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Why now, why not ages ago?

Yeah I'm not very well now and with all my examinations coming up it feels so coincidental, mind you; at this rate, I'll be going into my exams feeling like the Grim Reaper, oh well. How are you dudes and dudettes doing?

Revisiting the Old

Well KH I is dusted out the way now so I'm moving back to number II which I desperately craved during number I, but at least I know the storyline now instead of going into it blind. Plus, I'm actually bothering to watch all the cutscenes because they're actually worth the hours they fill up. Funnily enough; the soundtrack to number II is really good and really goes with the game.

That's all for now I guess, sorry for such a brief blog but I have so little to say :)

Looking Back...

I've been bored during the holiday to the extent that I started playing all my old PS1 games again :P

Yet, when I compare them to those of the modern PC, ps2 and other next gen consoles etc. I get the feeling that the old games such as Grand Turisimo 2 and perfectly equal to the modern greats like Grand Turismo 4. I may sound crazy; but its the way I feel :)

Plus, I motivated myself to play more Kingdom Hearts 1 and I'm beginning to see past the beauty of number 2 so I can live with number 1, it feels good to play a series backwards :D

That's all for now

Oh sorry is COD4 for kids?

When I play COD4 online for the PC, I have to play at night these days or get up sooooo early in the morning :(

And why? It's because of the little idiots we call kids who play online during the day, screwing us all over with hacks, flashbangs in your team's faces, blocking doorways and standing in your sniper spot. Okay; I'll admit I'll sometimes block doors by accident or throw a flashbang while trying to switch weapon by mistake, but this is just soooooooooooo RIDICULOUS!:o

The 15+ rating really doesn't apply does it? If we have teenagers and little kids with mental capacities of 5 playing the game. I'm not a game geek as some people may think; I just wanna enjoy what I play and having this rubbish thrown at me is the last straw. It's even in debate now to whether Online PC games will be made anymore because of the kids who hack and ruin other people's enjoyment.:evil:

I thought kids were meant to play on 360 and PS3 consoles as my mates tell me, yet we're screwed with the youths who go on the PC games and ruin it all.:cry:

I don't wanna offend people, I'm proving a point :!

It's been a while but I'm back

Indeed, sorry for being so distant from gamespot for such a long time guys and no being able to make any posts but work has been giving me hell and I can't seem to get much spare time. I can't even get time to game anymore and its ridiculous. Things are slowly beginning to clear up though and I should be more active on here from now on, perhaps not on the unions (sorry) but definatley on the blogs and games.

So what have I accomplished over the course of my absence?

1) Completing DMD and VMD on DMC3 (Haven't got DMC4 as I need it for PC) :P

2) Completing advance wars dark conflict in a week :)

3) Screwing around in the snow (duh! who doesn't?)

4) Playing COD4 occasionally online hehe :D

5) Considering making some new game vids perhaps (If I get time)

Nice to be back for me I guess then, for now...

Best Week Off!

This week that has just gone by has been the best week for a long time, I have several developments:

1: I've been out with my mates and we've been round each others houses alot :D

2: I got a chance to play HALO 3 courtesy of nbhatred

3: I bought Battlefield 2142 for PC and it rocks! :)

4: I finally defeated Vergil 3 on DMD without using items :p

5: I borrowed the Warriors game off my mate for ps2 and completed it in 3 days and it is great! :D


6: I feel far more relaxed for my mocks now as this week has calmed me down :o

DMD down

Yes, after 40 hours of intense gameplay as Dante I'm finally through DMD which was so difficult especially against Arkham and Vergil Round 3. Now I move onto the task of the VMD difficulty which will be even harder but I love a hard challenge and I'm not backing down! :)

Freedom at last

You guessed it, I'm free for two weeks now as my last week of the first half term of school is a creativity week so I've got no normal lessons. Well, the first six weeks went very fast with dreadful essays of homework so I guess its a fair reward for all the work I put in. I've stopped playing mercenaries because I felt I needed to relief some stress (even though I've only gotta get the SPADES), therefore I'm doing DMD and VMD on Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition.

However, now I've got a cold aswell I think which is a bit of a downer but I should be on alot more in the next two weeks :)

1/36 down

Yup, 1 out of the 36 weeks of school this year is down and I really found the first week back to be very boring as I miss hanging out with my mates around my neighbourhood very much, oh well gotta live on for now :)

Other news: I'm going to make a series of videos on either Crisis Zone or Time Crisis 2 soon so hopefully they'll be posted within the period of a week. Furthermore I've completed 50% of mercs now and the Hearts are going down right now! :D

Wallpaper of the week for me:

People I won't be on alot...

I'm not going to be on alot at the moment due to school as I have very little time and loads of work to do so I'm gonna try my best but if you are in a union that I'm in can you please inform the leader, thank you and I'm very sorry :(