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Looks like SOMEONE didn't recommend my CoD4 review...

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Show yourself! Whoever it was, do you realize how much work and time I put into that? I normally don't mind on my other reviews, since I know that some things might be a little biased and it wasn't nearly as long, but cmon! How do you not recommend that! It is almost as in-depth as GS's, of which 90% of GS's player reviews aren't...

Reveal yourself! Or many worlds shall suffer in the almighty wrath of the Helghast!

Guess what? I'm NOT getting MGS4 tomorrow..

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I would certainly like to, but I am now taking time with the Essentials Collection. I recently finished 1 and I am taking my time with 2 and 3. I should finish by July 5 (my birthday) so I might get MGS4 for that.

Not only that, but I didn't preorder it, so the chances of getting a copy tomorrow are slim to none.

Shoot me.

My sister has started PMSing...

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How do I handle this now? Now she's going through a major overuse of the words "You're so ****ing STUPID!", "Stupid", "****ing", *Mother****ing", "Shut the **** up", and "al;skdjriop123u48oudskljfkl;asjlfkj23148374ulkfc"


I got the MGS Essentials Collection

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I gotta gear up for MGS4!!!!! It just might be game of the year right there!! (Though I know for sure it'll be real close between MGS4 and GTAIV.)

I'm tellin ya, even if you prostituted to the 360 at first, it's probably gonna be worth getting a PS3 just for MGS4...

Isiah Fired!!!

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Well it's about freakin time for those Knickerbockers... Isiah is a horrid motivator. The reason I care is that he embarrassed himself... Now everyone knows more about how much he sucks at coaching than how great a point guard he was.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 or GTA IV when it comes out?

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I loved COD4, so after hearing about how R6V2 is, I know i would love that, too, but I have also loved GTA IV. I rarely ever get two games at once or get them in only a couple weeks or so apart (so that I can enjoy one at a time), so don't just tell me to get'em both at once. Since Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, apparently, is delayed another 6 months or so, that's off the forecast for now.

Help this old dirty bastard...