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Back 2 School

After a very fast vacation, school started for me again. I don`t really know how much active I can be. But just wanted you guys to know why I may not be so active. Take care guys and I hope you all do great at school.

I`m Back Whoooot

After being gone for like almost a year now, I`m finally back. Wow, now I know what school does to poeple. Keeps `em busy busy busy. But the important thing is that I`m back and I missed everybody. I hope I can stay longer too. ^_^ And plus I haven`t been completely bored since I`ve been playing World of Warcraft non-stop. Lol. I love that game so much.

My Most Favourite Artists And Songs

Wow it`s been so long since i`ve posted a blog. This blog is about my most favourite artists and the song i liked the most of eatch one of them.

Jordin Sparks- Battlefield

Avril Lavigne- Innocence

Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me

Sean Kingston- Tomorrow

The Veronicas- This Love

Black Eyed Peas- I Got A Feeling

Brokencyde- Freaxxx

Britney Spears- Womanizer

Beyonce- Halo

Evanescence- Missing

Lady Gaga- Pokerface

Sugababes- Denial

Kelly Clarkson- My Life Would Suck Without You

Cascada- Dream on Dreamer, What Hurts The Most, Everytime We Touch, Dangerous(It`s all a tie)

September- Cry For You

So that`s all for now. Laterz.

Final Fantasy: Ring Of Fates Completed 6 Times

This blog is about me completing Final Fantasy: Ring Of Fates. This game is by far the greatest Final Fantasy game i`ve ever played. It`s soo awsome that i completed it 6 times in 65 hours. Because when you complete it it keeps on going with all your gills, your magicites, your weapons, armors, equipments and your level. And you always get new ones to buy as well. It`s like playing it all over again but you`re level just keeps increasing and you keep on getting stronger. The highest level you can reach is lv.99. And since in this game you can play with 4 characters at once. I got 3 that have already reached level 99 and one is level 97. So there really is nothing else that changes other than the bosses. Like Alhanahem. He`s really annoying and one of the toughest. After him i had a little trouble defeating chaspel. But the one boss that is the most difficult one is Galdes. After you beat him, you complete the game. But the more you complete the game the more stronger he gets but i learned to defeat him really easy. Just gotta be quick and always attack him from behind. The red crystals that appear are really annoying, so if you get a cance to atack them, do it quickly and keep jumping and dodging their attacks. Glades has these grey spikes rolling around. All you have to do is destroy em(really easy). After they all destroy, you see a red crystal opening on his stomache, freeze him fast and don`t stop striking that crystal untill Galdes`s life has reached half. After that you see an other clip and he has full health again. But this time no crystals annoying you, so the only thing you half to worry about is dodging the rocks and just do the same as you did before with the spikes and the red crystal. After that when you finished him off, you have to revive the members in your party cuz there are 4 circles in wich you have to use a magicite on each one with each of your members. After that`s over, he gets destoyed and after long clips you completed the game. Fun but also aswome. After completing the game 2 times galdes got really strong and i lost like 30 times. Lmao. But this time i lasted only 9 minutes todefeat him the 6th time. I realy love it. And also buy lots and lots of magicites. I got 99 cure magicites, 62 blizzard magicites, 62 fire magicites,no potions,25clear magicites, 52 thunder magicites. And always defeat the monsters cuz they leave scrolls, materials and gills behind. You get many new weapons and eguipments with those. Well this is a long blog. That`s all for now. If anyone has more questions about this game please PM me. Laters.

Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings Complete!

Finally after playing this game for 3 months i finally completed it. It was fun but also annoying sometimes. I really am looking forward to playing another Final Fantasy game real soon. So that`s 1 down and 2 to go for the 3 games i`ve been playing on my DS. Well this is a short blog but i don`t really care. Lol. laters everyone.

Games i`ve been playing

Today my blog is about the awsome games i`ve played these past few weeks on my DS. Wich are Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I`m stuck in the Isle of Sins i think in Ring of Fates. I completed 81% of Revenant Wings and i just started playing Phantom Hourglass yesterday and i`m already going for the 2nd Spirit. All i can say about Ring of fates is that you may get stuck but that doesn`t mean you gotta give up. For Revenant Wings i`ll say this: If you haven`t played it yet then what are you waiting for. it`s sooo AWSOME. I love it. Even if sometimes you get high level Espers or Leaders to defeat but other than that it`s so great and fun to play. And last but not least there`s Phantom Hourglass: The game is all about using your head and think. If you don`t, you`ll get lost or stuck a lot and that might be annoying. But so far it`s great. So that`s it for my blog. laters.

