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First day of e3 review

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So today was it the first wonderful day of e3. Well okay it was more of a okay day of e3 but plenty was seen to justify it.

First thing was microsoft and they had a pretty bad conference i mean um wow. it was mostly just sequels when it comes to microsofts showing. Gears of war 3, fable 3, and halo reach was took up 75% of the trailers shown pretty much. However the one redeeming fact i will give it was the metal gear solid dragon rising trailer. The game looks like as if devil may cry and metal gear solid had a baby and raiden is sub zero's twin. The gameplay mechanics looked pretty fun and i will admit a bit hyped for this one.This is where the conference ended thought pretty much. The rest of this conference involved natal for the most part and i can understand its mainly for the casual but come on at least one hardcore game for your system.

EA is next and to be honest my favorite from today. They did show a lot of fps games but they were mainly all about the games this year. They open up with a new need for speed hot pursuit which was very well welcome considering the gameplay from these games is mostly what people missed from need for speed. They then showed medal of honor which looked good but nothing spectacular. One of my favorite showing was of dead space two which i am so eagerly awaiting now this game is going to be great. They talked about a gun club and ea mma and nfl which i wasnt interested in. Then they went back to crysis 2 which also just looked kick ass i mean that game is going to be great. Another game which i recently just jumped on my radar is bulletstorm. let me just say that was a very epic level and i cant wait to get my hands on this one. All in all not a bad e3 could of used a bit more variety but it was pretty good

Now ubisoft which i will give this hell of a lot better then last year. They had child of den gameplay which was loved by rez fans everywhere and it really does just look great. After that we got assassin creed bloodlines which i was exactly impress in because it looked different and this is really going to be a game to look into. After that it goes to hell but a saving grace does come eventually. Rayman origins is announce and this one almost brought a tear to my eye. Its played like the original so it should be really good. We got some test drive san fransico which hey at least its something new and refreshing all thought didnt live up to the need for speed showing. Then we got ghost recon future solider which i will admit pretty hyped about but im worried about that invisibilty. The online could turn into campers paradise lol.

So all in all not the worst but could have done a lot better.

My top 5 games of today

5. Rayman origins

4. Child of eden

3. Need for speed hot pursuit

2. Bulletstorm

1. Dead space 2

The stupid console wars

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I can not tell you how sick i am of these stupid console wars. For instance yesterday on youtube i posted a comment on the killzone 3 interview and said how good i think the game looks and how im excited about it. All of the sudden im like getting bashed by a whole bunch of 360 fanboys saying how i never played a good game before because good games are only on the 360. Like really wtf why cant people just grow to accept every console as good. To any fanboy who is out there i would dare you to challenge me on why the any console is the best console ever. Every console has its problems and advantages over each other and no one is better then the other. For instance when it comes to the ps3 people say it has no good games. Here is a list of great games the ps3 has to offer.

PS3 Games

1.Metal gear solid 4 guns of the patriots


3.uncharted 2

4.god of war 3

5.demons soul


7.comet crash 09 the show

9.killzone 2

10.resistance 2

11.little big planet gaiden sigma

13.resistance fall of man

14.heavy rain

15.ratchet and clank a crack in time gaiden sigma 2

17.zen pinball

18.valkyria chronicles 08 the show


21.modnation racers

22.yakuza 3 10 the show


25.pixel junk shooter

26.gravity crash



29.motor storm pacific rift

30.heavenly sword

31.ridge racer 7


33.3d dot game hero

34.fat princess

35.naruto ultimate ninja storm

36.the last guy

37.disgaea 3

38.ratchet and clank quest for booty

39.gran turismo 5 prologue shot golf out of bonds

41.pixel junk monsters


43.ratchet and clank tools of destruction

44.the eye of judgement



47.katamari forever

48.burn zombie burn

49.pixel junk eden


51.pixel junk racer

52.super stardust HD

There is 52 praised games for the ps3 so really i dare anyone to say that they have played all of these games and that all of them suck. Another system that gets bashed a lot is the wii. People say that there are no good hardcore games for the wii The wii has plenty of great hardcore games on it too people here is a list of those.

wii games

1.super mario galaxy 2

2.super smash bros brawl

3.super mario galaxy more heroes

5.super paper mario

6.sin and punishment star successor

7.tatsunoko vs capcom ultimate all stars more heroes 2 super mario bros wii

10.little kings story

11.punch out!!

