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designer_zombie Blog

Switching accounts again.:(

I'm going back to shadowchronicle again.:( cause I can upload videos and all that and I'm at level 13. It's easier to use than this account and much better o. I found out that you can upload pictures faster with HTML code, real afst so I've thought about going to my old account again. and thought. I do not want to be an officer in any unions anymore those days are over but i will post as a recruit. and I will be leader of the same unions I am leader of now. So if you want to talk to me go to my shadowchronicle account.

Been Awhile

I think I need to post a blog once in a while and this one will be the longest.

My spring break is almost over.:cry: and i only have one day left(Sunday) and i'm nervous about school cause there was some recent activty I did not like, during science we study hlight bulbs(boring) abd I almst fell alseepp even after science, I'm almost bored with life except at my house, I seem to like telling more about my life on gamespot then rather at school or home.I've been recently watching music videos, and i just made my own video on final fantasy 7 on yuotube, I love hanging here talking about myself as well as have weird off topic talks i've enjoyed it here on gamespot alot and I've had a sudden phase where I want to be a moderator (weird huh) and you can see that in my sigs ass well.

I made a red dead revolver union which has gotten better between the days with the help of JP (juniorPower) and he has helped alot, ow he is my temporary co-leader and second union mod which is one ofexpectations of an active as well as organized officer, I also got perminant officers for the union. My union affiliations was deleted I don't know how and when but it was so i put the union affiliation in my rule topic in the red dead union.

i'm currently making sigs for the union, and I've noticed there was a sweepof users banned and some were my favorites on gamespot felixthegreat was banned and that dissappoitned me when i saw that ( he had a GS avatar on and I clicked and it said game over user is banned for breaking ToU) but if he did not follow the rules tons of times maybe he does deserve a bann, But I'm still not sure, and the awesome paper mario union was deleted after papermariopal was banned from gamespot. The off topic legionaries are doing great and I thought that when i first joined, i'm proud to be an officer there as well as optiow's friend we have over 80 members, and we are pretty active compared to many unions. We often help others as well in the off topic legionaries so it is good to join.

My dog was barking so much today it was pretty annoying so i tried choking him( sorry dog fans :( ) and he bit me very hard and I have a mark on my leg from the bite and it is still there (BTW do not ask me about the dog problem).

I also got a wireless mouse from my dad it works great and I'm using it right now. At first i thought the mouse was going to be useless but it was perfect. I looked at some funny pictures from the internet and there is a pokemon card of chuck norris and i laughed and choked when i saw that.:D and my stoumach hurt afterwaards.

I'm also happy because ohno_kateh came back to gamespot from being gone for a month.:D and she is posting right now i bet.

Thats for my longest blog for now see yah guys.:)

Red Dead Union

my union was made two days ago so if you like red dead come join the red dead union. We are looking for active officers just post in the officer application form and fill out the form and you will autimatically be promoted, the officers will watch you throught the week to see if you deserve the position. Then will be notified you are a permanent officer if not you will be demoted and will be tested as a recruit for the next week. so come join.

If you need sigs I'll make them

I'm into sigs right now so come by and ask to make sigs, I enjoy it and there is only one rule, you cannot say you made it yourself, you do not have too mention my name though I would appreciate it. So if you need sigs/tags I'll make some for you and if you have any suggestions just tell me you can send me a PM for the request or post in this blog if I post another blog just PM me, I'll do your request, ka and please do not test me if your a designer because i do not like it, if you request, you can be a designer yourself but just mentioning testing ight be dissapproved by me. So I hope your not dissappointed with your request. Also if you need a designer for your union tell me because I'm lloking forward to have an oppurtunity to be surrounded by new people.


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Obam Or Mcain

I think mcain is better, I would of voted for hilary clinton, if she was running fro presdent, what a dishonor, obama won, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, he is not robinhood this is not a fairytale, what the heck. It shoud be whree he does not take any money from anyone, why don't get more greedy by stealing. no offense to obama fans(just politics. And taking from the rich and giviing to the poor is the wrong way, the poor are out on the streets because of how much ittle time the people focus on trying to be samr instead, steal take and torture, I hope a better president then obam will come soon and why does obama want to be president 2012 is supposed to be when the apocalyspe hits and everyone dies(mayas calendar said so). I find it interesting how businesses go down while obama is president, I think it depends on peoples opinion, I think Obama does not deserve the position he has. He is good for at politics but not good enough, he needs to pracrice and control his greed, he wanted to be president to be famouse not to help the united states, I think he is trying to destroy the US economy meaning, he will be the destruction of everything, my friend's business just went down because of him. I'm not happy. Everyone think he is great but inside he is evil, I pray for a a hope, I pray for freedom... I think the majority of Obama's voter's have poor attitude, I really hope Onama fans, actually know which person is the right one because I no one will believe me, no one knows that obama is going to increase tax for the people who make 200,000 a year, I hope he does not know what he is doing, because if he is doing it on purpose he is trying to destroy the US.

First Blog On this account: Please read guys

so hey guys whats up it's me shadowchronicle, had to get a new account because my other had glitches. I have a youtube account it's shadowchronicle. if you watn to track me on youtube)you can do whatever. I do not any good videos on but I do make them, sometimes I have fun. I've been looking forward to the future on gamespot. My link to my channel is here. I'd also gotta say if anyone likes left 4 dead join the left 4 dead union it is active and already has oer 90 members from january to now. I' say the union is growing fast, it gained 10 members within a week.