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New zombie game idea !

I'd like to see a zombie game setup like Grand theft auto, a large sprawling sandbox city with thousands of inhabitants. But I would like a single zombie to appear randomly in the city, and the AI to react realistically and let it spread accordingly. Like you could drive to that side of town and see how it's unfolding, and you could choose to intervene or wait it out.

I would like to be able to invite people from your friends list into your zombie outbreak too. Say like up to 20 people to try and survive, or even try to stop it all from going down. If a zombie attacks a neighborhood and houses catch fire, then the house is gone permanently. It would be cool to see the AI try and band together in houses or businesses to try and stop them as well.

If you get bitten you slowly turn, and maybe you could warp to another random survivor and keep going or continue as a zombie. With the randomness of the outbreak and the smart AI, no two games would ever be the same. All yours and you friends actions effect the outcome. Perhaps you could locate the initial outbreak and stop the whole thing from ever going down, and it could play like a basic sandbox game.

I'd like a lobby where people can beg for help and you can review the zombie to human ratio, maybe even show stats on how many infected non turned humans too. Also a good touch would be cars have random amount of gas and you could fill them up at gas stations providing they're still there. You would be forced to abandon cars if all the gas stations are burned.

If you could warp all the way up to the last human surviving and die, the city gets nuked, and it starts all over again. I'd say have trophies for overcoming an over 50% zombie infested city, and prevent an outbreak before it reaches 10%. Maybe even a trophy for survivng your entire game as a single person!

I'd love to hear anybodies feed back or suggestions for a massive zombie outbreak game. I'd like to drop an Email to Rockstar and plant the seed in their head that it's a good idea! Who's with me!?

What music do you like when gaming different genres ?

If I'm playing a game and listening to music, it's weird how different genres invoke different tastes.

Fighting games - Suicide Silence/ Carnifex / Whitechapel...anything quick and heavy honestly

FPS - Dr. Dre / MC Ren / Esham / Natas....Old skool gangster rap or old skool killer sh*t

Racing - Foo fighters / Audioslave / Tool...Melodic and progressive rock really works for me

Adventure - Deftones / Smashing pumpkins / Hed PE...Shifting sounds from one song to the next

But for some reason I can't listen while I play games online? I'm fine if it's just me and friends but I need silence when I play online for some reason..LOL not sure why

D- bag Gamestop employees

Has anybody noticed the staff at Gamestop are almost always douchebags? It's like part of their application process for some reason. I was there looking for an older PS2 game when an old lady came in with her grandson and said "We just bought a new Xbox 360, do we need any special attachments to hook it up to my TV?"

The guy behind the counter is like "Yeah you need this Monster brand HDMI cord." Which is 2 times more expensive than normal basic HDMI, and the human eye can't detect the difference between high end and standard HDMI and they know that. She bought it without question, and asked for a game her grandson wanted out of the used section. This guy had the nerve to tell her she would be better off with the new one instead of the used one, and told her to buy the insurance on it.

I just stood there looking at this guy as he gave me a look like "She has no idea so I'm taken advantage of her." I just shook my head in disapproval and walked out, as she came out I just couldn't contain myself and stopped her. I'm like "Y'know that guy just ripped you off, your 360 came with RCA cords that would've worked just fine to play on your TV." She's like "Oh really?, I wonder why he would've sold me this expensive cord than?"

I said " It gets better, the used game would have been just fine. You spent $30 more than you needed to on that game, and the insurance really was a waste too." She was like, " I wonder how often they scam people like me?" I told her she should go ask for her money back, but as I was leaving I seen she just got in her car and pulled away. So either she didn't believe me, or was too embarrassed to do anything about it.

So Gamestop instead of hiring douchebags that act like they're better than everybody that walks through the door, Why don't you do a personality check on the people you hire? How about you quit ripping off people that aren't tech savvy too, Because I would say you make enough money on people who trade in a game they paid $60 for and you only give them $20 in credit and turn around just to sell it for $55.