12.zack and wiki quest for barbaros treasure

13.metorid prime 3 corruption

14.trauma team hunter tri

16.a boy and his blob

17.lostwinds winter of melodies

18.dead space extraction

19.swords and soldiers

20.excite bot trick racing

21.broken sword shadow of the templars (directors cut)

22.the house of the dead overkill blob

24.trauma center new blood

25.trauma center second opinion

26.sonic and the secret rings steel 2

28.shaun white snowboarding world stage

29.muramasa the demon blade

30.cursed mountain



33.deadly creatures

34.shaun white snowboarding road trip

35.animal crossing city folk

36.naruto clash of ninja revolution 2

37.wario land shake it

38.nights journey of dreams

39.geomentry wars galaxies

40.battalion wars 2

41.ssx blur wars: so long, my love

43.fragile dreams farewell ruins of the moon

44.naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3

45.need for speed nitro

46.phantom brave we meet again

47.mushroom men the spore wars

48.skate it fantasy fables chocobo dungeon piece ultimate adventure

51.resident evil the umbrella chronicles

52. the conduit

There is 51 hardcore games that at least i consider them hard core this list can change though for everybody. Rather their hardcore or not though they are all good games. For the 360 people complain that there isnt enough single player game as in every game for the 360 is built around multiplayer. Im not going to argue that the 360 is a multiplayer console cause it is the most multiplayer console but that being said it still has great single player games with amazing stories.

1.gears of war

2.gears of war 2

3.mass effect 2

4.perfect dark zero

5.kameo elements of power

6.alan wake

7.shadow complex

8.banjo kazooie nuts and bolts

9.fable 2

10.mass effect

11.tales of vesperia

13.dead rising

14.condemned criminal origins


16.metro 2033 blade

18.deadly premonition

19.the maw

20.lost odyssey

Now i only have 19 games on this list but the reason being is because i just picked up my 360. The 360 has a lot of cult classics games which are told to have great stories like infinite undiscovery, the last remnant, and blue dragon to name a few. However since i just picked up my 360 i cant tell you much on these games cause i haven't gotten to them yet. I will tell you though that the 360 has tons of under rated cult classics games and you should go check them out.

So here it is fanboys you cant argue on games anymore for the systems cause each one have tons of games on them and i bet that you will at least like 3 on each of these list. All of the games on this list comes from gamespot's top games for each system. So that being said there are even more games on each list that should be hear because everyone has their own opinion on games. I myself have a few games i believe should go up there but this list had to be a mass majority acceptance of certain titles. Here is the truth on every system for this gen.


+ a great line up of story driven games

+ free online

+having games for eveyone

- not the best online to some

- online store doesnt compare to the wii's or 360 online store


+ great selection of games

+ anybody can play these games

+ a great online store probably the best in my opinion

- online is very bad

- a lot of shovel ware

- their is still a lot of casual games on the market that do overpower the hardcore

Xbox 360

+ The best online

+ a great online store

+ a good selection of games

- horrible failure rate

-cult classics are great however this makes a risky purchase

- expensive (online, hardrives, add ons, etc.)

Top 10 games i am looking forward too for e3 2010

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So its that magical time again its e3 the time where we all get excited like a little kid. So hear is a list of the games i am very excited to hear about and hopefully will. Post comments and tell me what you guys think too.

1.) Devil may cry 5

I forgot where i read this i want to say a gameinformer but i am not certain but apparently Devil may cry 5 is in the works. This is very good news to me because i love the devil may cry series it is one of the reasons i got so into gaming. Another thing is that this one is being worked on by the same people who made heavenly sword. I am interested to see how there going to develop the story further but hopefully for the best

2.) Metroid other m

It surprised me at first that i was pretty excited about this game because i usually stay away from the big three (mario, zelda, metroid). All i'll say on that is that i get bored of playing the same old games every time for every next console so when it comes to nintendo i look more into the other new ips (not that those games are bad there all excellent titles and i recommend them to pretty much every gamer. i just like something new). When i saw this game last e3 though it really looked amazing. For one it is being made by team ninja which is a very good company they make good hardcore action adventure games like ninja gaiden. So that is already one good point and also its a new approach for the series from the footage that i saw. To be honest i never saw a game like this one from the footage that i saw and i'm interested in seeing more.