My First Week At School For this year

Well this is all what happend at school last week.

Monday: We go to school. So quiet cuz teachers were sick. We were so sleepy and bored with nothing to do but sit around staring at eachother all day. At last period one of our class`s coordinators gave us a letter saying that we should stay home Teusday cuz the teachers we have are sick and when you have 4 straight periods with no classes at all you get to go home. And so we stayed home.

Teusday: Stayed home doing nothing but chatting and playing videogames.

Wednesday: Came back to school and see barely any classes around. We waited for teachers to come but a lot didn`t. So our coordinators let us stay home. I woke up early that day for nothing!

Thursday: Ended school early. Right after lunch break. Wich was at 10:50am. Good day.

Friday: Went to school and teacher told us that teachers were al sick. Mostly new years sickness. We ended school early. At 11:25 or 20 i dunno. So as you can all imagen i should`ve stayed home all week cuz we barely opend our books. And worst of all is Monday when the coordinator came he gave us a new scedule. From that day my Monday is ruined. We have Dutch class three times on Monday. Worst thing is that she is soooo boooring. Makes everyone fall assleep.

And i was just thinking. Why didn`t they just give us a letter to stay home all week instead of wasting our time doing nothing but going home early and awking up late for nothing.So that was my last week. laters everyone. And good luck again with school

My December Vacation

First of all i know i`m late but i`ve been very busy these days and didn`t have the time to post a new blog. First of all i finally got a chance to decorate the christmas three all by myself. For Christmas i got a Nintendo DS. It`s pink coloured. It`s so pretty and i love it. :D After Christmas as always there were FireWorks Shows. It has been so long since i spend New Years at my own house. I actually forgot how great it was. At New Years there were three houses competing eachother to see wich one had the best FireWork show. And as always one defeated all the others.:P. The next day another house desided to show their fireworks and ended up defeating all the three houses.:lol: It was awsome but there was one bad thing. I didn`t have a camera to record it.:cry: Days after that i got a brand new Computer. I was so happy that i stayed up all night till 2am.:P Cuz i can stay on a computer all day long if i want to without falling asleep or get tired. My whole vacation was sleeping late, waking up late, eating, playing DS, staying on my Computer a lot, going out and visiting my family. So as you can all see, my December Vacation was wonderfull and i will never forget it. But now our worst nightmare has come......SCHOOL!:o Wich means no more sleeping late and waking up late. There are times that i wish days didn`t go so fast. But now that school started again i do. Don`t you all agree? Well that`s it for my first blog of the year. Take care everyone and good luck with school.

As pink as a rose

Thanks to that stupid Survival Camp i`m as pink as a rose right now.But i`m a little less pink than i was last friday,that`s for sure.lol.Well today my skin stopped burning.Thank god for that cuz it was so annoying.I was the only one that burned so much that my skin color changed from li light brown to pink.I mean come on.And when i look at myself i laugh cuz it`s so funny.I`m too pink.Well i am never going outside in the sun ever agin for as long as i live.Well that`s all.Don`t forget to read and post away peeps

Back From Survival Camp

Hiya everybody i`m back from Survival Camp.Well actually i was back yesterday but i`m back today cuz i was sooo tired yesterday.My whole body hurts and i`m sick of it!We all went there cuz we thought we were gonna have fun cuz the teachers told us it was gonna be fun.But it turns out that it was not fun at all.I mean seriously they let us starf to death.We almost did`nt eat anything at all.just walking,running,climbing a mountain wich btw was really scary cuz when u look down u cinda freack out becuz think by urself:what will happen if i trip?Cuz if i trip thatn we r all gonna die.But other than that we were all staving to death cuz there was barely anything to eat.And u should`ve seen the way they trated us,like we were animals or something.And when we finally go in our tents to talk to our friends,we all had to run like crazy back to our sleeping spot cuz one of the guards was coming and he saw us.So as punishment we had to start walking blindly to no where at 12pm and we all got back at 2am.This whole trip was awfull.I`m sooo never going to a camping trip ever again in my life.The only thing we all regret is going there in the first place.Please comment about ur opinions
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