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Not that I'm intending on being active or anything, I just thought it would be funny to post a blog on a profile I haven't touched in a long while. I'm kind of into anime right now, and I'm currently playing Persona 4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 should arrive in the post sometime soon. I'm also on something like the ninth mission of the Frozen Synapse campaign. So yeah, I'm alive and still gaming, and real life looks like it could get interesting in the near future.

Level 32 -Snake Eater.

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It's a sign, I must play the Metal Gear Solid games, starting with number three I guess. By the way, this kinda contradicts my last blog but I've been playing Call of Duty 4 since I got it as a christmas present. I completed the campaign on hardened yesterday and I am now going through it on veteran. One of the things I like about this game is that it's graphics are top-notch, yet it doesn't strain my relatively old computer. :) I have yet to try out the multiplayer although I'm sure it will be enjoyable, just that I will probably get my ass kicked. Oh, and happy new year. Best wishes and all that. : D

Still enjoying old games . . .

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CAll of Duty 4 was a great christmas present but I'm still preoccupied with games like Grandia and Chrono Trigger. It's probably because I'm in the mood for CRPG's at the moment. :lol: Anyway I've been spending just about all of the christmas holidays inside, so I guess I'm going to have to get some fresh air sooner or later . . .

Anyone else played Hotel Dusk?

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I just finished it recently and now it's one of my favourite games. Yeah, right up there with the likes of Metroid Prime, and . . . Paper Mario 2 . . . yep, definitely. Please tell me you've checked this fine game out if you have a DS.

Christmas is coming! :P

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Yay, it's time for the festive season where people put pretty neon lights on their windows. Well, it will be soon anyway. Life is okay at the moment and it can only get better as it gets colder, I **** hate summer. The current generation of games is still in its infancy but it looks like the systems are gong to be worth buying soon, with all of the great console exclusives coming out. The only thing I'm getting this christmas is a brand new PC What is even more enlightening is my profile view count, the amount of interest taken in my last blog (and probably this one too) was unsurprisingly abysmal. I can't be that boring, oh maybe I can. This blog could actually go on without being read, but then I would just be talking to myself and that would be even worse. Madness is a comfort best taken in moderate doses. Speaking of madness, the proposal for the welfare state by David CAmeron. I don't think I like the idea of the welfare state.

I'm ippon!

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Yikes, I hardly post nowadays yet I'm still racking up experience.

So, um . . .

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I wrote a review of Super Mario 64, which I completed recently. If you are reading this please take a look see.
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