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Modeling, lesbianism, and plentiful facepalms.

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Haven quit the waitress grind, I set off to model as mentioned before. A few college photographers expressed interest in shooting me. Some genuine, others more interested in dating me. It's hard to infer early intentions, you so want a gig and the first fish to swim by may include a hook. I've modelled in various ways, providing plus-sized clothes an aesthetically pleasing mannequin with hints of directed emotion, and I've done artsy shots, some in differing amounts of clothing. Occasionally, photographers will jump the shark and awkwardly demand nudity. Not quite so freshly, though they might as well. Agreed upon terms shift and crack away, some will take advantage of their position in ways I sternly decline. I have done nude shots, covered and done tastefully enough for me to not be weirded out, I can decipher a situation's level of authenticity without tremendous effort. It can be hard, as some will offer high pay and even more if these abrupt new conditions are met. I'm a very cautious gal; I know when to back out and generously flee.

Surprising only to the easily surprised, some photographers contact me displaying an almost comical will to date. It could not be less subtle. Compliments can be professional, but it's damn obvious if I'm being hit on, especially if time together post work is proposed. I explain not only that I'm taken but GAY and often they exhibit disbelief. Like I'm lying or making an excuse to not pursue them. (Because they're such great catches.) I've been photographed by only one woman, and she was ultra professional, quick and eloquent, almost distant. This whole photography thing is an odd realm and I'm not positive it's my life's calling. For now, it is fun, and quite interesting, I feel ever so adventurous, if not totally mad.

I'm happy that evidently more people find girls my size fetching than expected. It's almost a secretive, closeted thing. Fetishistic even, some photographers shoulder-watch like they're being hunted by the feds. It's amusing, awkward, but ultimately enjoyable, in its own bizarre way.

Yes, I own every shot taken of me on hard drive, not that I'm wacky enough to post 'Chloe's gallery' in my blog. That's too vain, even for me. And I can be insufferably masturbatory at times in my own self-love.