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I don't like it. Played it for about an hour and while the ads and screenshots make it look good, in-game it looks pretty terrible. The visuals are made worse by the fact that they use sprites for a lot of stuff they should have used meshes to make (certain plants, fences, etc.). Then there is the over-sized collision meshes which makes game-play feel incredibly clunky. The terrain collision is just as bad; it makes me feel like I am walking several feet above the ground, and I got stuck on nothing a lot. They did do a good job creating a creepy vibe though, so kudos for that. Unfortunately I already gave them my money for something that isn't even as good as WarZ (super cheesy version of DayZ mod for Arma II). If you want a good survival/zombie/monster game, wait for DayZ or go play the DayZ mod for Arma II if you already own Arma II with the OA expansion. I see Nether flopping in the near future.

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I understand this game is early release, but when you can't verify your email address, you cannot link your steam account, you cannot log in at all...there are problems that need to be addressed. When a company holds up their product as "early release" it's not saying "alpha" or "beta" version, it's saying "this is what we have so far, tell us what you think." I consider that a production quality product that they are getting opinions on prior to full release. Unfortunately, we (the gamer) have been duped into the idea that this is like, when it is not. If they were saying "this is my concept, please support me" then would be appropriate. In the case of this game I say, take your kickstarter concept to kickstarter and stop requiring the gaming community to pay full price for being your beta tester! I am sick of companies like this.

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@huggybear1020: Not at all. I was warned once a long time ago, but never permabanned. I was one of the unlucky ones whose account was lost when the new site was implemented. I couldn't use my old username because it said it already existed, yet when I attempted to regain my password via email, it told me that no account existed under either of my email addresses, so I just created a new account.

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A while back I was pretty harsh with some folks about the new site rollout. This includes GameSpot and MuddyMaestro. I just want to apologize to anyone I had verbally (or textually) wronged. I had a terrible attitude toward people, but I have since begun my walk with Christ and I am trying to change my heart and mind. I sincerely apologize to anyone on this site for language and belittlement I may have imposed on you. By the way, I am getting more and more into this site, and I see now that GameSpot is trying to provide us more tools for getting and feeling more connected as a gaming community. I thank them for that. I hope to connect and share with more and more of you in the future! Happy gaming!