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To the Moon

by on

Almost finished Black Mesa, which i downloaded maybe 2 months ago, but started maybe a week ago, ye, seriously. An exchange is no more needed cause we decided to extend it sine die, i have played hardcore last 2 months due to my felicity of that. Playing FIFA 14 a lot and The Last Of Us multiplayer.

Black Mesa is a very good remake of an original classic game which gave me a lot of impressions already, i will post a review later. But that's not the game i want to talk about now.. To the Moon.

This small Indie game touched my feelings so hard, i decided to check it out before going to bed, but I PLAYED ALL NIGHT AND FINISHED IT STRAIGHT. This happened to me for the first time in a very loooong time! This game has no solid graphics, animations, gameplay twicks or something like that. It has an unforgettible story and masterpiece story-telling, awesome dialogs, characters and the best parts of any masterpiece drama ever created.

I highly recommend To the Moon if you want to get lost for ~6 hours and test your feelings, your soul.

Cake is a lie!

by on

Last month i was busy finishing Valve's masterpieces. I finished Half-life 2, both episodes and both Portals. Damn, i don't know how devs could make games like this. I personally vote Valve as the best game developer, their games are so deep, so detailed, so atmospheric, story is always so touching and interesting, concept and arts are so gorgueos..

Yes, i'm a Valve fanboy, and i'm playing Counter-strike and Left 4 dead a lot also.

But with all of their games, like every of them, i want to vote Portal 1 & 2 as if not the best game franchise, or Portal 2 as the best game ever, but the most spellbinding and incredible game/game franchise ever done.

And also, i vote GLaDOS for the best videogame villain i have ever encountered. 

Portal was an unforgettable adventure, as every game from Valve is.

Black Mesa Source fan mod left and i'm up for something more.

glados and chell

The Last Of Us

by on

It's really hard to describe how hard i loved new Naughty Dog game. I have finished it 2 times already and can't get my hands of it's multiplayer, it's so intense and interesting, i can play barely all day. I have played Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead almost all the time on PC, and you know, this and that, but this stuff is keeping me playing over and over again and deny other games.

Although single player campaign of The Last Of Us is a true masterpiece as almost everything this game is about, you can't deny the multiplayer, you have to try it.

I will finish single player one more time on survivor and post a review before the exchange. Damn.. i will miss this game hard.


Raining heavy

by on

Finished Heavy Rain with not maybe the best ending... but this first try and first ending you reveal is the main one, you know? It's a story that was told by you, how you have reacted. Maybe it means something..

I want to say that Heavy Rain, with all hypes about these "soap" playstation titles, that some people think are killing gaming industry, which i think are complete retards, is an awesome game and a reason to buy Playstation 3.

Hell, look at playstation exclusives: Heavy Rain, Uncharted, God Of War, Metal Gear Solid, The Last Of Us... as myself an owner of 360 i can nearly say back in days i might have thought more about buying a Playstation, although Gears Of War, Halo, Dead Rising, Forza Motorsport are worth buying 360.

I'm extremely happy i have played every great exclusive for both platforms and ready for a new generation of gaming.

heavy rain

Sony fanboy

by on

I made an exchange with my friend, i gave him my box and he gave me his PS3. Lately i was dreaming about The Last Of Us, i was watching gameplay videos and some cinematics every day. Game looked so gorgeous, so awesome, i just couldn't resist, although i knew i will miss FIFA very much.

The Last Of Us is a masterpiece, the best emotional and storytelling entertainment that videogame can deliver, i think. I have finished it 2 times already, i'll post a review later, i think this game can nearly have a perfect 10 and be on top of my games list.

Uncharted series is an awesome title too, i nearly finished 1st one, but can't get my hands of The Last Of Us and it's multiplayer. Will see..

sony fanboy

The Walking Dead

by on

I have finished The Walking Dead by Telltale again, in a different way i did it first, of course. This is a story i will not ever forget, for sure. Game of the year indeed.

Finished 400 days too, and i should say that this DLC is losing to the original. It has it's moments, but not that much, well.. maybe it's because overstepping the original story is a damn hard thing.

Can't wait for season 2, for Clementine.

Lee and Clem

Far Cry 3

by on

Playing Far Cry 3 on xbox. I should definately say that this game deserves to be one of the best games on a platform, such huge and accurate work, even story is so exciting, although you can just roam around the island and complete side quests.

About main protagonist, Vaas Montenegro, it's one of the most frightening persons i have encountered in videogames, he is an angel of death, but intelligent and tricky, i was nervous every our meeting.

Michael Mando did an awesome work putting the soul in his character, it's a damn pleasure to confront such a person.


Tomb Raider

by on

Tomb Raider time, next step after Batman AC.

Lately i played Tomb Raider 1&2, school memories, and still games are playing with fun and they are interesting to finish. I think Tomb Raider is the best action adventure title.

I hope i will finish last game of franchise to date faster, cause new amazing games are incoming.



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After my Steelseries 5H v.2 death i was fooling around without headphones, listening music and watching TV series with my new monitor build-in loudspeakers, sometimes playing with small earphones without mic, really lame period.

I was examining a lot of headphones to purchase in future, i wanted Steelseries 4H due it's large dynamics and my loyalty to brand name, but they are not good for music, it's a gaming pro gear.

My final decision was Plantronics Gamecom 380, it's cheap, has big dynamics, deep bass, good for music and designed for gaming. Perfect solution for 50$ i think, nearly perfect. Sound quality is awesome, headphones are comfortable and looks gorgeous. I recommend this stuff hard. Now i'm ready for some serious gaming.


Sweet evil

by on

How many of you can say that you beated a full game with your love? Well i can.

I beated Resident Evil 5, my favourite game on a platform, with my very love. It was so **** epic, i just can't explain my feelings.

I really wish you to try the same thing, it is as memorably as can be.

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