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Finally Beat Dead Rising Today.

It took a while becuase I was switching between it ( Dead Rising ) and COD2. Anyway I got the true ending, beat, overtime, and now can enjoy my time in Infinte Mode. Also gonna try to get the real mega blaster, and am just gonna try to get all of the achievement points.

Call Of Duty For My Pops.

Well I bought Call Of Duty for my Dad.It was his birthday yesterday so I thought I'll make him a little present. He was very Happy when he saw it. I really feel lucky to have a dad to likes to play Video Games, he mostly plays computer games but at least he plays that. So far he beat Painkiller :Heaven's Got A Hitman, Half Life 2, Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell, Quake 2, and currently he is on the last boss in Quake 4. Now I am thinking of buying  Doom 3 for  $10 . I know me and him will enjoy it. When I get the Xbox 360 he said that he is going to start playing on that, if not then I guess PC Gaming is for him.

A Change Of Heart.

After waiting in line for 4 hours for an Xbox 360, and not getting one really made me appriciate my PS2. I was really hoping to have an Xbox 360 by the Holiday season but I guess that wont happen. At least I appriciate my PS2 alot more and all its great games. I was so focused on the 360 and all its Next Gen goodness I completely forgot about how good the PS2 was. I mean I completely overlooked games such as Guitar Hero, Resident Evil 4, Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones and much more. All those games are on my Christmas list including Blitz: The League. One thing that I will always rememeber though from this experince is that Wait For your Turn Because Your Time Will Come.