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Most Promising Games of E3 2013 - MY LIST

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This is the list of games which felt my heart with happiness

E3 2013, the most happening E3 after many years. I love this for many a reasons like I get the glimpse of great games which I'm following passionately. But also the rise of Playstation 4, which I think looks great & also could make me buy a console long after PS2.

But I'm writing this for the great games which I found this E3. It's not a Top Ten or Top Five list. But simply the games I'm admiring & definitely gonna buy on the first day or may be pre-order as soon as possible for me.

So, here's my list, hope you'll like it.

1. The Witcher 3

I'm a huge fan of Witcher series. I love everything in the game, the environment, the combat, the storytelling, the background score, change in story by the decision you made & especially the ladies in the games :D.

I more like The witcher 2 than the first game because of its combat system. I know The Wicther 3 going to blow my mind. I can say with confidence that, The Witcher 3 would be the best game next year, A GOTY. 

2. Batman Arkham Origins

I love the Batman series by Rocksteady. The best Batman game series ever made for me at least. The gameplay is truly amazing in the game. The series itself has a great storyline like the Dark Knight movie series. Really looking forward to it.

3. Dragon Age Inquisition

Well, I like Bioware simply. Many of my friends dissapointed by the Dragon Age 2 because of it combat system mostly & blended graphics. It also let me down, due to the small size of the map but I like it. I like both games Dragon Age origins & Dragon Age 2. Like I always said, if Bioware named Dragon Age 2 different & released as a new IP. It wouldn't look like a failure but the name Dragon Age attached to it make people hope for the similar epic treat like DA:O. 

But as Bioware is saying, that DA Inquisition is a lot bigger game & is running on Frostbite 3 engine( images a looking great, by the way) & also it has the element of both previous game. I'm happy & definitely getting it.

4. Dark Souls 2

Many people like Demon's Souls & Dark Souls for it toughness, like the title of the PC Edition of Darks Souls itself says, "Prepare to Die". But I like this games because of their interconnection of the dungeons & weapons. I actually feel the power of the weapon & the damage it does, when I swing it or the enemy swings it upon you. I items you collect are really worthy & the game really bring the swesomeness of a gamer which may get hidden in the easy going games.

Dark Souls 2 really a top contender when we talk about RPG games. Its a must have game for those who like play video games.

5. Watch Dogs

One thing I can say about UBISOFT is, they know how make eager the gamer by showing an amazing trailer of the game & its idea. Tha game gonna work or not is a different thing :roll:. But honestly all the games by UBISOFT made me interested, never let me down, when I get them. 

Watch Dogs is the most anticipated game in my list made by UBISOFT. They showed everything in the gameplay & trailer which anyone can start liking this game in an instant. I'm really looking forward to this game.

6. Metal Gear Solid 5

 Do I need to say something about it. The word "EPIC" attached to the Metal Gear series. I know & everybody else know, its going to be a great game.

7. Cyberpunk 2077

I know the eyebrows are raising of my Feloow readers, CD Projekt doesn't show anything about it in this E3. But this is the game, I really want to put in my list. Cause it's a game from CD Projekt itself. I loved the trailer & eagerly waiting for some more info of the game.

8. Tom Clancy's The Division

Well I like the trailer which actually showed nothing but tell a great concept & reality about today's world. I watched the trailer like I'm going to watch a movie & I felt really great by watching the trailer. After that, I watched the gameplay, which also felt promising. My hopes are really high for this game.

9. Murdered: Soul Suspect

Square Enix come up with this game saying, "you use brain, more than your gun". Which I really find great. I like to play games which have suspense, lots of brain-work & spy things. That's why I played Sherlock Holmes game & L.A. Noire. 

Murdered: Soul Suspect looks very fresh & promising game.

10. The Evil Within

A horror game, a Surivival Horror game which makes you shiver with fear. What more I can ask? I'm really craving for a survival horror game for long time & the horror games which came in last few 1-2 yearsare just "MEH". Only Slender in this long time make my heart pounding. I am really hoping for this game & want this game to rock & do what it says.

11. Lords of The Fallen

The 3 things made me interested in this game. 1. It's an RPG game. 2. Developers have people who actually worked on The Witcher. 3. The game is compared to the mix of Dark Souls & Borderlands.

12. Brothers: A tale of Two Sons

I looks very interesting & having a good plot. Nothing more to say about it.

13. Plant vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the game I waiting for too long. I still play the first game often. Never ever deleted it from my Laptop. Hope the sequel equals the fun of the first game.

14. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

AC series is the series, for which people says, why Ubisoft making it annually & I'm not going to buy it. But when the game comes, it's not possible to let the game go. AC4 looks very promising than previous 3 games. Whatever, I know I'm getting this game already.

15. Deadpool

Why, because I like Deadpool.

16. Mad Max

Well, the trailer shows nothing but it's coming from the developers of Just Cause 2. Maybe, that's enough for me to get excited.

17. The Wolf Among Us

A teltale game, I always love games made by them except Jurassic Park.

18. Lost Planet 3

The third iteration looks far better than he previous game & much closer to the original Dead Space than the Dead Space 3. Well, the Lost Planet 2 is one game which is in my top list of worst game. This installment looks much better & promising. Hopefully it delivers also.

19. Scribblenauts Unmasked

I like scibblenauts, it's a cool game. This sequel is set on DC Comics, making it more glorious in every aspect.

20. Yaiba

A Ninja Gaiden spin-off game with Zombie Killing, GREAT.

21. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

I like this series from Frogwares very much.

Well, this are the games which I find interesting this E3 (A quite lengthy list I say :D).

I hope you'll not bored reading it & like it. If I missed any great game. Please, tell me in the comments.

Thank you :)

Cancelled PC games after their announcement

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Dear friends,

I am such in a embarrassment due to the fact that PC games which are announced previously are getting cancelled.

1st Alan Wake, after that Shadows of the Damned and now Deil May cry aka DMC so on. All this games are in my following list, but get deleted from my game list due to fact that developers cancel the PC version.

I want to why the developers announce PC version if they don't want to release it and cancel it in the future. Here again I am saying that if the developers think that PC version of games is loss for them due to Piracy, I am clearing to them that the internet is flooded full with pirated console games which they had cancelled for the PC.

My rating system of games

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Hello gamers,

Many of you think how my rating goes for the games so different.Various games in my profile having 10 rating.

The reason is that I rate 10 to all those games which make me eager to play that particular game and indulge me in it. And after that even if that game is having very low rating everywhere i don't care about that.

This is how my rating goes and if those game with low rating in my profile are those which I like to play but not make me to feel it.