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    User Rating 6
    Worlds Most Horrible Flight Mechanic

    This was my first game for the PS4. I bought it so that me and my wife could have some game time together. Overall I have zero gripes on the gameplay. You have a lot of Marvel characters both heroes ...

  • decoy1978 rated LEGO Marvel Super Heroes a score of 6.
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    Weak Launch for PS4

    I would have figured that Sony would have lined up all their ducks in a row and would release a very strong launch lineup for the PS4. Apparently I was wrong.... Knack received at best lukewarm review...

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    New Gamespot!

    Wow, this is going to take some getting used to! With all changes, there is always going to get that weird break in period where you have no idea where everything is at and this is EXACTLY what I am g...

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