiller books and am planning to finally finish the Dark Tower series. 

Anyway, I don't think that I'm going to come back, maybe a blog here and there, but not a lot, and my union years are over, for now. I just have the time nor do I have the drive to post every day like I used to.

See ya guys!

Sooo...long time no see.

Hello guys!

What's up? Long time no see, right? Anyway, so I've decided to post a blog to just update y'all. I've pretty much decided that I'm not really going to return anytime soon. Not like I used to be('09-'10). It's just not that much fun anymore, pretty much everyone that I really talked to are gone. The only one that's still here is Mac. I'm also busy on my other hobbies. I've recently picked up writing again. Thank god that my grammar has gotten better, it's actually readable this time. School is also something that I've been focused on, I actually learn and pay attention. Which is why my grades are going good :D.

But yeah, I'm gonna stop by now and then but that's about it. No more unions or so for now, because who knows? Maybe I will come back one day.


Stop being stuck in the past!


This blog will be about how some people are stuck in the past and can't realize and accept that games are evolving. If it's good or bad, accept it! This is how it goes, not every game will be like the past one. Changes will be made and games will be either good or bad.

A great example is the Final Fantasy series, a lot of people are complaining about Final Fantasy 13. How it isn't like FF VII or any other games from the past. How Square Enix 'ruined' the whole serie. While i agree that FF 13 was extremely linear and that some characters where annoying it also had some good things. Like the battle system, yet people say it's only X and changing your paradigm without any thinking. It's true that you only use X you can not win without any thinking. But that's not very important too what i want too make clear. People are complaining about only using X but the all mighty VII was the same way. You choose attacks with X and that's it. It has a lot less strategy in it than XIII yet people aren't complaining about it in VII. Why is that? My guess is because it's a lot more obvious in XIII, the same with the linearity.

Every FF game is linear. Square Enix just made it less obvious in the previous game by putting towns in it, and making the path less straight.

Another good example is the Devil May Cry series. People are complaining about the 'new' Dante. How he's a punk that's anything but Dante. Accept it, it's Dante! It makes sense a lot, it's a prequel. The prequel is probably about him becoming the Dante we all know, this theory is confirmed by the fact that in the new trailer Dante's hair turns white. Isn't that enough confirmation?! Yet people are still annoyed that this isn't Dante.

When i first played FF XIII i couldn't enjoy it all. I was also stuck in the past, wishing it would've been like the previous games. But i realised that games evolve, they can't stay the same. Realizing that i played the game again and now i'm enjoying it so much.

This was just a page where i could write down all my irritations:p


Thank god!

I've had a problem, i couldn't logout. Everytime i tried logging out it just wouldn't; page loads but i'm still logged in. I managed with help from here to log out by removing my cache and cookies from the past month.

So yeah, this was my short blog. I'm gonna buy L.A. Noire, i think. I can't choose between L.A. Noire and Mortal Kombat, what do you guys think? Thanks in advance.


New layout+Manga stuff.

Hi's, long time no see.

So what do you guys think of the new layout? Some people have already seen it 'cause they've been on the beta site, other not. I find it weird..not bad..but you gotta get used to it.I'm glad that they didn't change the colour. I like grey/blackish.

I'm getting my love for manga completly back again, i went out and bought volume 8 of Maid-Sama! and it's so cuuuuteee. I seriously can't enough of it, i even sat here 2 hours just getting up to date with it. D.Gray-man is also getting good again, but it's confusing. Especially the new chapter. It seems that a few of the bad guys have gotten good(?).

I'll stop my rant here;p.

See ya later!


Mortal Kombat; Great fighting game?


Just came back from playing the demo of MK. Played as Sub-Zero, i really felt nostalgic when i started the game up and went to the pillars. Reminded me of the good ol' days MK3. So back to my experience with Sub-Zero and what i felt when i played it.

As i started the game up and went too fight Mileena as my first opponent, i already knew it was going to be great. Mileena was very easy to beat 'cause she's the first opponent, i think it was made to get you in the game again. Won it with perfect. 2nd battle i fought against me: SUB-ZERO! XD. Owned him, also was easy. The 3rd battle against Johnny Cage...i got owned(though i did win:lol:). I really needed to figure out how MK worked again since the last time was when i was 8? 7 years ago, so i was rusty. I went to the moves list and saw a few combos, tried them and they worked fine. I went to the supermoves list and i felt right at home:D. Tried all his ice moves, like the one in the picture. Battled Scorpion after him, tried all the moves. Pretty much owned him, but i missed one thing...the fatalities and x-rays which i heard about, dun know if the x-rays are new but meh. I tried Sub's x-ray and it looked so awesome:D, the blood, the skull, EVERYTHING! Ended him after that with a stage fatality, also looked good. Scorpion was thrown of the stage and got impaled by some pointy stuff in his skull in the bottom.

Simply put..this game is everything i expected and more:D.

Take care;)




I tried to get my activity back, failed hard at it so i've decided to leave most of my unions and stay in 3-4 unions.

See ya guys;)

Thoughts on the PSP2


Did you see the new PSP2? It just got releaved and WOW! It looks soooo good really(sorry, i'm hyped). It's back to it's old PSP look but with 2 analog stick, a touchscreen+a touchpad on the back.

The touchpad will be in great use for FPS games; if you need to throw a grenade or reload just touch the back and BAM! it's done:D. But that isn't the greatest thing about it; THE GRAPHICS! Again Sony has beaten Nintendo in graphics cause it is simply put almost as powerful as a PS3, you'll see for yourself if you see it. It has a Uncharted game in the making for it and really..it is the most beautiful game ever made for a handheld. But that has a one big disadvantege to is; the price, if you'll have so much power and use put into such a tiny device it will cost a fortune so i'll wait till the price drops(too long:cry: ). So give me your thoughts on it through a comment;)(if you haven't seen the PSP2 then go NOW!, you won't regret it)


The 3DS and My Dedication AMV

Hey guys^^.

The 3DS has just been released; what do you guys think of it? Good? or Bad?. I'm thinking of purchasing it but i'm not sure, it will have a lot of great titles released to it in 3D.

It seems that the 3DS will be a huge hit cause here this is the first time in the 21st century in The Netherlands that a console has been in the news, most kids will think "Hey look! It's on TV, it must be good. Let's ask mommy to buy it for me" and because Nintendo's products/console's here are overall a big hit. It offers a lot of stuff that casual gamers want to play, a example: Almost everyone(at least most of the girls)in my cl@ss has a Nintendo DS, they play it often and like it. The games that they play the most are; Nintendogs, Sty.le boutique ect, ect.

Who of you guys have seen the new trailer of the OVA? It is so AWESOME! Really it is perfect in every way even though it is only 4 minutes it's still perfect, it is the battle of Naruto vs Sasuke animated! It's not even in the manga. You really gotta see it. I can't really talk about it cause otherwise i'll spoil it for you and no i don't know how to put a spoiler tag:lol:.

This is the first decent blog i've written in a loooooooooooong time. I've got one new game:

I don't really know what to think about it, i find the 18 people per map not enough..:lol:. I'm used to playing with atleast with 20 people min and on the PC. It is better than Black Ops but i wished i would've got BBC2:P. Still i'm happy with it.

The next game i'm going to buy:

Yes:D It is gonna be LPB2. It looks so awesome and cute + i can get to play a game with my mother:lol:. That's very rare, the only other game she wants to play with me is Mortal Combat 3, she likes MC3 but not any of my other games..and they're less violent:|(she doens't like violent games).


This is the long awaited AMV dedicated to you guys;). At least the ones i see as my good GS friends:)