3.) killzone 3

I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favorite games on the ps3 system. I loved the second one it's universe was really great and it is one of the few fps to me were you truly feel like your in a big war online and off. From the demo of this game it looks like there just really expanding their universe of this game. Theirs more variety in enviroments in this game their adding advancements to the vehicles and their even making the motions more lifelike. I'm highly anticipating this one.

4.) Resistance 3

Wow i am really anticipating this one too i mean the last one was so epic this is going to be a really great game. The last one really had a great feeling to it and it was really just a great game. SPOILER Im also very interested to see the new protagonist of this game after the cliff hanger of the last game. I hope they keep the colors like the last game and dont make it dull and gray and umm like i say about every fps hope they add jetpacks cause every fps needs a jetpack.

5.) gears of war 3

Okay so i finally got a xbox 360 this year and so far i have been liking it a lot lately. one of the used games i picked up with it was gears of war and having been able to play it by my self and get into the story i have really grown to like the series more. Im interested to see what this one brings and i hope they also add more color to it like the second one did. Also um yea jetpacks would be a good edition.

6.) Zone of the enders 3

So it was announced last year i believe and there hasn't been anymore word on it since. I really hope they show something of this game because i was a really big fan of the original and even more of a fan of the second one. The series is really good and it deserves one last sequel. The second one is one of my favorite games of all time and i love metal gear solid as much as the next guy but please konami at least give us a teaser this year of zone of the enders 3.

7.) Fallout new vegas

First off Fallout 3 has to be in my top 5 of my favorite games of all time. Not many games have such a engrossing universe as the fallout series. I really hope that this game keeps that tradition and makes the universe even more engrossing. Not going to lie though i have a bit of a worry about this one. They were saying they were going to add a meter for thirst and i think there going to make the weight limit more realistic. I really hope that this doesn't make your character to hard to manage and i really hope the weight thing isn't true either. Besides that though i am very excited about this game.

8.) The last guardian

I just got finished with my second play through of shadow of the colossus and now i'm pretty excited about this one To be honest though thats all i have too say about it though lol.

9.) Borderlands 2

Wow i liked really loved the first one it was really a great game and it just had so much style to it. The best way to describe borderlands is its fallout with less rpg and more fps. The cell shaded graphics really suited this game and the weapons had great variety and the shooting was extremely satisfying. I really hope that the sequel adds more to the game though because the first one was just missing something in it.

10.) Final Fantasy 13 versus

I am not the biggest final fantasy fan and to be honest probably never will be. However this game looks very interesting too me becuase it is being made by the people who make the kingdom hearts game. I really love the kingdom heart series and if this game keeps that action roleplay gameplay of kingdom hearts then i am can already tell this game will be a winner. Their hasn't been much news on this game so i think its probably time to see something on it now.

Thats my top ten list of games i am excited for e3 2010 here is a list of games i would love to hear about but im pretty sure they wont be there.

condemned 3

black 2

klonoa 3

persona 5

metal storm 2

a new megaman x

mad world 2

no more heroes 3

no more heroes paradise

castle crashers 2

indigo prophecy 2

dark cloud 3

grandia 4

the world ends with you 2 (all though its not that needing of a sequel)

a whole bunch of other games lol

2010 the year of action adventures.

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Since the day devil may cry made it's debut on the playstation i was in love with action adventure games. Games with the story of a rpg but the gameplay of the Third person shooter or just a hack and slash game. It seems like 2010 will be a great year for me because i have no doubt in my mind it is the year of action adventure games. Think of the games we are getting this year

God of war 3- The highly anticipated sequel to one of the best games of all time god of war 2 god of war 3 looks like a console seller to me. The game has gorgeous graphics with steller gameplay. It will also help you understand greek history better. All and all The God of war series is a great game and might just be the game of the year for 2010.

Dante's inferno- Don't have a Playstation 3 no problem because the gameplay of dante's inferno is very much related to god of war when it comes to gameplay however it adds it's own twist to the gameplay which causes it to not be labeled as a god of war clone. The gameplay is solid and so are the graphics and so far the boss battles have been epic to say the least (you fight death in the demo). The game is looking amazing and even if you do have a ps3 you would be a fool to miss this game.