Anybody else experience stuff like this? I can't be the only one who has witnessed the complete BS this company is capable of.

Leaving great games where they belong...the past.

Thanks to a couple different sources I've had a chance to go back and re-watch alot of old cartoons I grew up watching. Thundercats, He-man, Voltron, GI Joe, Transformers, etc. Let me say first and foremost, I adored these shows and grew up speaking ever so highly of them. Casting shadows on new shows, saying "They're not as cool as the originals."

There's a funny thing about the human brain that stores happy thoughts of things we cherish somewhere so deep and beloved that eventually our brain holds these memories on a pedestal and even erases the bad memories all together that may be tied to these treasures.

You see now that a great deal of time has passed, and I'm now finally going back to watch some of those old TV shows I'm starting to realize..They in all honesty, weren't as good as I had hyped them for so many years. In fact alot of them were down right awful, I realize taste changes over time, but I also realized just how off my memories were.

Now as a kid growing up I never saved any of my old video games, when SNES replaced NES I traded everything in and moved on, and N64 replaced all my old SNES things and so on and so fourth. This continued until I got my PS3 and I got in the mind set of I'm going to keep all this stuff, and actually I might even go back and rebuy all the joys of my youth !

Fast forward 3 years and I am proud to say I own 18 different platforms ! I mean I rummaged yard sales, craigslist, flea markets, Ebay....everything. You name it, I have it....even a couple rare gems like the 3DO and Jaguar. I made it my mission to get all the good games from those systems and have them available to me and my friends to play at the mere mention of an old school classic !

Oh let me tell you, this is a nostalgia killer and if you ever want to remember those old bad ass classic games as being what you have in your head....leave them there. This is coming from an avid NON FANBOY gamer, I love good games, bad games and even down right strange games and I can tell you with no doubt in my mind you will spoil all those warm fuzzy feelings you're holding on to.

A few examples I will put out there and I'm sure some will disagree and even send hate mail, But I have the fondest memories of Goldeneye for N64, I would be absolutely ashamed if somebody could definitivley say exactly how many hours me and my friends logged on that game. I swear to you it was every single day after school through roughly 10:30pm and all weekend for like 3 years ! We had a gameshark so we could play on any map from the campaign, and no doors so we could play through entire levels...which let us get incredible replay value out of it.

I purchased an N64 and 4 controllers with full intentions on reliving those good times burned in my brain, And oh how wrong was I to believe that game could still hold it's own? It's was blocky, bland, slow, almost unplayable. The controls were absurd, and multiplayer diminished the already horrible graphics. This couldn't be the game I treasured? Yes it is and to think I would still be blown away was what hurt even worse.

Goldeneye isn't the only example by a long shot, and I wasn't trying to make it live up to today's standards either. There are some games that stand the test of time and some that may have been groundbreaking in their heyday but soon after lost that new car smell. Some games like Mario bros. 3 aren't as flashy as new games, yet they are still very fun to play even till this day.

PSN and XBL have released classics that have ruined it for a few people, but I have relived a few nightmares and I will just give a good R.I.P. to those games and let them live in my heaad as a good memory.

Wizards and warriors NES

Time lord NES

Herzog zwei GENESIS

Roadrash 2 GENESIS

Clayfighters SNES

Mariokart SNES

Oddworld abes exodus PS1

Syphon filter PS1

Winback N64

Goldeneye N64

Just a couple games noted here, but there are plenty more. I'm not saying all old games suck, but they're probably not quite as cool as you remember. You will find games that have everlasting quality but there isn't alot, Super Metroid still holds true as a gem and Chrono trigger, and a few others.

Now maybe you will go back and play Goldeneye or whatever it may be and still love it, and I hope you still can, and I hope there are some out there that will think I'm crazy and still give those games love, and if so...good for you. But sometimes it's better to leave the classics where they the past. Let me know if you have games you found out the hard way on too.

