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Not too many of us care about the member who's at the community spotlight at GameSpot and some of us don't even notice that his name has been announced there. But if there's an emblem; I'm sure that might turn our interest on. I've made few emblems for the community spotlight; though I yet to give some final touches but before I step onto that let's see whether you guys like it or not. So, please vote for the emblem you like mostly. So why you guys are waiting; for post here.

Don't forget to comment at my blog, that how's my work :P

If you have any better idea; please post here or PM me, I'll try to work on that. And if you can make one, then post here or send me that by PM; I'll upload that in this post.

Let's see whether we can catch GameSpots' attention with our hard work :D

Some of us are having voting issues, as we can't vote. So for those, I'll request to post the emblem number mentioned before the image. Thanks.

this isnt how it looks like

Things don't always come; like how you want 'em to and specially for me last few weeks are the perfect examples of that. I'm sure you guys remember my last weekend experience and here's another small one.

Me and my girlfriend work at the same office and I work as a marketing coordinator and she works as an analyst, which means our boss is the same lady and my girlfriend seats at the same room our boos does. She doesn't get a computer at office, so when our boss leaves office for any reason she uses her one; sometime for checking email, sometime for chatting with me at msn.

Today our boss went out for a meeting and Zen were using her computer to talk to me at MSN. My boss never turns off her computer or signs out, so Zen has to use her account to talk to me. At some stage of our conversation I asked her to hold on and went to bring some printouts. When I came back I found one my colleague sitting at my computer and laughing, who actually came to offer me a smoke. When he saw me he just said that dude; I didn't know you're dating our boss too. I felt helpless for some moment and explained him everything. I'm lucky that it was my colleague; what if he was someone else?? both of our jobs would've been at stake.

I've been thinking about this for while now and thought of sharing this with you guys and I've been laughing at myself for no reason. what if I was dating my boss :P :lol:

Finished it ~ The Simpsons Game + Review

Never thought of finishing the review this quick.. only took three days to finish the game and few hours for the review. What else I could do..i hired the PSP form my colleague's brother and he seem to check the status in every hour of a day. When I returned his PSP today, I felt lucky that I haven't scratched it, cos the way he was checking it; gave me an impression that I am totally new with this sorts of thing. anyway, I thank him for loaning me that and I thank you for reading my review.

Here's the review.

watup people

It took me 4 hours to write this few line..cos I've really got nothing to blog about today. But how could I just blog about's something for you guys…clicky

Definition of RPG

I've found a lot of gamers struggle to understand the real definition of RPG games, so i was looking over GS and other websites and i've found one mod(forgot his name) has given a fantastic definition of it. here is it.

Most RPGs contain a manner of earning experience and level progression, a manner of customizing the character(s) you control, and progressively stronger and more complex weapons, armor, and/or magic (or magic-type abilities, in the case of a non-fantasy setting). They usually come in one of two main flavors: Western-styl-e RPGs like Baldur's Gate or Elder Scrolls, which often feature real-time or pseudo-real-time combat, open-ended exploration, and many ways to personalize characters as you see fit; and Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy, which feature turn-based combat, and a strong focus on linear storytelling.

That isn't to say that all RPGs fit neatly into one of these categories, or that elements of one type don't exist in the other. And of course, there are many sub-types, such as strategy RPGs (which feature full turn-based battlefields), action RPGs (which focus heavily on real-time combat), massively-multiplayer online RPGs, and other games that simply defy categorization. In some cases, some standard elements are disregarded (there are no equippable weapons in Blue Dragon, for example), or new ones are introduced (parleying in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes).

