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Is it really going to be a anime?

I have bin hearing that they are going to make kingdom hearts into an anime. I read there manga but i did not now that they are making it an anime. does any one now if this is true or not.

Where did it go wrong?

So this morning i was watching tv and they were showing a new episode of pokemon. I have not sean this show in like 5 years or so. where did they go wrong? there is like 500 different pokemon. why would you want to catch 500 pokemon. I liked it better when it was only 151 pokemon. at least i could named them all. its hard to even name 10 of the new ones. I want to now if there is any one out there that watch this show still or did at a time and what do you think of this show.

things of the past

so last night i had nothing to do all day and night. I mean you would think that a 18 year old guy would have some thing to do. well i did not. so i was super bored and did not want to play my games. so i went to my tv and turn it on. I was so happy. for some reason they were showing old anime that i have not sean in like 10 years. They have bin canceled in a long time and the dvd for them are like 200-300 dollars. its really sad. well any ways they were showing it all day and night. all the show that they had on were from there first season. i was happy, i felt like a kid once. have any of you guys out there wanted to see a show again? to bring back a show that has bin cancel for so many years? i now i do. I am so happy i was bored and got to see them once more.