Top 3 system favorites

PS3 - God of war 3 / Metal gear solid 4 / Uncharted 2

PS2 - Shadow of the colossus / God of war 2 / Freekstyle

PS1 - Oddworld Abes oddesey / Metal gear solid / Oddworld Abes exodus

Wii - Mario kart wii / Madworld / Smash bros. brawl

Gamecube - Metroid prime / Metroid prime echoes / Viewtiful joe

N64 - Conkers bad fur day / Goldeneye / Mortal kombat trilogy

SNES - Super Metroid / Mario world / Mortal kombat 2

NES - Mario 3 / Punch out / Skate or die 2

360 - Gears of war / Kameo / Perfect dark zero

Xbox - Conker reloaded / Oddworld strangers wrath / Star wars battlefront 2

3d0 - Road rash / Hell / Out of this world

Dreamcast - Powerstone 2 / Crazy taxi / Mortal kombat gold

Sega cd - Nightwatch / Sewer shark / Madden football

Genesis - Herzog zwei / NBA live 95 / Sonic 2

Master system - Kung fu kid / Choplifter / Super hang on

Gaming in cinema

I don't need to tell anyone how disasterous this has been, Mario Bros. paved the way for what has undoubtedly been the most shameful disgrace in entertainment. There have been some gems too, Mortal Kombat, House of the dead, Street fighter, etc.

As if Street fighter wasnt blemished enough from the sad excuse of a movie....They made a game for it ! That's right kids, A game about a movie about a game, Oh and it was worse than both. Shame on you Capcom, you took a beloved series and wrang it out like a sponge, 24 iterations of sf2? really? I'm glad this series finally recovered from the mistreatment.

I just caught word of a new Tekken movie in the works, I ask why? The story between the characters is so ridiculous and watered down to begin with, How far can they really run with it? This is a suit sitting in an office somewhere like, "Hey this game sells units, let's turn this into film revenue"

This is my point, games are so feeling invoked by players because you actually experience what your character is going through. You put emotion with the character because you've been with them for 20 + hours sometimes. You travel with them every part of the journey. It's not like trying to cram and edit everything into 1 1/2 hrs. You actually hold the characters life in your hands. In a movie you have no choice, no sense of accomplishment, no risk of losing it all.

In a movie you know there's no way the "Dragon" is going to kill "Sylvester Stallone". In a game you can die countless times, trying over and over till you get it right. In fact from the start of the game your entire mission is honing the skills you'll need to take on said boss. Metroid wouldn't be a smash hit if you started with 100% of your equipment and could run right to the last guy and win. It's the build up that makes victory the sweet thing it is.

I guess what I'm getting at is, leave the two medias where they belong. Games in the hands of those who play em, and movies for those who watch em. I've heard my favorite franchise in gaming has picked up a movie deal. God of war, and having spent 10-15 hours on each of the 3 major games, Cramming everything into a 2 hour movie already sounds like a horrible idea. You're already putting a bad taste in the mouths of millions of gamers Hollywood. Stop dipping in our media because you're running out of ideas.

Holiday gaming, what a great time to be a gamer

It's a shame I don't have more time to squeeze all these great games coming out on all fronts. I actually wrote about this in a previous blog months ago, but now the time is upon us (gamers) for great gaming! My issue is I've been waiting for this time with baited breath, and have come to the realization...I don't have enough time on my hands lol !

So now I'm in the process of balancing time for work and play, and not neglecting these great games. I recently purchased Uncharted 2, Batman Arkham asylum, and Tekken 6. So when I only have an hour to play what do I do ? I've had to listen to my friends brag about leveling up, beating bosses and stages I should've already beaten.

Bummer, but my question to all of you out there is, What games do you wish you had more time to have your way with ? Maybe my question should be, How many games are you juggling. Be it purchased or Game fly?

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