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I have no motivation

I just realized that I have absolutely no motivation right now. My entire goal in life is to reform society to the point where everything I have learned would pretty much become useless (my almost communist philosophy). I have no will to take my teacher's seriously because I realize that the school system homogonizes them so that they act like they've never had an original thought in their brain (though I genuinely believe that some of them, like my english teacher, never actaully have). I don't give a crap about any of the other things I do, because, well, I don't do anything else. I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. If I do ever finish my homework there is no particularly enticing activity I can do afterwards, thus I never finish my homework. Perhaps my only recent interest has been a little bit of Candian politics, which have recently become extrenuously boring becuase of that damn sponsorship scandal. Also, after going to New York I realized that life was too structured, why bother working within a structure which can never work itself?

I'll be gone until saturday

I won't be here for a few days. So please take care of the anti-everything union, reinstated officers. To church and state, keep the fire going. To the lounge, you won't notice my absence. To OT, may you burn in hell, j/k :P . I'll be in New York, I'll miss posting on here, but I'll probably have some fun, maybe run in to one of you. Also, I've added two links to my siggy, they are for Church and State (union board) and The Anything Board. This will at least make my siggy look less empty, but there are stil no pics :cry: something which I still ahve to work on.



what is that, it was at the bottom of my journal page, it looked just like that and it was randomly there. guess gamespot is eternally glitchy.

I just resigned from a bunch of unions

yeah, sorry about that. I kind of joined a bunch of pointless unions because I got a bunch of requests, so I thought "what the hell?, why not" well I decided not to be part of unions that I wasn't contributing to, so I resigned. I hope you're not offended if I resigned from your union.

Unions are pointless

I know gamespot had something specific in mind when they did this, but the unions are ending up being totally pointless. They're glitchy, have more features than anyone will ever use, and are a cheap way for non-complete members to have a UCB. Honestly, I think gamepsot could've spent it's time better creating just a generica anarchy board where anything (even spam) flies. Now that would be awesome!


I'm leaving GS for a while, don't know how long, maybe a week, maybe a month, sorry. Fahrenheit1221, email me (at when C&S website comes up

I'm probably leaving gamespot

I don't know if I will or not, however, I spend less time playing video games, less time posting here. Also, Church and State sort of dissolved into a new thing, which probably won't gain the same initail popularity as the first C&S, and the success and discussion on that was the only thing attracting me to Gamespot, so now I really don't have any reason to come here. All the boards are slowing down, so I guess that I am not the only one who feels that Gamespot is declining in popularity. This is not official, or permanent, I may come back, I really don't have much to do, but posting no longer seems to be an interesting way of passing by the time.