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Another system for the gamer

I am so tired of the new systems. I am currently a ps2 user for over 5 years and I just now am getting an Xbox original system. I was wondering if I should wait to get a 360, but I said, "since the ps2 is probably going to go soon I should just get an Xbox now. The ps2 has been taken care of, but it's just getting old. I can hear it's getting rough, so I sold my games to get an Xbox. I got it for about 36.00 dollars with four paddles and extras. I was surprised how cheap it was, but I'm just happy to get one. I was young when my mom bought my sister, brother and me an ps2 because at that time the xbox was alot more in price. I was so excited and completely unknowing of the Xbox, until I got to test one. I was amazed that it was so much more advanced in graphics in some games. Though I wasn't and still am not impressed about the xbox's game play, though certain games are still good. I am surprised that the Sony company brought out the ps3 and still remain making the ps2 games. Especially the madden series. The developers of EA games should go read what the people are saying instead of their far from genius mind. The NCAA series is better, but it is not going anywhere. The ps3 is awesome and still though the game play and selection of the games is better than the Xbox360, I was unimpressed from the choppiness of the game graphics. It still lacks on things people complained from the ps2. I want to get the 360 since my brother has moved out and received his 20GB system, which is awesome but still people are buying broken systems at 60 to 100 dollars with the RROD on them. For an easy 30 dollar fix and 30 dollar paddle and a 50 dollar game you're good to go. I will probably buy an xbox 360, but by the time I can, will there be another system from Sony, or Microsoft (maybe even Nintendo) that will be even better. The downloadable features makes it better to not have to buy a new game or system, and the online makes it fun to play online with other challengers than just friends. ------Later