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Some pics of this year's Halloween yard haunt

Well it's once again almost Halloween, so thought I'd share some pictures of the decorations. Not much has changed since last year other than a new tombstone and some different placement though.

The whole display

New tombstone on bottom right

All the tombstones

"Can find a few more pics at this link"

By the way, I adjusted the floodlights since taking these pics, and so the blue is no longer so intense. Anyway, Currently putting the finishing touches on a system to pump fog into the candy bowl.

Hope you all have a scary good Halloween:twisted: Cya later, bye.

my birthday (belated blog post)

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been active much here. Been more of a casual gamer as of late, and so my online activity has been elsewhere. Oh and if you want to keep in touch, feel free to add me on YouTube, Twitter or AIM

Anyway, today was.. (Looks at clock) Yesterday* was my Birthday, and I was just thinking that I should probably post a blog here. Just for the heck of it, you know. However, it't really late, and i'm tired, so i'm just gonna copy some tweets and stuff ;)

"...TexasDavinci btw, I turn 20 in a few hours :) 1:40 AM May 10th via web..."

"...TexasDavinci Had dinner at this greek place, Mina & Dimi's. Great food. Very good service. Highly recommend it. about 7 hours ago via txt..."

"...TexasDavinci @Jon_Favreau Waiting in line to see Iron Man 2 for my 20th Birthday. about 7 hours ago via txt..."

"...TexasDavinci Wow, Iron Man 2 was awesome! Made sure to stay for the after credits scene too, sweetness. about 4 hours ago via txt..."

So yeah, good day. Anyway, cya all later. Gonna end this post with a recap of an interesting uh "adventure" last night. Bye.

"...TexasDavinci 12:30am out on a quest for a milkshake. Sonic was closed. Jack in the box stopped making them for the night, but we got mini churros. 12:33 AM May 10th via txt..."

"...TexasDavinci Whataburger was cleaning their machines... Got some strawberry pies. 12:41 AM May 10th via txt..."

"...TexasDavinci But wait, when we get up to the window, they said they can make some! Better yet, they didn't charge us :) 12:46 AM May 10th via txt..."

"...TexasDavinci Best chocolate shake ever. 12:48 AM May 10th via txt..."

Halloween night Recap (sorry about the late posting)

Alright sorry, was gonna say something a lot sooner but I've been busy. Plus I got sick on the 2nd (It's almost gone though :))

Okay lets see if I can still remember everything. All the props and decorations were still in one piece, and the powered stuff still worked. The weather was great, perfect condition for the fog chiller. Lots of people this year, some really great comments too :D

After all of that, we went in and watched some movies. First we did our yearly ritual of watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While that was playing, I made this thing for dinner (Yes, I cook..)

After that ended, and we were full of food and a couple Monster Energy® drinks (Get it?) we went up to my home theater, and watched Freddy vs. Jason (Was okay) and Saw II (Better than I was expecting) By that time, it was of course pretty late, so we went to bed (Okay I might have stayed awake for a good bit longer lol..)

Well anyway, here's a link to this year's video, I think it turned out pretty good.


Pics of the Jack O'Lantern I just made

Hey all, Here's a pic of a Jack O'Lantern that I made earlier tonight.
btw sorry about the image quality, was using my camera phone.

Anyway, might post some more/better pics in a day or two.
And I'll also probably post my yearly yard display tour video as well,
can expect that a few days into next month.
cya all later, have a great Halloween :twisted:

My yard display for Halloween

Hey all. Just finished setting up the last of this years decorations.
Here's some pictures of the yard..

Cool huh? Here's a link to the full-size pics 'Clicky'
Anyway, happy Halloween everyone :twisted:

Comments highly welcomed. Later all.

Home Theater update: November 18th, 08

Hey all, time for another small update. I have started decorating the home theater, so far have added 3 posters.

On this wall we have LOTR: The Return Of The King and Jurassic Park

And back here we have The Dark Knight

So there you go, nice huh? I've got some other ideas for the room but those will have to wait.

In other news, I have now been a member of this site for 5 years, long time.

Well cya all later then, btw got a couple more pictures of the posters under the images tab here and here if you're interested.


Home Theater update: July 19th, 08. Big News

To everyone keeping up with this, the big day has come. Which day is that you say? the day I finally got the new TV :o you heard that right, the new TV is here :D

I did in fact get the samsung LN52A650 which as you all know (well some of you, maybe?) is a 52" LCD that features 1080P, 120Hz 50,000:1 dynamic contrast, 4ms response time and 4, that's right, 4 HDMI ports :)

Now here's some pictures of it, just keep in mind that these do not do it justice at all.

This TV has a little bit of red around the edge that goes nicely with the room, btw ignore the finger prints:P

The picture quality is really good on this thing.

Maybe the TV's too big? lol no such thing.

I really really hope I installed the wall mount the right way :shock:

So there you have it, sweet huh? so anyways at this point there's really very little left to do to finish this room, I've thought about it and I might not do the seating platform, so that would mean the only thing left to do is hide some more wires and hang some posters.

Cya all later.

Home Theater update: June 8th, 08

OK I'll make this short, not much to say. Added more curtain panels cause they didn't cover the window completely, also i decided not to get the blackout liners, didn't really look like I needed them. I now have a sofa, my days of folding chairs is over :D well that's all for now, shouldn't be much longer before i get the TV, which btw is probably gonna be the Samsung LN52A650.

Well later.