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It's a hot summer.

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Wonder how many Republicans in Texas are starting to wonder if global warming/ climate change isreal. lol
35 straight days with temperatures over 100 degrees. The last 12 months have been the driest on record. People are dropping dead. I even saw something about a lake drying up and the water turning blood red. Surprised

When you go out in the sun, it reminds me of when you first open the oven and you have to turn away because of the heat. I sat the thermometer outside in the sunlight and it shot up to 125 degrees. Tongue out

Fox News cares

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Fox News cares about the fire fighters who were in NYC on Sept 11. You can tell by how they have them on Fox all the time talking about how they are againstbuilding "Mosques" at "ground zero" and how the evil Obama doesn't visit NYC on Sept 11. You would think the story about Republicans blocking money for those same sick and dying fire fighters would outrage the people at Fox. Nope. They dont even talk about it.

Thank the "fake news" Daily Show for pointing this out.