Bayonetta- the games demos was awesome and let's not forget who is directing this one here Hideki Karniya. The guy who started the genre when directing the original devil may cry his works are notorious for being great. The games he directed include Resident evil 2, Devil may cry, viewtiful joe, okami, and now the soon to be great bayonetta. This game is going to be wicked and i can't recommend it enough.

Darksiders- This one hasn't been as popular but it is looking like a pretty solid game to me. The graphics look really good and the story and setting also looks pretty creative and it really sticks out among the crowd to me. Combat looks different to me so you won't be playing another god of war clone making the game better. It is also open world which sounds actually pretty cool like a rated m zelda. All and all the game just looks amazing and HUGE. must buy for me.

last but not least is the reason i bought a wii

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle-The first one was such a spectacular game with so much added to it. The game did not remind of one game on the market right now. The sequel looks like it is even going to make that more prominent. The story looks bigger and more detailed the world looks bigger and the gameplay faster. All around it looks like a really really really great game and if you own a wii this is a game you can not miss.

So does are the main titles i have named there may be more but you get my point. The best thing though is that there will be more and they will be great. 2010= the year of action adventures

A show I was thinking about doing ( please read and comment on your opion )

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There was this thing that kept on bothering me so I decided to make a show on it. I keep on hearing that new gamers don't respect older games and that they don't like them. So since I am 14 and I would be consider a new gamer. I am gonna review the best games on the older systems . Now I am gonna do this regardless but I was wondering if I should do a show about it. I am gonna do playstation first.

Jack Thompson is a idiot

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I just watched all of the videos of this guy ranting and ranting and all I have to say is he is very dimwitted. First of all he blames all the violence in the world on halo and grand theft auto and first let me say this. Yes I am 14 and have played these games I own gta. Now my parents bought these games for me and this is for one reason. They know that if I play gta I am not gonna go on a rampage in real life okay. Kids get a hold of these games but it's still mostly a adult produvt bought mostly by adults okay. When he talks about games he knows nothing about the games so he starts making random things up that were never in the game okay. He said nintendo teaches kid how to be terrorist. Are you telling me that mario thought kids to kill people. honestly if anyone else hates comment this blog.

WTF Please read

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I have recently purchased downloadable content for rock band (byob system of a down) and the price was 1.99 with taxs it said 2.06 and then when I look at the my bill it charged me 5.00 wtf. Can someone please explain.

Games I will play this year

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You know with all of these games coming out I can't really inmagine myself playing all of them online ( at least not in one day)

So if anyone is interested in playing these games mostly to just hook me up my psn Id is Lostlynx17. ( note I am buying 5 not inculdeing the psn games but I am getting bionic commando rearmed 10 more day woo)

1 Fallout 3- This game looks raw in my eyes I can not wait to play this game. You know I use to think resistence 2 would be my first but now fallout 3 just looks really good. It's a shooter elder scroll okay you can't go wrong with that.

2. Resistence 2- This game is still looking really good and the multiplayer looks extremly good. To be honest though I am more hyped up about the story because I think the story looks great. There is also a 8 player co op and co op games top everything.

3. Soulcaliber IV- I haven't bought this game let and I really really want it okay this game looks great and I can't wait to rape people with nitemare.

4 Socom confirmation- At first I wasn't really that hype about it but then I bought the qore subscription and man this game looked awesome. I mean there are gonna be two wars in online one on top of you and one on the bottom so it's gonna be a huge challenge.

5. project origins - I don't think I will be playing this online but you know it looks like it has a great story just like the last one and it looks really hot in my mind.

Well those are all of the games I am getting I am getting little big planet and prince of persia but for christmas I am also renting

Disgaea 3

starwars the force unleashed

silent hill homecoming

motorstorm pacific rift

saints row 2

dead space


and for my birthday which is feb 15 I will be getting animal crossing cf and killzone 2

Little about me

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Hey whats up my name is michael and I am indeed a new hardcore gamer. I am 14 and I currently own the following systems. ( note I will list them in order of my favorites)

Playstation 3

Playstation portable

Nintendo WII

Nintendo DS

Gameboy Color

I use to have more but I had to sell them to get money for other stuff.

I am a huge fan of games with Swords because Swords kick ass. So basically I am a huge fan of Devil May Cry and God of War. I aam also into shooters, rpgs, racing, action adventure and more.

My psn ID is Lostlynx17 and you know look at my collection and if there is a game you want to play with me online just send me a message of whatever.

thats it for now