As time goes on, I am less concerned with how to fit a game squarely within a genre and more concerned with how those elements fit into a fun and cohesive experience. Games like Dark Cloud 2 and Kingdom Hearts are tough to categorize, because they contain some RPG elements, but feel as much like action/adventure games as they are RPGs. I've heard plenty of arguments for and against Kingdom Hearts (or The Legend of Zelda, or Dawn of Mana, or Dark Cloud, or plenty of others) as an RPG, and I don't know that I could say anything that would change anyone's mind one way or another. As time moves on, the lines that separate one genre from another blur, and we are left with titles that are impossible to shoehorn into a single category with any confidence.

still some of you've missed it

It came just on time as many of us had doubts in mind, specially because of the voting issues with saving it. Anyway, it showed up and that's what matters the most. Have a look if you've missed it even after Ie posted two blogs about it and if you think you've voted at every categories and didn't receive any emblem, complain here.


Official Participant in 2007 Readers' Choice Awards.

In a year that could only be rivaled by 1998, this user made their voice heard in GameSpot's 12th-annual Readers' Choice Awards. . . Now known as Best of.

Some of you didn't even noticed my review on PoP T2T, which I thought you'd. you might have been busy, so I'm posting the link again. Let me know about the review not the game, cos I already know how the game is :|

Continue »

another review and the xbox questions

I've done writing myPrince of Persia: The Two Thrones review and I want you guys to go through it. Wrote it containing a good amount of rush or urgency whatever you call and I don't know how is it looking. Tried to cover as much as possible and let's hope you guys will like it :) and recommend just closing your eyes :P

not too many gamers are big fan of POP, but trust me if you want action and story based game; you must read my's the link or just click the image.


and if anyone's still interested to help me with the xbox're the questions and if you feel like to answer, plz do. Already few guys've sent the fill-ups and the article is going good. But it always better if more guys contribute :) here's the link of my previous blog I need help with Xbox360 and Please download from here. The file size is only 23.5KB :)

I need help with Xbox360

I've been working with an article on the features of Xbox360 to take part in a competition at local computer magazine and I'm running short of good recourses. So, here I come asking you guys for another favor who actually have one or at least have good ideas about this machine. Here's what I want to know form you guys: what do you think; what Xbox360 will become in the near future?

You can send me good forum post if you know any or any comments from anyones' blog about 360 or blog references. And if you do regular gaming on 360 then only post that You Do..i'll send you a set of questions :)

If you don't have anything to say or don't know what to write, then don't comment. Don't send me link with any descriptions, cos I might have gone through 'em by this time.

so, I'll be looking forward form you guys.

PS: FetusZero you don't have to send any cos you've already sent some good resources. But if you want to coordinate this blog, you're welcome. Though I don't know how many of 'em will actually comment.

I know you wont ignore ~ Possible Emblem

I don't know whether it's a bad habit or not, informing friends what's happening around GS and where you've a chance of getting an emblem, but I can't just stop myself. Here's another guys, it's called Interactive Achievement awards and a few page voting and there's a show at 7th Feb. I'm not sure about the emblem thought, but it seems like there might be one. Here's the link... some of you selfishly won't comment at this blog and rush for the link. Well I don't mind. I just want to help..but you know a little word with appreciation; let you feel better :D

Devil May Cry

Took a break for everywhere and went for a tour at the country side with my girlfriends' family. You guys might be thinking that I've spent real good time with my girl, but sorry to say that I didn't. let me tell you why in short.

Her dad has a RV which is pretty old and he doesn't wanna change it, cause it's his first one. Now you guys can easily imagine how hard it is to accompany him seating at the front beside him and listen to his heroic stories pretending to be amazed.

Then it comes her step mom. Honestly, she's even more beautiful than my girlfriend and she's only 8 years older than me. Her father's 42. Do I have to explain more?

Her little bro Jonny. Even if the devil comes to him, will cry out for help, cause he's even worse than that. He took my cloths including towels when I was at the pool with her dad. I had to come all the way to back to the RV wearing my underwear, which was pretty embarrassing when I reached there and her mom said that @#@#@#@(PM me if you want to know).

The only living thing was sober to me was her dog.

I actually planned that tour with zen for week and it came out pretty handy for me and guess what..they've planned to go to another trip soon, cos they had lots of fun. :cry: :cry: :cry: